Farmhouse Area Rug Living Room

Farmhouse Area Rug Living Room – I recently replaced my old rug with a new farmhouse rug for my farmhouse modern bedroom. I didn’t realize how adding one simple thing could change the mood of our room. It adds warmth and stability during the cold winter months. Since then I have explored other types of this site. I thought it might be fun to switch rugs every once in a while! Isn’t that amazing?! Spring, summer, winter and autumn.

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Farmhouse Area Rug Living Room

Farmhouse Area Rug Living Room

Here is my freshly laundered living room rug from Boutique Rugs. If you’re inspired, click here to see this and more. I love my spinner and so do my four legged family members. It can be washed, so it does not cry.

White And Gray Farmhouse Living Room Area Rug

Check it out! This beautiful farm dress stole my heart with its alluring colors. All the colors of the rainbow. I can see this on a bare wood floor, as this rug will steal the show wherever you place it in your home.

It’s not unusual for me to crave a pop of color from time to time. It usually hits around spring and lasts until summer. While looking for inspiration mugs, I found these cute mugs at Walmart and the price was right. I think I can. Wait for it to appear. It is perfect for spring and summer. Click here to see where to buy.

Do you like the look of a faded rug? Me too! This farmhouse border quilt is a real winner! Soft colors to suit many styles. Click here to find out where to buy.

And another good choice if you’re a grey/beige lover like me. Neutral colors are always good for non-competitive household styles. Click here to find out where to buy this look.

Modern Farmhouse Rugs: A Style Guide

Blue and gray in a dream is a wonderful combination of colors. A great mix of color and warm colors. Click here to find out where to buy it for your farm. I see it in my bedroom too.

It may look like a simple design, but it has a blue color that complements everything in your home. That man has a saying, “Walk on me with your bare feet.” I have this in my bathroom.

Doesn’t this rug scream for a kid’s room? I want to buy another grandchild. Distressed damask is soft and inviting in soft shades of pink and ivory. Click here to purchase this dream rug.

Farmhouse Area Rug Living Room

Fun colors! This multicolored linen rug has a color for almost everyone. I think I counted 9-10 different colors. This would be a great rug for any living room that needs a pop of color. Click here to find out where to buy.

Hauteloom Mayabon Traditional Living Room Bedroom Bohemian Area Rug

Jute clothing has become a staple of today’s fashion trends, from boho to farmhouse and everything in between. I really like this geometric shape. Click here to find out where to buy an organic/earth rug for your home.

Thank you for shopping with me today. I was surprised when I typed in Farmyards as in the Walmart search bar. The prices are great and I will be buying another one soon.

I make ugly furniture beautiful and teach others to do the same. I also love this great home decor project and I’m sharing it here so you can do it too. Remember, everything can be done with your own hands!

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