Decorating Your Living Room Walls

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Designing a living room is more than finding the perfect sofa and the right sink. While comfortable seating is important, living room wall decor ideas are key to making your space more personal, beautiful and interesting.

Decorating Your Living Room Walls

Decorating Your Living Room Walls

But if you’re wondering how to decorate your walls, you’re in luck. Interior designers share good ideas to decorate the walls of the living room by installing wallpaper and adding architectural details, hanging three-dimensional objects and using accent lighting. No matter what style you’re going for, you’ll find inspiration in this list.

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And it is not necessary to limit yourself to one of the ways to decorate the walls of the living room. Combining several ideas, such as an accent wall with movable shelves or drapery with thick edges with sculptures, can create a very strong effect. When you give your walls some love, they will look better.

Color is an easy way to liven up a living room, and all you need is to create an accent wall. The tonal look of the wall along the pink wall adds intrigue. If you are brave enough to try a lot of contrast, choose a rich blue or olive green in a white room (like fashion icon and customer Blair Eade).

Due to the creation of temporary wallpaper, the wall is not a lifetime commitment. This means that even if you want to change your look often, party prints are a viable option. Dip your toes in the water by pasting wallpaper that has been removed from a wall behind your bed or take the plunge and submerge your entire room in it.

Just because your home doesn’t have beautiful architectural details yet doesn’t mean you can’t add them. Elevate your room with moldings, laminate, board-and-belly or boat covers, each in its own way adding to the walls and dimensions of flat walls. Vertical details help draw the eye upwards and help rooms with low ceilings feel taller (a designer secret).

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Peel and stick technology is not just for wallpaper, but extends to tiles and faux stone. You can use peel and stick tools to get the exposed brick wall or marble bar of your dreams. And there is no construction or chaos.

If you don’t have enough space to decorate the walls, focus on your windows and trims to complement your room. Painting the walls and window trim in a contrasting color (like the navy Benjamin Moore Hale shown here) will make them stand out and draw attention.

Large artwork is one of our favorite living room wall decor ideas, whether you decide to hang a single print as a focal point or combine two large accessories for a big impact. Large wall hangings and tapestries can also spread, but they provide the space and movement that is essential.

Decorating Your Living Room Walls

Gallery walls are great for one reason: they work! This tried-and-tested hanging method can appear in a variety of ways, from a modern gallery wall using oversized frames, to a nostalgic gallery wall with black and white photo collages. , to the eclectic gallery walls. It mixes media types, colors, shapes and sizes.

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From the virtual reality of Anthropologie’s Gleaming Primrose Mirror to the revival of Ettore Sottsassen’s Ultrafragola Mirror in the 1970s, mirrors are having a moment. Consider hanging a statement mirror behind your bed or placing a standing mirror on a blank wall to reflect light and make the room feel larger.

Think outside the box and use household items as wall decor. For a fun look, buy old dishes or cookware and create a display. If you want to travel, collect woven baskets from every place you visit and hang them up for everyone to see. Three dimensional displays like these are eye candy.

Instead of hanging framed art with nails and hooks, add picture frames to highlight your favorite pieces. Picture Ledge allows you to exchange your art frequently, which is especially helpful if you have a large collection. It has a more modern and simple look than a traditional gallery wall.

Visit your local yard and thrift stores for vintage clothing. Then use it to create a faux rug that will add classic elegance to your room. It doesn’t matter if you can’t light the flame; It’s all about visual intrigue. Believe it or not, the stove above is fake – here’s the full DIY.

Blank Wall Ideas For An Inspirational Living Room

With different wall lights, you can enhance your wall decor in many ways. Picture lights are used to illuminate artwork, and shelves can highlight the architectural features of the living room or simply add ambiance. Be sure to add dimmers to all lights to change the mood throughout the day.

Try wearing bold clothes to show off your personality. Whether you want to go bold with your favorite color or your favorite pattern – or both – a flowy window treatment adds a decorative touch to your bedroom walls. It’s very easy to change them in the future if your tastes change.

Floating shelves are an easy and affordable way to add decor to any wall in your room. These open spaces can always be adapted to your favorite things and heirlooms, so you’ll never get tired of having them in your space. They look especially elegant when placed next to a fireplace or TV.

Decorating Your Living Room Walls

Looking for more ideas to decorate your living room walls? Consider floor-to-ceiling bookshelves with your favorite reading materials, plants, decor and more. This advanced technique adds vertical interest and depth to your room, and leaves room for storing (and displaying) your memorabilia.

Living Room Decorating Ideas

For anyone with the budget and resources to renovate, investing in interior furniture is a win-win move. The built-in bookshelf is perfect for creating a library in the living room, while the armchair provides extra seating without taking up space. Built-in cabinets can be used for extra storage, and a built-in media center hides all your technology in one beautiful package.

Adjacent to a very elegant fireplace, the interior gives the living room a particularly polished look. The beauty here is in the details – mostly in the white space, the key is the intention of the style. Wardrobe doors can remove all clutter, leaving shelves for beautiful books and decorations.

Display your memories, no need for shelves. This eclectic space takes on a lot of character thanks to this mixed media wall display. Don’t forget to vary the size, shape and depth of what you hang on the wall for a good look. Think in a new way! There is no reason to stick to frame art.

Your curtains don’t need to stand out from your walls, but with some clever tricks, they can be made more attractive. In this space, a narrow black curtain runs along the completely black wall, creating a sense of unity between the two large windows and emphasizing the black trim. A simple white drapery gives pause.

Living Room Decorating Ideas We Love

Good art has the power to transform a room, and black and white interior colors are all about that. It fits well with the black trim of the surrounding windows and emphasizes the height of the ceiling in the room.

Floor tiles (or in this case, faux tiles) rarely fail to make a dramatic statement. On the wall in the living room, which is the most unexpected, the built-in fireplace offers a Moroccan look that fits well with the modern and organic space.

Instead of open shelving, consider shelving for your storage and decorative needs. It’s not practical (must be dusted off!), but it helps to “design” what you’re presenting.

Decorating Your Living Room Walls

There are many ways to make a white wall interesting. This place does a “less-is-more” style with minimal art. The trims and doors are covered in the same shade as the arrangement, and playful details like arches add a nice artistic twist.

Living Room Decor Ideas To Up Your Styling Game

If you want to create a cozy and intimate space, it may be time to choose bold colors. Here, dark blue almost surrounds this room; White roman shades let in more light.

This living room has a little difference. Although the white fireplace blends in with the white walls around it, small details stand out: simple but striking art supported by arms and two modern silver shelves.

A good quality window covering can make a big difference, especially with white walls. Many large windows bring plenty of light into this living room, while natural shades allow for privacy. It goes without saying that they complement the warm wooden floor of the room.

No introduction, no problem: In this living room, floating shelves help to decorate

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