Farmhouse Living Room Area Rugs

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Farmhouse Living Room Area Rugs – I share our 1920s farmhouse renovation, interior design, farm life, and my single motherhood journey. I’m so glad you’re here!

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Farmhouse Living Room Area Rugs

Farmhouse Living Room Area Rugs

Now that we are living in our farmhouse, I am so excited to decorate every room in our house. It took 8 long months to renovate our house and after such a long wait it was amazing to be in our 1920’s farmhouse!

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The living room is the first room in our house when we walk in the front door. The doors to this room have been significantly rearranged to make the space more functional and this is a large room which presents some design challenges in placing and fixing furniture! We’ve finally decided on our bed and will soon need a new rug to finish the place off and make it cozy.

I feel like when you move, you always want to replace some rugs and redecorate with a new rug because of the new layout of your home! It can completely transform a room! That being said, boutique rugs are always my go-to rug when it comes to rugs. Their rugs are affordable, trendy designs and incredible quality. Most of my rugs in our home are from Boutique Rugs and they still look like new years later! Boutique Rugs offers over 40,000 affordable rugs for a variety of home styles – farmhouse, traditional, bohemian rugs and more!

I chose the Malcolm rug for our living room, it has a traditional style and cozy vintage fall vibes. The rug is super soft and silky with a cute little fringe around the edges for a little bohemian flair. The colors of this rug are mainly dark brown, light brown and gray with touches of light blue, light pink, olive and light slate. It’s so amazing and honestly looks great with any of your decor styles! We bought 9′ x 12’10” examples to fill our living room and the transformation was amazing! We absolutely love our new carpet and how cozy it makes our home.

Boutique Rugs gave me the discount code JOANIE to save an extra 10% off the already discounted rug price! The Malcom rug we bought for our living room was originally $1,483 and now it’s down to $639. JOANIE price drops another 10% to $607 with my discount code. This discount applies to everything on their website, be it rugs or home furnishings!

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Hope you love our new rug as much as we do! I can’t wait to see which rug you choose from Boutique Rugs to grace your home! Rugs, rugs, more rugs! Some of my favorite pieces to collect are cottage farmhouse rugs. Is that really a thing? In our house, Michael would say that’s absolutely the case. Anyway, I have found some great rugs that will work well in winter and any time in your home.

It’s no secret that my favorite place to shop for rugs is Boutique Rugs. They have all styles from farmhouse rugs to contemporary styles and oh wait, washable rugs! I’ve put together a variety of rugs that you can use now with chunky knit patterns for winter, as well as lightweight ones that are perfect for the coming seasons.

Let’s look at the rugs I choose for each season and adapt each season if needed. If you like any of these friends, my code: ITTYBITTY is still active at Boutique Rugs and offers a special discount on top of all sale prices.

Farmhouse Living Room Area Rugs

I love using chunky woven rugs this season. However, I pair these with light tones with hints of green to start the transition to spring.

New Living Room Rug With Boutique Rugs — Home With Joanie

Rain and all outdoor activities make this time of year ideal for using washable rugs in light shades. Remember that light tones are different for everyone, and that’s okay! You can also use light jute mats at this time.

God, it’s time to get the mustard and rust out of your carpet. As many of you know, I don’t add a lot of color to our home, but this is one of my favorite ways to add a little pop of color to our home!

There is no right way to choose a rug for a room in one season. You always want to choose pieces to decorate your home that make you happy and make your home a happy place for you. This means that your style and creative appeal will suit you.

Many of you have asked for the brief on how to choose rugs for your home. We love our rugs at Itty Bitty Farmhouse and hope this helps you choose the right rugs for your home. Follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok for daily rug inspiration and how we transform it year-round! Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day! I recently replaced my old rug with a new farmhouse style rug for my modern farmhouse living room. I didn’t realize how adding one simple item could change the feel of our space. It provides a lot of warmth and comfort in cold winters. Since then I have been looking for other colors for this room. I thought it would be fun to change the rugs every season! Wouldn’t that be nice?! Spring, summer, winter and autumn.

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Here is my new washable living room rug from Boutique Rugs. Click here to view it, and if it inspires you, check out others like it. I love my carpet and so do my furry family members. It’s washable, so it doesn’t weep.

Look! This beautiful country house style rug stole my heart with all its bold colors. All the colors of the rainbow. I can imagine this rug sitting on a wooden floor with a neutral decor because this rug is sure to steal the show wherever it is placed in your home.

Farmhouse Living Room Area Rugs

I rarely feel like adding a pop of color every now and then. It usually hits me in the spring and lasts well into the summer. While looking for rugs for inspiration, I found this beautiful rug at Walmart and the price was right. I think I can do that. Look for it to pop up. It is perfect for spring and summer. Click here to find out where you can buy.

Area Rug Living Room Rugs: 5×7 Large Soft Machine Washable Boho Moroccan Farmhouse Neutral Stain Resistant Indoor Floor Rug Carpet For Bedroom Under Dining Table Home Office House Decor

Love the faded carpet look? me too! This cream ranch rug with border is a real winner! Soft colors that suit most styles. Click here to find out where you can buy.

Here’s another great choice if you’re a grey/brown lover like me. Neutral colors are always a good choice for farmhouses that don’t compete. Click here to find out where to buy the look.

Dreamy blue and gray is a perfect color combination. A perfect combination of color and warm colors. Click here to know where to buy it for your farmhouse. It can also be seen in my bedroom.

This model may look like greige, but it’s blue enough to match all the blue tones in your home. There’s something about this picture that says, “Walk on me with bare feet.” It’s in my bathroom.

Rug Jute In Peach Color Braided Rectangle Runners Farmhouse Area Rug Living Room

Doesn’t this rug scream baby room? I may need another granddaughter so I can afford this one. The distressed damask pattern is very soft and inviting in soft pink and ivory colors. Click here to purchase this beautiful rug.

Happy colors! This multicolored teal farmhouse style rug has a color for almost everyone. I think I counted 9-10 different colors. It would make a great accent rug in any living room that needs a pop of color. Click here to know where to buy it.

From BOHO to farmhouse and everything in between, jute rugs are in style today. I really like the geometric pattern here. Click here to find out where to buy this organic/soil rug for your space.

Farmhouse Living Room Area Rugs

Thank you for shopping with me today. I was surprised when I typed in a country style area

Area Rug Living Room Rugs: 9×12 Washable Large Carpet Boho Oriental Persian Distressed Bohemian Non Slip Area Rugs For Dining Room Farmhouse Bedroom Office Home Decor Cream/blue

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