Floating Wood Shelves Living Room

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Floating Wood Shelves Living Room – Hadley Mendelson was an Associate Editor for two and a half years before joining the House Beautiful team as a Design Editor. It covered many topics including interior design, beauty and more.

Stylish and versatile, floating shelves are one of our favorite storage solutions. This design trend maximizes the size of any room by using wall space instead of taking up valuable desk, table and nightstand space. Because floating shelves can be decorated in a variety of ways, they can make your space look formal and elegant or enhance an informal atmosphere.

Floating Wood Shelves Living Room

Floating Wood Shelves Living Room

Small rooms can always benefit from extra storage space, but whether you’re furnishing a bathroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, office, foyer or even a garage, these hanging wonders can enhance storage in any room with open wall space. . With so much potential for style and functional value, we decided to look at floating shelf ideas to inspire your next home update.

Modern Hardwood Floating Accent

Below are the best floating shelf ideas to showcase your favorite pieces and create new faces in any room of your home.

Just because you don’t have much space in your home doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your walls with your favorite artwork or keep your favorite books close at hand. Floating shelves make a difference, especially in tight spaces where every corner needs to be used. With floating shelves, this small bedroom still manages to convey a lot of personality and style without feeling overwhelming.

Sometimes one shelf is enough. Option: In this beautiful living room, a floating shelf is low and understated, also creating a surface for various components (speakers and other technical accessories) and decorations. Because this living room plays with proportions, it can be too busy with an eye-catching console. We love the simplicity, which allows us to focus on sharp and beautiful art installations and unique sculptural furnishings.

If your space is mostly filled with neutral tones and clean, crisp lines, installing neat, linear rows of floating shelves is a great way to add dimension without compromising your minimalist aesthetic, layered with your favorite decor. We like color-coded books arranged flat, not vertical, in this dining room. The thin appearance makes the stacks uncluttered, and even high-end speakers work with symmetry.

Decorating Floating Shelves Next To Fireplace (tips And Tricks)

Choose shelves that match your walls to create the ultimate floating illusion. They flow seamlessly into each other and make the environment transparent. In this space, shelves provide a dedicated space for photos and books, while a blank canvas aesthetic allows for black and white photography.

Use cabinets and drawers to store dishes and appliances, then place your favorite items on an open floating shelf. Even if you’re hiding all your kitchen utensils, floating shelves can display decorations to personalize an otherwise functional space. The light wood finish of these small corner shelves goes well with the charming gray marble back wall, the sharp black window frame and the golden handles. They also draw on the wooden kitchen island to combine – now the mixing of the materials is well done.

Floating shelves have been placed on either side of the fireplace to create more surface area and showcase selected pieces in this living room. Rather than serving as storage space in the kitchen or bathroom, these shelves are all about decor. A neutral color scheme makes different elements feel cohesive in a gallery-style display.

Floating Wood Shelves Living Room

When arranging shelves, place small items of different heights together for a dynamic design that comes as a balanced whole.

Differences Types Of Wood For Floating Wall Shelves

You don’t have to fill a floating shelf with stuff to make a statement, and this bathroom is proof of that. With a natural, light wood texture, this shelf creates a contrast between white tiles and white walls, warming the room and complementing the lamp. Finally, a simple, stylish plant adds a green touch with a minimalist look.

Gallery walls are a timeless design element, but once they’re on the wall, they can be tricky to rearrange. Avoid the obligation (and holes in your walls) by displaying your gallery directly on pop-up shelves. Not only does this allow you to swap out pieces at any time, it also creates a clean look between a range of different pieces of art.

A fireplace without a shelf? That’s no problem at all in a beautiful living room with a floating shelf in the front and in the middle. As a focal point above the fireplace, this lightweight wood mantel breaks up a large open wall and adds a surface for furniture. We love how a large round mirror with a black frame complements the fireplace interior.

Maybe your kitchen lacks storage space, but just needs a personality boost. The floating shelves combined with the patterned wallpaper in this room give the wall character and contrast without compromising the beautiful texture. Small plants on shelves help draw attention to the room when decorated with floor plants and a central pot of fresh island greens.

Baobab Workshop Floating Wood Shelves Set Of 2

If your space is designed in cool colors that need warmth, choose wooden floating shelves with natural wood and copper accents. On these open kitchen shelves, items such as a textured chopping board and wooden spoons help keep the dynamic display together. Copper accents are the perfect touch to brighten up dark textures, while simple ceramic tiles and small paintings bring different nuances of neutral tones.

Collection of records for music lovers. Showcase your best albums with this idea: add a few extra shelves that slide up for larger music collections, or swap out your favorite artists. This is a great way to work with the music if you change it every week.

Floating shelves not only provide extra storage space: they can also replace wall units if they are designed properly. Here, a simple white kitchen shelf sits above the table, paired with white countertops that blend into the light back wall of the room. Wooden accents such as coffee and sugar bowl lids, a knife rack, and small wooden bowls on shelves add depth for visual interest.

Floating Wood Shelves Living Room

Access keys, sunglasses, hats and more. but it can be difficult to find space for everyday essentials in small spaces. This hanging shelf in a narrow corridor saves the day: as an attractive place for small items and decorations, it gives guests a very good impression of the owner’s style upon entry and also serves as a functional storage space. room.

Chunky Wood Floating Shelves In Oak, Walnut & Pine

This floating shelf seems to integrate into the rest of the room with its light wood style and warm tones. The white background in the artwork helps balance the colors of the bedding, and the plants provide plenty of texture. A shelf with woven baskets, wooden corners and neutral tones on the carpet complete the overall design.

For a consistent, minimalist look, decorate your shelf with photos in frames that match the wood tone of the shelf itself.

In addition to cooking utensils, spices, and other essentials, floating kitchen shelves are also a great place to display your favorite cookbooks. Keep your best recipes close at hand and easy to find when it’s time to get started and prepare a delicious meal. Stacked sideways, these books add clean lines to a dynamic shelf decor.

If you’re an avid reader, a pop-up shelf can be a great place to save space on standard shelves and keep your favorites close at hand. By placing the books back to back, the designer created a mix of neutral tones that blend well with the rest of the space. Simple wooden frames bring the colors together.

Adding Rustic Shelves Around The Home — Ornamental Decorative Millwork

Proud, no problem. This designer created a DIY vanity by designing a floating shelf over an antique sink. Plenty of bathroom space is needed, extra storage means a unique sink works, and who can get enough of dual brass taps?

The laundry room always seems to be a place where there is not enough storage space. Between towels, sheets, and detergent, it can be difficult to find a place to fold your clothes. Here, hidden in the corner, hanging laundry racks save valuable space above the appliances.

While these floating shelves are still technically floating, we can’t get enough of the way the designer adds metal hooks to create the effect of them hanging from the ceiling. It’s a simple touch that makes all the difference in terms of style. Bonus: Bookshelves complement the exposed beam ceilings.

Floating Wood Shelves Living Room

This woven exhibition space is every boho lover’s dream. Natural materials such as jute and rattan are collected on floating shelves decorated with living plants, glassware and books. A simple, neutral color scheme keeps the different elements looking well-considered and cohesive.

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If you’re short on space for photos on your desk, improve the design by moving them to floating shelves on the wall. We love how the color matches these shelves

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