Exterior Brick And Stone Combinations

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Exterior Brick And Stone Combinations – Whether you want to capture the timeless look you desire or create an exterior design that expresses your personality, the combination of stone and brick will give your property a luxurious and impressive appeal. With a wide range of looks included in the full range of Horizon Stone Veneer designs, creating a custom look has never been easier!

Designing a house with brick and stone cladding gives you great design skills and creativity. For successful results, here are some of our favorite tips for mixing and matching brick and stone finishes to quickly win over your neighborhood and prospective buyers.

Exterior Brick And Stone Combinations

Exterior Brick And Stone Combinations

The unmistakable structure of brick and stone creates a perfect natural contrast between these two organic materials. Brick tends to be more uniform in shape and texture, while the natural look of stone veneer comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Increase this contrast by balancing their tones instead of trying to mix and match their differences. Match dark bricks with light stones and dark stones with light or white bricks. Do not forget to combine multi-colored brick or stone with solid colors to avoid overwhelming the exterior.

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Combine the shade of brick and stone with solid colors or spots of color to create overall unity. Like using a paint wheel to match paint colors, check all the matching tones from the base materials. The dark gray of the stone and brick used in this garage provides the perfect generality that unifies the whole elegant look.

Exterior Brick And Stone Combinations

For timeless inspiration when combining brick and stone, a good place to look is to look back at architectural styles like Tudor, Craftsman, French Country and Colonial that feature this classic combination. These different styles of houses often feature brick and stone paths, such as chimneys, porch posts, porch panels, planters, column bases, and steps, which offer an easy way to incorporate your preferred style. Along with fireplaces, shutters, arches and carports to complete the exterior of your home, these design elements are often the perfect natural transition between stone and brick.

For a house made entirely of brick, you don’t have the opportunity to introduce new materials into the masonry. You may first look for areas where stone cladding can be easily added, such as renovating walkways, or areas that do not have brick on the exterior of your home, such as stone curbs. Horizon Stone products are designed for quick and efficient installation, so work with a contractor to easily install stone veneers over masonry to create a stunning look. If the wall is in good condition without cracks, swelling or crumbling, the contractor can install a stone veneer to enhance the appearance of the house.

Exterior Brick And Stone Combinations

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Once you know the combination of stone and brick you are thinking of for your home, it is time to take samples of each material to get a better idea of ​​what the final result will be. If you are doing a new wall, many contractors are willing to do masonry samples for a relatively small price that you can use to gauge the final look. You can order your favorite Horizon Stone samples on our website, have them delivered directly to your home, compare your brick and stone options in person, and feel confident! View your models in natural light at different times of the day to avoid unexpected stares when your project is finished.

For unique examples of stone and brick siding combinations, check out the Horizon Stone Pinterest pages, which have many images that include these valuable tips. Find a Horizon Stone dealer near you and work with an expert to make your vision a reality! Choosing the right brick and stone combination for your home is a daunting task. Brick and stone come in many colors, and the combinations are endless. This three-step guide will help you choose the right stone for your home.

Exterior Brick And Stone Combinations

The first step to choosing the right combination of brick and stone is to understand the differences between the main types of stone. There are many types of stone, but this article will focus on ledgestone, fieldstone and ashlar stone.

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The side stones are chiseled and shaped symmetrically so that the stone pieces are tight together. It is dominated by long rectangular pieces of stone, which create the most linear appearance of any common stone type. Each stone has four flat cut sides. Curbstones are often placed without any mortar joints, creating a dry stack appearance that allows the color of the stone to dominate the appearance of the wall.

Exterior Brick And Stone Combinations

Field stones are naturally found, collected and installed in imitation of larger natural stones. It consists of large sections with an irregular number of pages. Due to the size and irregular shape of the stones, they are always cast with a visible 1/2″ mortar joint. This visible bond allows the mortar to bond with the wall while maintaining the natural beauty of the stone.

Ashlar stone is a large block-shaped stone. They are made to absorb the artisan stone that masons have used for centuries to create their famous stone structures. These stones have edges and faces and appear to be hand cold. They are larger than ledgestone and vary in brick size. Ash is usually laid with 1/2″ mortar, which can bond with the mortar used in masonry.

Exterior Brick And Stone Combinations

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First, you need to understand the use of stone for the exterior of the house. A common use of the brick and stone mix is ​​for foundations, walls, entrances and detailing around windows. Once you know where to place stones in your home, applying these design principles will help you choose the right type of stone and the right size.

1) The stone used under the brick (for example, for the foundation) must be larger than the brick. Since these stones support the brickwork, it is better to choose a solid style stone.

Exterior Brick And Stone Combinations

2) Stone is a heavier material than brick and should not be used in brick work. However, it is entirely possible to use only stone with brick from the foundation to the roof. An exception is the use of stone as an arch over a window.

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3) Stone used in large areas such as walls or fireplaces works best with large stones with visible mortar joints. Larger sizes of field stone and capstone make perfect choices for covering these large areas. Avoid the appearance of a dry layer when working on applications that travel several feet in the air.

Exterior Brick And Stone Combinations

4) Stones used for small-scale detailed applications are suitable for use with small-scale stones. Ledgestone allows you to use more pieces because it shows more color and texture than field stones and capstones.

We spoke to Wendy Yeakley and Brittany Raines of Homestyle Interior Designs, who specialize in coordinating the right materials for your home’s exterior, for advice on choosing the right brick and stone combination for your home. .

Exterior Brick And Stone Combinations

Stone Exterior Color Schemes

5) If you want a more uniform facade, choose a combination of closely related bricks and stones

This Chesapeake pearl brick home is a wonderful combination of brick and stone. Chesapeake pearl brick with white die appears uniformly white in color. Slate gray fieldstone with white stucco joins the brick and whitewashed gray roof. Large field stones are large enough to use a suitable mortar joint.

Exterior Brick And Stone Combinations

This Viennese brick house is another great example of brick and stone. The earthy Vienna rumble brick plays well with the slightly earthier field stone. White mortar, which uses brick and stone mixes, provides uniformity. Although this application is small enough to use dry ledgestone, the use of 1/2″ mortar joints adds a nice touch to the house.

Tips For Mixing Brick And Stone Exteriors

This last example is an interesting twist on a farmhouse, combining the use of brick and stone. Villa Chase Brick, our white brick, is made with a white mortar to create a unique look. Larger, more colorful stones are attached to the roof, complementing the uniformity of the bricks.

Exterior Brick And Stone Combinations

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