Exterior Trim Colors For Red Brick Homes

Exterior Trim Colors For Red Brick Homes – We’re big fans of brick paint and if your brick needs a facelift, we’ll help you find the right palette. But we also fully understand those customers who want to keep their bricks in their natural state! A red brick house can be beautiful; however, it has a strong look and can be one of the most difficult to work with, especially with a color palette. We get letters all the time from clients asking what trim colors we recommend to match their red brick homes, what siding colors would work best with their red brick exterior, and more. We thought this review might help some of you make a decision on how to update your red brick home.

Having trouble envisioning updates for your red brick home? That’s why we created Virtual Design Services. Before you commit, we’ll help you understand what your updated exterior design will look like by providing you with renderings of the new look.

Exterior Trim Colors For Red Brick Homes

Exterior Trim Colors For Red Brick Homes

This traditional two story red brick home has beautiful architectural lines – it just needed updated accents to modernize and spruce it up. Benjamin Moore paint colors provide a fresh palette: Revere Pewter on the trim, Dragon’s Breath on the wood siding, and black on the windows. The dark color of the roof, new wooden garage door and copper gutters are elegant finishing touches.

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This red brick farmhouse style is classic in post-World War II American neighborhoods. Modernizing your front porch with new materials has the biggest impact on bringing it into the 21st century. Our designer also recommended removing the blinds (as they were not the right size) and updating the windows and front door. The sidewalk appeal is further understated with contrasting wood trim and copper gutters and Sherwin Williams’ Urban Bronze on the finish.

Exterior Trim Colors For Red Brick Homes

This traditional two-story house has a second-floor terrace and a Tudor-influenced exterior that feels a little dated and unfinished. We recommend new Hardie® Panel vertical siding in Benjamin Moore Graphite for a color-blocked look. Revere Pewter on the trim accentuates the roofline. There is a new porch above the front door, and a raised path leads the eye to the front door.

A few simple updates brought new life to this beautiful traditional two story home. The siding and trim were painted in Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore, and the windows, gutters, new double front doors, and metal roof were painted in Onyx Pink to contrast with the natural red brick. A roof a few shades darker than the original is all together.

Exterior Trim Colors For Red Brick Homes

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Another beautiful traditional house given a new look with simple updates. New modern black grille windows and some sun blinds give a contemporary feel. Next, wood siding and handsome double front doors harmonize with copper gutters, emphasizing the home’s layered feel. Finally, a bluestone walkway and new front steps keep everything grounded.

This modern house has dark red brick that goes well with the wooden siding. We recommend the use of Woodtone’s composite woodgrain siding options under facades. Black and charcoal gray appear on the new roof, modern garage doors, exterior lighting range and trim, rendered in Onyx by Benjamin Moore. Finally, we recommended new James Hardie standard vertical siding on the upper level painted Benjamin Moore’s Rockport Gray.

Exterior Trim Colors For Red Brick Homes

This beautiful historic red brick home has been given a new look with some intentional updates. First we recommended new Marvin windows and new double steel doors. Other black accents include an X-shaped railing between the existing brick columns and a Bahamian-style shutter above the window to the left of the entrance. The classic copper lamp from Bevolo pays tribute to the past. Finally, Tivertino panels modernize around the front door and up to the roofline.

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The bright red bricks of this traditional mid-century farmhouse contrast with a pure white palette. There are also plenty of variations on dark shingle siding, dark blue front doors, and dated gray shingle roofs. We recommend using a static color palette to make the bricks shine. The new metal roof is a distinct warm brown color that sets off the copper gutters and exterior lighting as well as the beautiful new wooden front door. To add interest, we added an eyebrow roof to the garage. The trim, eaves, soffits and new garage door are all painted in Benjamin Moore’s Light Oak. New Hardie® shingle siding painted in Rockport Gray brightens the front porch area.

Exterior Trim Colors For Red Brick Homes

We always recommend sampling and testing paint colors prior to application. Factors such as natural lighting, shades and the fixtures of your property will have a significant impact on how the color appears on your exterior. Our friends at Samplize provided oversized 9 x 14.75-inch peel-and-stick paint samples in our favorite exterior colors. Order your “Real Paint, No Mess” sample from Samplize here.

The new exterior design of this split-level home moves into more contemporary design territory. The red brick is even more prominent on this facade, as the siding dominates the upper floors. We recommend replacing the old siding with Hardie® Panel vertical siding and painting it and the chimney with Benjamin Moore’s Graphite. The trim and eaves are rendered in Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams, which blends perfectly with the black lighting range, garage door, windows and new chimney cap. Wood and copper elements introduce a natural element and accentuate the warmth of the bricks.

Exterior Trim Colors For Red Brick Homes

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As you can see, many traditional red brick houses originally came with bright white siding and trim – we prefer to tone down this tone a bit. In this home, we recommend Benjamin Moore’s Kendall Charcoal for the siding and Light Oak for the trim. The entrance has been significantly upgraded with beautiful new wooden double doors, beautiful surrounds and overhangs, striking finishes, and a fresh stone and flagstone path leading upstairs.

We created this large traditional red brick home with a modern exterior design: new garage doors, updated lighting, and a fresh porch overhang. We came up with the idea to install a new James Hardie siding around the two story center window to accent it and paint it in Benjamin Moore’s Winterwood. The onyx surface creates contrast. Warm stone siding is home and we also used it to wrap the chimney to add interest.

Exterior Trim Colors For Red Brick Homes

We like lime water. It is a good compromise between painting the bricks and keeping them natural. The red brick on the lower half of the house was custom made in Romabio limewash and painted with Benjamin Moore’s Sea Pearl. Limewash gives you the flexibility to let some of the natural color of the brick through, as shown in the photo above. It works on brick paths too! Here, we paired limewash with the full Benjamin Moore paint palette: Sea Pearl again for the siding, simple white for the trim, Sea Mist for the shutters, and black for the new front door.

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As you can see in these examples, red brick homes don’t have to feel dated. If you like it, but want more modern sidewalks, you don’t need to paint red brick. Basically you have your cake and eat it too. Our job is to show you how to do this.

Exterior Trim Colors For Red Brick Homes

Red brick can also be beautiful. This can also be difficult. That’s why it makes sense to work with experts when planning the exterior renovation of your red brick home. We are ready to work with you to make your dreams come true! Start today.

Our designers only use and recommend products that we know, like or would use on our own properties. If you make a purchase through our links, we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Need some design inspiration for your brick exterior? Looking for the best paint colors to match brick?

Exterior Trim Colors For Red Brick Homes

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It looks like you’re ready to breathe new life into the exterior of your brick home – good news, you’ve come to the right place for some very specific advice and painting recommendations.

There are some basic design theories and practices that can make a brick look from tired to washed out, and I’ll walk you through them, and don’t worry, I also have a downloadable cheat sheet with a curated collection of 14 Benjamin Moore paint The color will give your brick a beautiful look.

Exterior Trim Colors For Red Brick Homes

This creates a good balance between the main general background color and some details that can be a little bolder, but do not overpower the house. For most people, the goal is to make it look cohesive and pretty, with just a little “Oh, that looks so good!” wow factor.

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The main color is usually the color of the center siding or stucco. This is sometimes called field color. This will be a nice, rich tone that you can live with for a long time, or neutral enough that you can sell it later.

Exterior Trim Colors For Red Brick Homes

This color also tends to be the biggest financial investment, so it makes sense to match it with something

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