Exterior House Colors For Craftsman Homes

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Exterior House Colors For Craftsman Homes – The Craftsman home is a timeless design style that first appeared at the turn of the 20th century. The architectural style was inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement in the mid-19th century. These houses are usually small to medium in size and have a number of important features including:

Craftsman houses have evolved with a wide variety of interpretations and are still a popular style. It is important to note that these houses were originally painted in earth tones. Today, you’re likely to see Craftsman-style homes in a variety of colors, although many homeowners still rely on earthy color schemes when working on this style. Read on for some of our favorite palettes for craftsman homes.

Exterior House Colors For Craftsman Homes

Exterior House Colors For Craftsman Homes

Choosing a color palette for the exterior of your home is a big decision. At Bricks and Buttons, we understand that every exterior detail is important. Our expert designers can help you choose the right exterior color palette for your home and more. Learn more about what we do.

Craftsman Architectural Styles

A classic black and white color scheme is timeless and beautiful, especially in an artist’s home. Here, our designers recommended Benjamin Moore’s Black Beauty for trim and Sherry Williams West Highland White for trim. The combination of these two opposite shades creates a striking contrast. Finally, wooden details combined with copper gutters take this striking design to the next level.

Exterior House Colors For Craftsman Homes

The earthy color palette our designers used in this artistic home blends perfectly with its natural surroundings. Sherwin Williams Mountain Road is the ideal neutral for siding, accented by a saturated finish in Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black. Then, stone columns and stairs, wooden entrance doors and landscaping emphasize the earthy color of the space.

Mountain Road doesn’t just work with dark colors — for this artisan house, our designers proposed a full palette of earthy colors. Benjamin Moore’s muted Manchester Tan used on the columns and trim provides a slight contrast to the neutral brick and stucco mountain road. From there, our designers used Benjamin Moore’s Dark Aegean Olive for small details, such as the porch floor, windows and attic, making the design more dynamic.

Exterior House Colors For Craftsman Homes

Columns And Color: Matching Your Columns To Your Home’s Palette

Sherwin Williams Urban Bronze is one of our favorite shades of gray for its warm, saturated feel. With so much variety, the color works great in any style of home, and we especially love the way it translates in this Craftsman home. Benjamin Moore slippers are the ideal companion for a warm, more muted interpretation of the traditional black and white exterior color scheme.

It doesn’t get much more appealing than bungalow-style cottages. And that color palette is a big part of the home’s appeal. We’re big fans of using two different paint colors for the top and bottom of the siding for a color-blocked design. Pillars, gates and multiple textures along the path add a sense of interesting layers. Our designers chose Benjamin Moore’s Elemental for the drain pipe – a grey-green color that is enhanced by the surrounding landscape. At the top, the Aegean olive brings green colors and contrast to the fore.

Exterior House Colors For Craftsman Homes

After a lot of calls for your craftsman house? Our designers achieved exactly the above using different textures and a striking color palette. Shirin Williams’ decorative iron ore paint on the siding stands out against the light finish that Benjamin Moore painted a simple white. Wooden details add a rustic vibe to this elegant aesthetic.

How To Pick The Best Exterior Paint Colors For Your Home’s Style

If you’re looking to highlight your artsy home exterior, a bold color like Benjamin Moore’s Black Forest Green should be on your radar. In the house design above, this bold, dark green is complemented by Benjamin Moore’s neutral river pewter on brick columns. Overall, this color scheme represents a balance between subtle and saturated colors.

Exterior House Colors For Craftsman Homes

This mood color palette combines two beautiful Benjamin Moore colors: River Pewter on the main level and Midsummer Night’s Eve on the upper level. The wooden and iron details on the porch evoke a deep, brown-black summer night. Meanwhile, warm neutral pewter paneling respectfully brings a welcoming touch to the porch and entryway.

The classic Craftsman home design offers plenty of color options. The muted palette is inviting and classic. Or you can be bold and make a statement. However, our team will be happy to work with you on the ideal aesthetic that will enhance your curb appeal and make you happy to come home every day.

Exterior House Colors For Craftsman Homes

Craftsman House Colors

Mackenzie has been writing for Bricks and Buttons for three years, and most of her exterior design knowledge comes from renovating her own home. She bought a wooden house that was stuck in the 90s, and the previous owners could not keep up with the exterior maintenance. Mackenzie and her family approach every project in their own style, from re-imagining landscapes and hard-form to restoring porches and logs. In her spare time, Mackenzie enjoys cooking and spending time with her family of six on their farm, which includes cows, chickens, rabbits, dogs and cats. She has been writing for over 12 years and has explored a variety of topics from food writing to lifestyles and, of course, I love my historic house very much, but I have shamefully neglected the exterior paint. The tired finish was removed and the dark colors didn’t do justice to the architectural beauty of my 1915 craftsman bungalow. It was time for a change—a change that would honor the home’s history while infusing it with fresh energy.

Who was the first paint company that really impressed me during my first consultation (I interviewed five others!) As always, all words and opinions are my own. Many thanks to you too

Exterior House Colors For Craftsman Homes

Enter CertaPro Painters, the painting wizards who have found the perfect balance between maintaining historic charm and giving my home a fresh coat of modern magic.

Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint Colors & Trends For 2024

Preparation was their focus in the first round and they did not take shortcuts. They carefully removed the old paint, filled the gaps, and prepared every surface to replace the remaining lead-based paint. It was like watching a master class in house painting. I pointed out all the preparatory work and described in detail how they had taken all the pre-security precautions here. I cannot stress enough how dangerous lead paint is and how important it is to work with a team of professionals who care about the safety of our families and communities.

Exterior House Colors For Craftsman Homes

As for the choice of colors, I had a hard time deciding – surprise! I am currently in a phase of color obsession – contrasting colors and cheerful warm shades. However, I wanted my century-old house to be painted in colors that are proud of its history. The classic palette of handicrafts is inspired by nature – earth tones and muted tones. Of course Craftsman can handle cheerful yellow cottages with bright white, but I had a muted green in mind.

I played around with a few different palettes here, but settled on a green-on-green scheme with pops of red. I used to always think my house was green, but now when I compare the old photos with the new ones, I just want to think it’s green! What color was it too? Is it grey/grey with a blue border? I am so confused now!

Exterior House Colors For Craftsman Homes

Craftsman Exterior Home Ideas You’ll Love

Although I had a clear idea of ​​where to go, I was having trouble narrowing down the exact color and wanted to avoid constant decision fatigue, so I consulted with Erin Cavanagh, a color consultant who specializes in historic. He enrolled his help in houses. When I say she knows all of Sharon Williams’ colors like the back of her hand, I mean it.

Erin and I had a FaceTime call while I walked her around my house, showed her neighbors around the house, talked about my goals, and then she sent me a collection of 8×10″ color sample cards (which are always better than those little 1 ” .). Erin gave me her time and I am very grateful. She did all the color testing for me so I didn’t end up with 80 swatches at home (if you know, you know). He does virtual color consultations, so if you’re in doubt, give us a call!

Exterior House Colors For Craftsman Homes

Every 20 days, a team of two photographers needs 8 hours. That’s a total of 320 hours to paint the house! I was very impressed with the amount of time they took to make sure the color was perfect. They approached each step of the process with methodical precision, ensuring that no stone (no, brush?) was left unturned.

Classic Siding Color Schemes For Craftsman Style Homes

Every project is different! Schedule, prep work and price are based on many factors including project size, prep needs, number of colors, type of substrate, etc. You can get a free custom quote from your local CertaPro team here.

Exterior House Colors For Craftsman Homes

The CertaPro team did a wonderful job with the details. Notice how the side of the window casing is already painted the color of the siding? When the crew repainted, they covered the front and sides with paint and cut it in a perfectly straight line close to the topography of the siding—

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