Exterior Paint Colors For Spanish Style Homes

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Exterior Paint Colors For Spanish Style Homes – Spanish style houses have a special design and character. With any architectural style, updating the exterior while remaining true to its original purpose is challenging. So gather ideas for the exterior design of your Spanish-style home and freshen things up without compromising the naturalness of the style.

If your Spanish-style home needs an update; Here at Brick & Button we can show you what that could look like with our digital exterior design service. new paint colors; windows, We will bring digital renderings of roofs and more.

Exterior Paint Colors For Spanish Style Homes

Exterior Paint Colors For Spanish Style Homes

Beginning in the 1500s, Spain conquered the Americas in the Southeast and Southwest. Because of the same climate, houses were built with the same architectural style from readily available materials. Also known as the Spanish colonial style; This home features include the following.

Spanish Colonial Design Style

Yes, Some of these design details are practical. Thick walls with white stucco over brick or stone and small windows help keep rooms cool in hot weather. Spanish-style houses usually do not have interior corridors, but many rooms are built on top of each other. Thus, narrow courtyards also serve as corridors or passages between rooms. Finally, Beams are often structural supports for low or flat roofs.

Exterior Paint Colors For Spanish Style Homes

Any home with these features built after 1800 is indeed considered Spanish Revival. Depending on the geography, different Spanish-style houses may have different features, such as a second floor with a balcony. Towers imitating the churches built by the Spanish during that period; You can also see belfries and archways.

Not all Spanish-style homes have a balcony on the second floor. more common in California; These additional outdoor spaces can be as small or large as this home. Our designers have modified the fence with exclusive wood and landscaping. Beautiful tile work takes things to the next level. A balcony is a beautiful and integrated feature beyond what you might imagine at the moment.

Exterior Paint Colors For Spanish Style Homes

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Painted plaster is a must for any Spanish style home. It reflects sunlight, cools the home, and also accentuates the unique brick or stone texture that gives these homes so much character. As you’ll see in many of our examples, paint color makes a big difference.

If you want to spice up your home’s Spanish look, add some colors or modern design elements. Our designers recommend covering the upper part of the house in warm colors and adding bold features for a moody atmosphere. To update this home’s exterior, the stone and stucco were painted white to maintain its Spanish-style roots for a unique blend.

Exterior Paint Colors For Spanish Style Homes

Although arches are a feature of Spanish-style houses, They’re not always necessary (or in the budget). In this example, Updated square windows work well with the high angles of the roof. The black grille is reminiscent of the iron grilles found on traditional Spanish-style windows. Finally, Pay homage to the traditional beams and wooden frames seen in Spanish home interiors.

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. These narrow courtyards serve as outdoor living and cooking areas, as well as easy access to the interior of the house. In this example we decided to open our designer.

Exterior Paint Colors For Spanish Style Homes

With large glass sliders to patio and pool. It gives a great feel to the outdoor space.

If your house has not been built in the Spanish style, Our designers can suggest some outdoor house ideas that can bring that feeling. For starters, try painting your home a warm white and adding wood accents. wooden beams Because doors and windows are a traditional part of Spanish architecture; Later, the shapes of these houses took on a more distinctive Spanish feel, with wooden doors and garages.

Exterior Paint Colors For Spanish Style Homes

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Although the styles of Spanish and Mediterranean architecture are similar – all of Spain is located in the Mediterranean. Columns are more ornate and suggestive of Mediterranean-style houses. In this house Our designers decided to remove the columns around the window and entrance. It’s the simplicity that characterizes Spanish-style homes. It’s clean and has the same look, but feels more modern.

Spanish-style homes with white stucco inside and out leave room for pops of color, such as a tiled staircase or a teal front door. If you want to add some personality to your home; Painting your front door is an easy way to change the feel of your home without ruining the style.

Exterior Paint Colors For Spanish Style Homes

The outdoor living space of a Spanish-style home is certainly important to the overall aesthetic and architecture. It is also practical because most of these homes are located in warm climates. Our designers have provided easy access to the upstairs outdoor space with multiple sliding doors from various rooms of the home. Lots of seating around the pool (outside the frame) makes the house warm and inviting.

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Spanish-style colonial houses have no glass in the windows, but wooden doors that close from the inside and wrought-iron grilles to allow for ventilation. If you want to touch the Spanish style in the exterior of your home, We recommend adding black or wrought iron accents.

Exterior Paint Colors For Spanish Style Homes

Spanish-style houses are part of a unique architecture and colonial history and have their own design requirements. We hope these exterior design ideas help you enhance your Spanish-style home’s curb appeal and stay true to the style’s warm, casual nature.

Take our quick survey and work with us to determine the exterior design style that suits your home. You have an old Spanish-style house; Whether it’s a modern revival or something in between; Our designers can come up with new home exterior ideas that will enhance your curb appeal.

Exterior Paint Colors For Spanish Style Homes

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