Exterior Paint Colors Spanish Style Homes

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Exterior Paint Colors Spanish Style Homes – The exterior colors were inspired by the exterior color scheme of the design house in the house in the first photo. Inspiration House is the creation of my friend Steve Jones of BetterShelter, the amazing real estate developer Design House.

I am in the process of renovating a beautiful 1,860 square foot home built in the 1930s in the heart of View Park in Los Angeles and am selecting all of the exterior colors. Never before have so many decisions had to be made in such a short amount of time. We started building our first design center in mid-April and it’s been crazy since then!!! Ahhh

Exterior Paint Colors Spanish Style Homes

Exterior Paint Colors Spanish Style Homes

One of the easiest decisions I made was choosing Benjamin Moore as the exclusive painting partner for the project. The Benjamin Moore team was kind enough to provide me with all the paint for the interior and exterior of the house. I was honored to have this brand work with me and my team on this first design studio.

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Anyway… The first step in the painting process is choosing an exterior paint. I bring up Steve because he’s someone I’ve always looked up to when it comes to home improvement and his home is my home design color inspiration.

Exterior Paint Colors Spanish Style Homes

The view is usually white with black trim, and the doors may be blue or green. I was in Claremont, the town where I spent my school and teenage years, and came across a Spanish/Mediterranean-style house with a darker color scheme, so I decided against it.

It’s a color I decided to stay away from… I was walking around the house and saw this house… If the house looks like a design house, the color is too dark, very yellow.

Exterior Paint Colors Spanish Style Homes

Spanish Style Home Arches Stock Photo 3365422

The current house is white with brown trim. I already like the colors and think the darker lines are better for contrast. In my last home design post, I showed you what types of tiles I used on the front door and back porch. I think the sample tiles will match the paint and trim I chose (read:).

I cannot emphasize this enough. Choosing the right paint for the exterior of your home can be difficult. Myself and my team, Tiara and Dale, helped paint a million Benjamin Moore whites for the models and a few darker colors for the decorations.

Exterior Paint Colors Spanish Style Homes

1. Chinese White 2. White Dove 3. Swiss Coffee 4. White Cloud 5. Morning Fog 6. Baby’s Heart

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The way I pick up the paint is to use painter’s tape to create a large square of each color. I think for an hour and make sure I have the right glasses, then go back and put on a second coat and think again. After letting the paint dry for a few days, I checked again to see which one I liked.

Exterior Paint Colors Spanish Style Homes

I narrowed it down to three contenders and placed three candidates at FOH: Swiss Coffee, White Dove, and Foggy Morning. In the end, I chose White Dove, and Steve reassured me of that choice later that week when he made that choice in the morning at work. Phew, I’m sure I made the right choice!!!

White Dove is a soft white with a hint of yellow, giving it a nice neutral color.

Exterior Paint Colors Spanish Style Homes

California Spanish House Royalty Free Photos And Stock Images

Overall… I chose BlackTop because I wanted a softer black for the lines… To me it’s black with a green tint… Steve said he sees a red tint to it.

The next big issue is the color of the door. I prefer the softer black of BlackTop with its matte finish. I tried blue and green just for fun, but I didn’t want my front door to be too busy with the color and pattern of the cement tiles I chose… so I went with a black front door. Please measure.

Exterior Paint Colors Spanish Style Homes

The top three shades of white (bottom left is my pick) are paired with the color options for the front of the house.

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I like the idea of ​​a pop of color on the door… or should I stick to a simple matte black? hmm…

Exterior Paint Colors Spanish Style Homes

Now your house is ready. In a few weeks we will be painting and now it will be time for the big reveal.

Thanks again to Benjamin Moore for the great paint selection. I’m so excited to see this color in action tomorrow! I can’t wait to finish it!

Exterior Paint Colors Spanish Style Homes

Sandcastle: Eggshell Warm Neutral Paint Color

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Erection. This post may contain affiliate links. This means that if you click on those links and make a purchase, we may receive a commission. Spanish architecture is popular and suited to hot, dry climates. This was common in the United States from 1915 to 1945. They are still being built in the southeastern and coastal areas of the United States. Inspired by Spanish architecture, the house has many features such as stucco exterior walls, terracotta roof tiles and openings.

Exterior Paint Colors Spanish Style Homes

Landscaping and outdoor entertaining areas are included, but there is also a private courtyard. However, all types of buildings require maintenance, so here are some ways to maintain your Spanish style home:

Beautiful Mediterranean One Storey Exterior Ideas & Designs

The building’s façade is an important part of Spanish architecture. There are many outdoor features such as stucco walls, terra cotta roof tiles, and patios. Check it frequently to make sure it is new. Concrete walls, similar to the concrete that covers the walls of a house, deserve special attention because of their white color. Clean any dirty areas and repair any damaged areas.

Exterior Paint Colors Spanish Style Homes

Flat tiles play an important role in Spanish architecture because they evoke warmth and tranquility. The process involves repainting walls, trim, and accents to prevent fading and wear. Pale colors lose their vibrancy and fade when exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. You can then repaint it to regain its beauty, vibrancy, warmth and earthy tones. Make sure the color matches your current color.

Spanish houses have decorative tiles known as Talavera. Bright colours, interesting patterns and handmade designs are some of the features that play an important role in capturing the essence of the Mediterranean aesthetic. This can be maintained by cleaning (check regularly and clean any visible dust), sealing (making sure it is properly sealed) and preventing damage. Talavera tiles are not just tiles, they embody the cultural interest and beauty of your home.

Exterior Paint Colors Spanish Style Homes

New Old Northeast Custom Home. A Spanish Charmer!

We always include all types of cleaning and maintenance. This includes routine cleaning, pest control, exterior painting, surface cleaning, heating and cooling, window maintenance, garden and landscaping maintenance, damage inspection and maintenance. These measures are sometimes important because the accumulation of waste can damage the exterior of a house based on Spanish architecture. Fixing these issues can help you avoid more expensive and costly problems.

Courtyards are another large and beautiful feature of Spanish architecture. Some yard maintenance tips include cleaning your yard or patio regularly, trimming plants to keep your yard from becoming overgrown, and cleaning a pool or water source if you have one. You have it. Check some and make sure they are sealed properly. Any metallic material that discolors will need to be repainted.

Exterior Paint Colors Spanish Style Homes

Just like your body, the furniture in your home requires a lot of maintenance. A good dusting and regular cleaning can be of great help. If you notice any kind of damage to your furniture, repair it immediately. If you have pets at home, you can use furniture covers to protect your furniture from scratches.

Mediterranean Style Homes With Global Inspired Beauty

Iron is said to be a feature of the building, which was inspired by Spanish architecture. You can add textures such as light fixtures, doors, and more. To ensure the longevity of these iron parts, it is necessary to clean the iron regularly to prevent rust.

Exterior Paint Colors Spanish Style Homes

You can incorporate elements inspired by the colonial era into your home. Most of these items are heavy, dark wood. These elements are preserved for future generations. Medium weight tables, long dining tables, high-backed chairs, and high headboards are some of the best things to include.

3 architectural features

Exterior Paint Colors Spanish Style Homes

Spanish Inspired Outdoor Spaces

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