Exterior Dark Blue Paint Colors

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Exterior Dark Blue Paint Colors – With so many colors to choose from, it can be difficult to find the perfect exterior paint color palette. We have it for you.

In this guide, you’ll find carefully selected color combinations that will bring depth and beauty to your home’s exterior. Benjamin Moore is here to help, from maximizing curb appeal to simplifying color and finish choices. Product selection is equally important: You want the exterior paint to beautify and protect your home. Benjamin Moore’s line of premium exterior paints, including Aura® Exterior, Regal® Select Exterior and Element Guard®, meets every challenge.

Exterior Dark Blue Paint Colors

Exterior Dark Blue Paint Colors

Natural surroundings, neighborhood color schemes, exterior color trends and personal preferences all play a role in choosing exterior colors for your home. Your home’s exterior color palette will always reflect your style, from popular grays and neutrals to beautiful pops of color.

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Homeowners typically use three to four colors when creating an exterior color palette. When planning your exterior paint color palette, consider trim, windows, garage doors, shutters and other exterior features. Colors found in existing brick, stone and roofing will also complement your exterior color scheme.

Exterior Dark Blue Paint Colors

Start building your color palette using color guides from unchanging exterior materials such as roofing, stone, brick and landscaping. If your exterior accents are warm, consider colors like Swiss Coffee OC-45, Yarmouth Blue HC-150 or Collector’s Item AF-45. If your exterior accent is cool colors, try colors like Gray Owl OC-52, November Skies 2128-50 and Silver Lake 1598.

If your home has a front lawn or lots of trees, cool gray siding can really highlight your surroundings. Try this combination:

Exterior Dark Blue Paint Colors

Popular Exterior House Colors For Fall 2023

Colors vary in different lighting conditions. For example, the paint color under a shade tree will appear slightly darker in direct sunlight than the color outside. The shape of your house will also affect the appearance of the paint color.

Using a paint swatch to see color options in different lighting can help you decide which color to use.

Exterior Dark Blue Paint Colors

Your home should reflect who you are. If that means bright colors, why not embrace it?

Best Paint Colours To Transform Your Lake House Exterior

White paint acts as a blank canvas. As seen here, the white exterior allows the green front lawn and pillared entryway to take center stage.

Exterior Dark Blue Paint Colors

The black look can be extremely versatile. Dragon’s Breath 1547 has a rich, dark brown color that will bring a sense of drama to any space, especially when combined with brightly colored houseplants. Some of our favorite browns for the outdoors include:

The black paint gives this home a unique look, especially surrounded by the beauty of the landscape. Get this adorable look:

Exterior Dark Blue Paint Colors

Best Sherwin Williams Dark Blue Paint Colors (trend 2023)

Creates an attractive appearance with a mellow blue-gray color. Gray and green are always cool. We like:

In this front row, Zen AF-395 – a combination of grey, brown and green tones – brings interesting depth to the exterior of this home. Check out these bold neutral paint colors we love for highlighting architectural details:

Exterior Dark Blue Paint Colors

The secret to painting a house’s exterior is not just finding the right exterior paint color. Find the right combination of exterior paint colors, trim, and home accents like garage doors, shutters, and front doors.

Best Sherwin Williams Blue Paint Colors

Our color and design experts have selected a small palette of nearly 14 of our most popular exterior paint colors—use them to boost curb appeal and bring home yours a new look.

Exterior Dark Blue Paint Colors

This cool color combined with dark moss green will bring natural color to your home’s exterior.

From the Historic Buildings Collection, this color combination creates a timeless trio based on the colors of American history.

Exterior Dark Blue Paint Colors

The Transformative Power Of Navy Blue Paint

Every house is different. Read on to better understand some of the most common questions homeowners have when it comes to exterior painting.

Each exterior paint product has a different gloss. Ask your local Benjamin Moore store to help you choose the right glaze for your home’s exterior style and substrate.

Exterior Dark Blue Paint Colors

Many homeowners think that with vinyl siding, they need new siding to get a new exterior color. It’s not fair!

Top 10 Exterior Paint Colors For Small Houses

A fresh coat of paint using a high-quality exterior paint like Element Guard® or Regal® Select Exterior High Build (shown here) offers an easy and affordable way to add beauty to vinyl siding.

Exterior Dark Blue Paint Colors

Painted OC-127 chocolate cream white, this home’s stucco front contrasts well with dark blue shutters, doors and trim. Some of our favorite exterior home paint colors include:

Painting exterior features like garage doors can update your home’s exterior without much effort and expense.

Exterior Dark Blue Paint Colors

Little Blue Houses And A Big Change

This is where the Seashell OC-120 garage door hardware, trim, and windows shine. Use the free Benjamin Moore Color Portfolio® app to find the perfect color for your garage door. Use photo and video screens to preview paint colors “in action.”

Have a few questions? Visit or call your local Benjamin Moore store to discuss the best exterior products for your project.

Exterior Dark Blue Paint Colors

“Element Guard® is designed to not only bring beautiful color to the exterior of any home, but also to protect it from all weather conditions.”

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy: The Best Navy Blue Paint Color |

Choosing paint colors before purchasing is important to build confidence in your final color choice. Use our brush on 8 oz. draw swatches like this:

Exterior Dark Blue Paint Colors

Please note: Our brush samples are for internal use only; We advise against using live paint samples without you.

If you want to take your exterior painting project a step further, check out how to paint a garage door, how to paint a front door, and other DIY exterior projects.

Exterior Dark Blue Paint Colors

Classic Southern House Paint Colors

A. When choosing exterior paint colors, the best inspiration often comes from the outdoors. Consider colors that complement your surroundings and the style of your home and surroundings. Homeowners typically use three to four different paint colors on the exterior, including trim and siding, shutters, front doors, porches and patios, decks, and more. For exterior colors inspired by classic American design and architecture, check out Benjamin Moore’s historic collection, which includes tried-and-true colors like Stonington Gray HC-170 , Edgecomb Gray HC-173 and Narragansett Green HC-157.

A. Start your outdoor painting journey with an idea of ​​your location. For example, in the Northeast, popular exterior paint colors tend to be black, gray, neutral, and white. Browse regional color palettes. You can also rely on color palettes in styles like beachy and tropical for inspiration. Dark, dramatic exterior paint colors are an ongoing trend that Benjamin Moore’s color experts are now calling mainstream. For dark exteriors, homeowners prefer colors like Black Satin 2131-10, Black HC-190, Kendall Charcoal HC-166 and Dragon’s Breath 1547. For lighter color palettes, White Dove OC-17 remains one of the most popular exterior white colors. It’s also important to use a durable exterior paint that can withstand the harsh effects of weather, such as Element Guard®. Learn more about Benjamin Moore exterior paint or contact your local Benjamin Moore paint store.

Exterior Dark Blue Paint Colors

A. Light, airy colors make the exterior of the house seem larger than it actually is. White Dove OC-17, one of Benjamin Moore’s most popular paint colors, is a popular white exterior paint. Some of our favorites include Cloud Cover OC-25, Swiss Coffee OC-45, and Distant Gray OC-68. See other white paint colors from the Benjamin Moore Off White Collection. When choosing paint colors for vinyl siding, check the Vinyl color chart. From the tried and true Revere Pewter HC-172, to the rich New Hope Gray 2130-50, to the classic Simply White OC-117, we have many essential designer paint colors you’ll love.

Home Exterior Paint Color Ideas & Tips

A. Many homeowners use shutters that are the same color as the paint on the door. Some choose light or dark curtains on the front door, which adds subtle contrast and personal style. If you’re looking for front door color ideas and inspiration, consider your home’s interior colors and your entryway color scheme. Black is the most popular paint color for front doors, and green, gray and blue doors are popular methods, especially when compared to the background tones of the home’s exterior. The blue on the outside of the house ranges from dark navy blue to almost black. faint, humble shadows. Whether you’re looking for a bold or edgy feel or a look that’s light and fresh, our designers can help you find the perfect shade of blue.

Exterior Dark Blue Paint Colors

While we’re happy to explore any position on the color wheel for all exterior textures, our designers tend to use blue paint on vertical, horizontal panels. /overlapping or shaking sides.

At Brick&batten, our professional exterior designers can help you find the right paint color and visualize it in your home before you embark on such a big design decision. We work with you every step of the way to help you achieve a design that meets all of your goals. Learn more about what we do.

Exterior Dark Blue Paint Colors

Of Our Favorite Navy Blue House Designs

If you’re looking for a simple navy, Sherwin Williams’ Needlepoint Navy should be on your radar. With 13 LRV, perfect shade

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