Exterior Paint Colors With Red Brick

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Exterior Paint Colors With Red Brick – Check out our red brick exterior paint colors. These colors will match any red brick house perfectly.

Working with red brick can be tricky – especially if you’re not a fan of the color red πŸ™‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ.

Exterior Paint Colors With Red Brick

Exterior Paint Colors With Red Brick

However, if you are like me and there were no plans to be trendy and paint white bricks, it’s time to learn how to work with red bricks.

The Best Exterior Paint Colors, According To Realtors

In today’s post, I’m sharing with you the process we went through to finally choose an exterior paint color that not only matched the red brick, but also made me happy and proud every time I pulled into the driveway.

Exterior Paint Colors With Red Brick

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Here is a picture of the side of our house before we bought new windows and painted the front.

Exterior Paint Colors With Red Brick

Exterior Paint Colors That Pair With Red Brick

The key to choosing an exterior paint color that complements red brick is to choose a warm gray or taupe.

Of course, we all have different tastes when it comes to color, but these four options are a good start.

Exterior Paint Colors With Red Brick

You’ll notice that this picture is a little weird and not as professional as usual, but that’s because I took it from the actual Samplize color stickers that I used to test these colors.

Top Shutter Colors For Brick Houses

Instead of buying paint samples and going through the trouble of painting samples on both sides of your house, these bad boys are better and better!

Exterior Paint Colors With Red Brick

You can find them in many brands (eg Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, etc.) and in any color.

For the outside of our house, I tried Mindful Grey, Colonnade Grey, Dorian Gray and Agreeable Grey, all from Sherwin Williams.

Exterior Paint Colors With Red Brick

Ways To Update Your Brick Without Painting It White

Another thing you need to remember is the orientation of your house (ie north, south, east or west).

I have done extensive research about our east facing house and will share some of these materials in the sections below.

Exterior Paint Colors With Red Brick

Each of these colors was part of the research I did to find the best grey/grey colors for east facing homes.

Garage Door Colors For A Red Brick House

Notice how big the difference is from the sand beige we had before with the previous owners?

Exterior Paint Colors With Red Brick

Once we decided on the main color of the siding (which was also the same color I used on our outdoor patio), it was time to figure out what trim color and accent color to use.

After reading this article about Gauntlet Grey, I knew it would be a great finish color.

Exterior Paint Colors With Red Brick

Gorgeous Red Brick Houses (photo Ideas)

We painted the baseboards, garage doors and gutters Gauntlet Gray from Sherwin Williams, then chose stainless steel for the shutters and front doors.

It’s a little difficult to get the full effect with all the plants in front of the house, but it’s a masterpiece!

Exterior Paint Colors With Red Brick

These colors definitely work well with our red brick, but here are some tips I picked up for choosing exterior paint colors that I think you’ll find useful…

How To Choose A Front Door Color For Your Brick House

I’ve created a video tutorial to add to this post so you can see the full scope in real time!

Exterior Paint Colors With Red Brick

Check it out below and while you’re there, be sure to hit the subscribe button and turn on the alarm notifications to make sure you never miss a new My Home At Home video!

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Exterior Paint Colors With Red Brick

Best Front Door Colors For Red Brick Houses

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Exterior Paint Colors With Red Brick

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Exterior Paint Colors With Red Brick Home

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Exterior Paint Colors With Red Brick

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Exterior Paint Colors With Red Brick

Red Brick House Exterior Update Reveal

Whether you have a red brick home with brick accents or an all brick layout, choosing the best brick paint colors will require a lot of care and thought. You may need to hold a paint sample against the brick to analyze which shade of paint will suit it best. You need to ask yourself about your design style, do you want to look bold and bold or do you prefer neutral colors more than true ones.

Don’t worry! I got them all! Let’s take a look at the various dos and don’ts to consider when choosing the best paint colors to match a red brick wall.

Exterior Paint Colors With Red Brick

Remember – each brick color can be subtle, subtle and subtle. They definitely have a hint of gray in them – which makes them even more pastel shades. Well, when I say “redbrick”, it’s not redbrick! But instead of the “rusty” or “burgundy” type that has a red and reddish color.

Paint Colors That Go With Red Brick The Morris Mansion

So now I’m going to pick my top 11 Sherwin Williams exterior colors that go well with red brick! They can be used on the main facade walls (sides), entrance doors, shutters, trim, moldings and other special architectural elements.

Exterior Paint Colors With Red Brick

Sherwin Williams Alabaster is a creamy-white color that draws inspiration from the color of brick to provide ultimate durability. Because it doesn’t have a noticeable yellow tint, this off-white creamy shade is definitely something to look out for – when choosing an exterior color that complements brick red.

In the case of a solid brick facade, this color can be used on entrance doors, porch pillars, end pieces, shutters, and also on some special architectural elements. As the third color in this palette, you can choose Sherwin Williams Iron Ore as an ACCENT! And let’s be honest, this off-white shade is definitely better than off-white! Is it true?

Exterior Paint Colors With Red Brick

Brick Exterior Paint Color Palettes Exterior Paint Colors

Looking for the ULTIMATE SW Alabaster paint color? Check out this auction – SHERWIN WILLIAMS ALABASTER

With shades of green and gray, this EARTH color proves to be one of the best paint colors for red bricks because it complements the nature of the bricks. So if you have a beachy or transitional body style, this red brick color combination is something to look forward to!

Exterior Paint Colors With Red Brick

You can paint your front door and shutters with Sherwin Williams Sea Salt and the entire red brick facade. Second, you can also add SW sea salt to your siding and red brick accents to your fireplace or fire pit wall! For this second color palette, choose SW Pure White on the rim, edge and corner blocks.

Best Exterior Paint Colors For Red Brick Homes And How To Use Them

Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray is a beautiful and subtle GRAY or WARM GRAY color that will blend beautifully with your red brick home. This color is a perfect combination of gray and beige, but with very light shades of blue or green.

Exterior Paint Colors With Red Brick

This shade is not very visible – so always let the color play a great neutral. You must choose the same grotto shade

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