Exterior Wood Stain Sherwin Williams

Exterior Wood Stain Sherwin Williams – The SuperDeck® collection of products offers a complete care system for your outdoor deck, whether new or old. Contractors love the easy cleaning and application features of Superdeck products, while consumers will appreciate the durable performance and protection, not to mention the beautiful finish.

Alex Sinclair, director of product information at Sherwin-Williams, knows that the advantages of the superior line of Superdeck products are no accident. The Sherwin-Williams development team continues to design products to deliver the greatest benefits. Below, Sinclair discusses the features and benefits of the three Superdeck product lines.

Exterior Wood Stain Sherwin Williams

Exterior Wood Stain Sherwin Williams

Water-based Superdeck exterior solid and semi-solid paint stains. Guaranteeing excellent protection and durability and excellent resistance to weathering, chipping or cracking, this family of products allows natural wood designs to shine through. Hard and semi-hard water-based stains can be used on fresh or sawn wood and on dry wood.

Hgtv Home By Sherwin Williams Satin Ultra White Acrylic Interior/exterior Door And Trim Paint (1 Gallon) In The Door & Trim Paint Department At Lowes.com

“Our Superdeck shade base uses Sherwin-Williams VinylSafe® color technology to provide a wide range for our customers, promising long-lasting performance and a beautiful finish,” said Sinclair. “Additionally, our Cool Feel® technology is perfect for this product. This new technology lowers the temperature and provides a cooling sensation of up to 20 degrees on those hot summer days in the exclusive Cool Feel color scheme.

Exterior Wood Stain Sherwin Williams

“Our solid stains have beautiful color patterns that allow the palm grain to show through. A solid color profile is more semi-transparent without completely hiding the wood grain like a solid color.

Interior and exterior log home and SuperDeck deck stains. Originally designed for log home surfaces, home wood stain is a water-based technique that provides a lacquer-like finish. Only two coats are needed to achieve maximum performance, providing water-based stains with easy application and cleanup. Efficient in-shop dyeing and a four-hour turnaround time allow many jobs to be completed in one day.

Exterior Wood Stain Sherwin Williams

Protective Wood Stain

UV inhibitors help extend the life of the finish, so the sleek, satin sheen lasts for years. The neutral shape is ideal for new wood surfaces. The beauty of the view is complemented by excellent weather conditions and excellent water quality function, all features that are sure to attract the attention of your home owner clients.

“This product really enhances the appeal of a timber home and the gloss and finish provide a unique look, vertical or horizontal, indoors or out,” says Sinclair.

Exterior Wood Stain Sherwin Williams

Superdeck transparent and semi-transparent wood stains. Value Modified-Oil is used for clear wood stains that enrich the look of wood and provide UV protection to resist graying in just one coat. This stain also contains substances that inhibit the growth of mold on the roof. Ideal for use on exterior floors, doors, siding, fences, decks, sheds and exterior woodwork, this stain can be used on treated wood, cedar, redwood, pine, oak and plywood. Your customers will enjoy the rich tones this stain provides, promoting a beautiful finish for years to come.

Minwax® Wood Finish™

“The modified oil technology combines many of the advantages of traditional stains, such as fast drying, excellent penetration and durability, with the advantages of water-based systems,” says Sinclair. “These benefits include cleaning with soap and water, VOC compliance and improved color retention.”

Exterior Wood Stain Sherwin Williams

Still, Sinclair is excited to see coatings chemistry and science come together to create product lines like Superdeck that provide real, lasting benefits to contractors and their customers.

“I like to see a floor that has served for years and retains the beauty and character of the day,” she said. “That credit goes to the science behind the coating that makes the floor look the way it does and to the contractors who use the coating.”

Exterior Wood Stain Sherwin Williams

All About Exterior Stain

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Exterior Wood Stain Sherwin Williams

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Wood Stain Color Options

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Exterior Wood Stain Sherwin Williams

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Exterior Wood Stain Sherwin Williams

A 100 Exterior Fast Dry Stain Blocking Alkyd Wood Primer

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Exterior Wood Stain Sherwin Williams

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Defy Wood Stain Extreme Cedar Tone Gal

Technical collection or access is required to create profiles of users to send advertisements, or to track users on a single website or across multiple websites for the same marketing purposes. This post is in partnership with Sherwin-Williams ® . I worked with Sherwin-Williams this year and received my commission for this project. Product provided by Sherwin-Williams and all thoughts, opinions and hard work are yours truly!*

Exterior Wood Stain Sherwin Williams

Hello friends! Thank you so much for loving our toilet look. The response has been amazing and we are enjoying our new patio…well we have been in our area before this deceptive heat wave and it has been over 106 for two weeks now. He couldn’t stand it there. Needless to say, I can’t wait for it to be over so we can spend more time outside. As hot as it’s been lately, we really started feeling the heat before the outdoor space was finished during one of the biggest jobs of the entire renovation: decking. Luckily I was able to do that before the real spoilers got here. Today I am sharing the process of how I got this assignment.

My main goal for our outdoor space is to make it feel like an extension of our home. I wanted to blur the lines between indoors and outdoors and knew that the floor would contribute a lot to the end result. As nice as real natural redwood is, I don’t want it to look like hardwood. I love the warm color of the wood floors in our house and hope to replicate that outside.

Exterior Wood Stain Sherwin Williams

Hgtv Home By Sherwin Williams Weathershield Semi Gloss Pussywillow Hgsw1494 Latex Exterior Paint + Primer (1 Gallon) In The Exterior Paint Department At Lowes.com

Because we used redwood, we had to wait a few months after building it before applying any stain or protective coating. This allows the wood and oil to dry better, so it will accept the stain better and give better color results. The building was finished in February and I let it dry for 5 months before I painted it in July. If you’re working with a wood like pine or Douglas fir, you probably won’t have to wait (if at all) before staining. After coming up with a game plan on how to approach the project, I ordered the stain and materials from Sherwin-Williams.

I used mops, rollers, metal trays, a spray pump and cleaner, and Sherwin-Williams Superdeck stain to finish the job.

Exterior Wood Stain Sherwin Williams

As with any painting project, great results start with a clean surface. I started by sweeping everything off the floor and mopping it up. Next, I gave it a good scrub. I used SuperDeck Revive Deck and Siding Brightener to clean and wash the deck. This technique is especially intended for use on new or uncoated cedar, redwood, or pressure-sensitive lumber.

Best Blotchy Deck Stain Review

I found it useful in this part of the project because you have to make sure not to let the product dry on the wood during application. Naomi and I worked in small sections soaking the area and using Superdeck Revive with a pump sprayer.

Exterior Wood Stain Sherwin Williams

After application, she used a bristle brush to scrub the area. So we let it sit

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