Farrow & Ball Furniture Paint Colours

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), which looks historic, modern and very alive. Unlike many American paint brands that offer you every shade of gray you can dream of, Farrow & Ball sticks to a super group of 132 colors and only releases new colors when they see fit.

Farrow & Ball Furniture Paint Colours

Farrow & Ball Furniture Paint Colours

It’s been four years since they’ve had anything new, but on September 29 the brand will release eleven colors to complement their existing line. And since the brands want to be short, they will archive eleven colors (don’t worry, you can always special order these colors).

Farrow & Ball Estate Matt Emulsion Paint Skimming Stone

So why now? As Joa Stadholm, Color Curator Farrow & Ball, says: “We thought that after four years and everything that happened, it was only a matter of time.” Stadholm worked with Charlotte Cosby, the creative director, to really explore the existing color deck and build on the colors that were missing. Their goal was to add confident, comfortable, refreshing and relaxing colors – colors you can live with.

Farrow & Ball Furniture Paint Colours

“We need colors that are relevant to people’s lives today,” Stadholm says. “I am a big believer in working in a light room, especially when we are working at home. And in the evening, when you are done for the day, follow your circadian rhythm and go to a darker room,” he said. said. said. Meanwhile, “new colors like Wine Dark were created specifically to feel intimate, almost like you’re being looked after at the end of the day.”

Bamboozle, on the other hand, “is where we push trends,” Stadholm says of the fiery red shade. “It’s a fantastic accent color,” she said. “Use it in the closet, in the bathroom, on the kitchen island – in small spaces. It introduces people to use color, and then they realize it’s not so scary as they might think.”

Farrow & Ball Furniture Paint Colours

Farrow & Ball Curated By Liberty

If you want to embrace color but are a little afraid, Stadholm advises keeping brighter colors under your eyeliner. Start with the legs of the kitchen table, such as the bottom half of the room or the bottom of the bar. Try it!

Studholme himself works in a space where Stirabout, the latest neutral brand, lives alongside a built-in shelf wall painted in Bamboozle. In the same room, his window frames are made of versions of Beverly Medium Green (named after a late colleague). Living and enjoying color – and understanding how it can affect your mood and sensitivity – is the key to this brand.

Farrow & Ball Furniture Paint Colours

The brand new color card is designed to make color selection easier. Colors in any row will be very well combined. At the end of the day, Farrow & Ball’s goal is to let us all know that we are making great color decisions. What awaits Stadholm? She is going to paint her guest room Wine Dark.

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Farrow & Ball Furniture Paint Colours

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Farrow & Ball Furniture Paint Colours

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Farrow & Ball Furniture Paint Colours

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Farrow & Ball Furniture Paint Colours

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Farrow & Ball Furniture Paint Colours

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Farrow & Ball Furniture Paint Colours

I’ve always loved a scalloped hem or sleeve. This is a detail I invaded on the first days of this blog. This was my 10th blog by the way… Farrow & Ball has been busy lately, launching collaborations with the likes of Liberty and interior designer Kelly Wearstler. Now the famous British paint manufacturer has added 11 new colors to its palette – from a light green called Whirlybird to Bamboozle, a fiery red terracotta. Those ready to take the plunge can mark their calendars for September 29 when these new additions, the first changes to Farrow & Ball’s lineup since 2018, will be released.

Farrow & Ball Introduced 9 New Paint Colors

Interior design has changed dramatically over the past four years, which Farrow & Ball took into account when approaching these new shades. “After we closed, we wanted to create some colors that are relaxing but also refreshing,” says Joa Stadholm, the brand’s Color Curator. “It’s all about choice and simplicity.”

Farrow & Ball Furniture Paint Colours

Another goal was to create shades that would fill the gaps in its current 132-color range. Take Hopper Head, a charcoal shade that fits between the existing favorite Railings and Down Pipe. The launch not only complements the Farrow & Ball offering, but also makes it easier for consumers to find colors that go well together.

Of course, since this is Farrow & Ball after all, the name of each color is creative and irreverent. Whirlybird, a bright pale green, named after the helicopter-like plants; Stirabout, a neutral that is likely to become a collection favorite for its versatility, derived from a type of Irish boil.

Farrow & Ball Furniture Paint Colours

Farrow And Ball Exterior Paints

Other new features include Eddy, another pale green; Tailor Tack, very light pink; Selvedge, a denim-like blue; Templeton Pink, a neutral color inspired by Winston Churchill’s former residence; and Kittiwake, a cool blue reminiscent of the British coast. Burgundy, meanwhile, is one of the most capricious shades in the collection and immediately feels more intimate.

Need an idea where to start? Stadholm has already experimented with the new range in his own home, covering his shelves in the beautiful new Bamboozle and giving the window covering a pop of color with Beverly Forest Green. “I used Selvedge to paint a unit in my kitchen this morning,” he said, “with maximum support.

Farrow & Ball Furniture Paint Colours

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On Trend Farrow & Ball Paint Colours

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Farrow & Ball Furniture Paint Colours

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Farrow & Ball Furniture Paint Colours

Teresa’s Green No.236

Over the past six months, our homes have become more than just a haven after a long day: from home workspaces, children’s classrooms and indoor gyms.

Farrow & Ball is talking about colors for next year, explaining the importance of creating a multi-functional space: “Now that we spend more time at home, we will use colors that are friendly and welcoming. Warm, welcoming colors that are easy to live with and that make us proud of our design choices.

Farrow & Ball Furniture Paint Colours

“This thoughtful choice creates a sense of lightness and familiarity and is the result of an effort to find peace in the chaos of our turbulent world. We want our house

Farrow And Ball Paint Colour Trends For 2021

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