Exterior Paint Colors For Mountain Homes

Exterior Paint Colors For Mountain Homes – Hill houses are amazing buildings by their very nature. They are an incredibly popular type of house with endless design possibilities, from their design to the look they give. Regardless of your budget or style preferences, creating a beautiful mountain home is easier than you think.

A mountainous landscape provides the perfect inspiration for a home color palette. If you want your home to blend into the natural surroundings, go for gray. It works especially well with mountains as a backdrop. Add pops of white around windows and doors to break up the gray and keep the house from fading naturally.

Exterior Paint Colors For Mountain Homes

Exterior Paint Colors For Mountain Homes

For a classic mountain home, nothing compares to cedar shingles. However, traditional wood veneers are expensive, require a lot of maintenance, and can wear, tear, or split over time.

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Instead, invest in synthetic cedar for a modern mountain home. These spindles are carved from real cedar but are instead made of polyurethane material. This makes it incredibly light weight and very strong. They are Class A fire resistant, Class 4 impact resistant and can withstand winds up to 115 mph. Furthermore, they are easy to maintain, affordable, and won’t split or crack like real wood.

Exterior Paint Colors For Mountain Homes

Since synthetic shingles are more expensive and durable than other products on the market, another design idea is to use them not only on the roof, but also on the siding. Not only is it a unique interior design, but by using artificial shock as a barrier, it can provide more protection for your home than standard seams.

Mountains aren’t the only thing surrounding a modern mountain home, so consider matching the exterior with the surrounding trees and foliage. Brown colors on the roof and ceiling can create a natural house that blends in with the surrounding nature. This helps your home look like it’s there instead of looking like a haphazard construction.

Exterior Paint Colors For Mountain Homes

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Although it is one of the simplest mountain house design ideas, vertical curtains can create a stunning look. When you install the shutters vertically, it helps to create a better look for the house, no matter where it is. But, in a mountain home, it can feel big and luxurious, and it suits its surroundings.

No modern mountain home design ideas can beat multiple windows. People choose to build houses on the mountain to see the beauty of the natural world. But what good is a mountain home if you can’t enjoy the views inside and out? By designing your mountain home with lots of windows, you can enjoy the view from wherever you are.

Exterior Paint Colors For Mountain Homes

For classic design ideas, go for a more cottage-style look. Combine a shaker-style roof with brightly colored exterior stone to create something cozy. This is another simple design idea that can make a big difference in a mountain home.

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Another design idea you can consider for your mountain home is stone tiles on the walls. This is another way to connect your home with the surrounding nature, especially the mountains, without a lot of stones. Combined with wood or composite wood siding, you have the perfect mountain lodge style home.

Exterior Paint Colors For Mountain Homes

Nothing makes a house stand out more than contrasting colors. Instead of choosing one color scheme, consider mountain home design ideas that combine two contrasting colors. For example, black and white are two classic colors that look good in mountain scenes.

There is no rule as to how many colors a person should use in their home. If you want to mix different colors like white, gray and brown for your home, you can. This creates a unique look that no one else has, and is another way to put your personal touch into the design of your home.

Exterior Paint Colors For Mountain Homes

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For modern mountain house design ideas, avoid the conventional roof style. Instead, keep it one-sided and messy in modern, artistic ways. Not only is it different, but it often allows for more creative home architecture.

Just as you don’t have to use the same traditional roof style, you don’t have to be boring with your siding. Even if you use classic materials, consider different pieces that go in different directions. So instead of going all horizontal and vertical, create an accent piece where part of the line goes in the opposite direction.

Exterior Paint Colors For Mountain Homes

Alternatively, you can skip classic mountain home options like wood, shingle and stone and opt for brick instead. It’s a durable, bright option that works well in mountain settings and stands out against natural backdrops. But make sure that the color of the brick blends well with the surrounding landscape and does not conflict with the surrounding natural beauty.

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As with multi-colored tiles, you can combine different colors for your ceiling. It doesn’t have to be drastic, but two similar shades create a little more interest and contrast. It also helps define different parts of the house, such as a covered porch, that are connected to the rest of the house.

Exterior Paint Colors For Mountain Homes

Who said all houses have to be square and rectangular? While these are easy to implement design elements, for truly unique and eye-catching mountain home design ideas, think a little outside the box. Instead of sticking to the same basic shape for your home, consider a small gazebo like a carport to stand out and be more angular.

While windows allow you to enjoy your beautiful mountain views from inside your home, you also want to enjoy the outdoors. However, you should enjoy it from a reasonable height. Otherwise, you may lose some perspective. To prevent that from happening, design a porch or extended porch that connects the mountain home to the second floor. That way, you’ll get a better view of the outdoors.

Exterior Paint Colors For Mountain Homes

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Since the place is so big and impressive, it is better to keep your home design simple. Choose a classic home design that isn’t too big and uses a simple color palette. Although it is simple compared to other design ideas, it still looks amazing with the natural beauty in the background.

To take advantage of all the nature surrounding your mountain home, nothing beats mountain home design ideas like the tree house. Or at least build your house like a tree house, if not out of trees. Something you don’t see in homes in the suburbs, so it stands out as a special feature. But, it blends well with all the surrounding nature.

Exterior Paint Colors For Mountain Homes

If treehouse-style homes aren’t your thing, you can also choose to build your home surrounded by trees. It serves as a permanent reminder of the nature around you, but it also offers other benefits. For one thing, your home will be protected from the sun in the summer. It also provides additional protection from snow and rain during the winter months.

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Mountain house design ideas are many. Whatever design idea you come up with or choose, there’s no denying that it will look good: with amazing visuals to create, you can’t go wrong with any design. The key is to make sure you take advantage of those views, otherwise why build a house on a mountain in the first place, right? Here is my brother’s house in Twain Harte, CA. Twain Harte is a charming little mountain community in the Sierras named for Mark Twain and Bret Harte. It’s a three hour or so drive east of San Francisco and has about 2,500 people. My brother and his partner bought the property two years ago and are working on the project, which is their hill.

Exterior Paint Colors For Mountain Homes

Although the property originally had an old cabin, unfortunately they had to tear it down and rebuild. It is too small to save. However, they paid homage to the original cabin design in the new build, and managed to keep at least the aft cabin (which would later be converted into an in-law suite) and some knotty pine for the interior. Wainscoting.

Naturally, when it came time to choose colors for the house, I was bribed to help. (My brother is a trained chef, so he always gives me delicious home cooking).

Exterior Paint Colors For Mountain Homes

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How to Choose Exterior Colors for a Mountain Cabin How about doing it from afar (because he didn’t have time to get to Twain Hart before the painters started painting), right?

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