Free Lightroom Mobile Presets Light And Airy

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Free Lightroom Mobile Presets Light And Airy – Our collection of mobile phone presets + your phone pictures will make people think you hired a professional photographer to follow you!

Use these bright and airy mobile presets/filters with the Freelight Room mobile app and transform your photos in seconds!

Free Lightroom Mobile Presets Light And Airy

Free Lightroom Mobile Presets Light And Airy

10% of our preset sales go to an orphanage in India that protects girls from sex trafficking and slavery.

Light And Airy Lightroom Presets

Save time and money! You don’t need to edit manually and you don’t need a fancy camera to take great pictures πŸ™Œ

β€œ10/10 I recommend. I bought some other mobile presets that looked great on other people’s photos and when I used them I hated them. But Alison is amazing. And you get a lot of great options. Now I use them all the time. πŸ™ƒ”

“Absolutely love these presets and the instructions are super easy to follow and upload with!! Highly recommend ❀️”

“Your mobile presets do so much to improve my photos! They bring light and life to dull and gray photos and make colors pop in all the right places. It also doesn’t hurt that they match my amateur iPhone photos. I’ll record you on my Instagram profile with professional photos And will print it at our house ☺️.

Bright & Clean Preset Collection

Alison’s Bright & Clean mobile presets are amazing! I’ve also used them for photos of my dog, nature photos, family photos, and selfies. This is a game changer for taking quick shots with your iPhone. My pictures look professional now! We have a little one on the way and I can’t wait to use these presets for photos of my sweetie! <3

“Absolutely love Alison’s presets! I have the first and second collections and they all work beautifully! Her instructions and simple and easy-to-follow presets are always easy to use. ✨”

“Allison Jeffers photography is the best! Her setups make every photo a work of art! I’m so glad I got this before our baby arrived.”

Free Lightroom Mobile Presets Light And Airy

A. Basically, they’re fully customizable (and magical) photo filters for your phone that work with the free Lightroom mobile app! When you purchase our collection of presets, we’ll send you step-by-step instructions to get everything set up.

Bright Airy Lightroom Preset For Mobile And Desktop

PRESET = A saved preset formula I created (+ add my magic) to save time when editing photos ✨

A. Absolutely! Send us 3-5 images at hello@ and we’ll show you videos of how your photos look with our presets and how we edit them!

A. Our presets are for everyone who wants happy and bright photos on their phone! We include step-by-step instructions on how to download, install and use presets. We’ve gotten great feedback, especially from moms, about how easy it is to use.

A. No monthly fees! You have the option to upgrade the free Lightroom app for additional features, but they don’t have to use our preset collection.

Light, Bright & Airy

A. After you purchase our preset collection, we will email you all the presets and instructions on how to use them. The best part? They are yours to keep forever! Bring a new phone!

A. Our preset collection is created by a real photographer with you in mind! We have hours of testing our presets on photos by non-photographers or professionals to make sure our presets look great on all photos! We’ve received tons of reviews confirming that these are the best Lightroom mobile presets on the market! Bright and clean presets like this are nowhere else! A light and airy aesthetic is currently one of the most popular looks on blogs and social networks like Instagram. That’s why we’ve created these Lightroom presets to make this eye-catching look. After all, Lightroom is already easy to use thanks to its many light and airy presets. You also know her light and natural style that keeps the colors soft and elegant. It usually comes with diffused but elegant lighting, without harsh dark tones. The overall look is easy on the eyes, always pleasant and inviting.

So if you want a clean look, this is definitely the beauty you need to check out. First of all, it is undeniably stylish. Second, it is versatile for portraits, product shots, fashion, travel, newborn and many other photography. This is especially useful if you use your phone but are active on social media: take a photo, add light and airy presets to your Lightroom mobile device, and you’re done manipulating your images.

Free Lightroom Mobile Presets Light And Airy

If you need help using presets, be sure to check out our guide on how to add presets to Lightroom mobile and desktop. If you want to get all our available templates, you can also check out our preset bundle.

Get Creative With Light And Airy Lightroom Presets In 2023

The concepts below fall into the category of light and airy, but each is unique in some way. Notice how they look when applied to multiple images!

You should like a consistent look and professional feel. Try it out! You can start with these free presets:

Bright White is one of our go-to presets when we want to create a sunny, daytime white look. We love how it carries some warm tones in its shine. This effect, combined with the matte texture, creates such a beautiful and pleasant feeling.

Indoor Bright is ideal for most indoor shots, especially if you’re shooting products or interiors. The preset neutralizes harsh lighting in any photo, so you don’t get the harsh yellow or blue cast that often comes from artificial lighting. We recommend this setup for looks and a nice lighting fix.

Light And Airy Seasonal Desktop And Mobile Lightroom Presets

Santorini White produces the cool white color that Santorini is famous for. What makes this preset unique is that it also creates a warm and inviting feel. This is great if you want a more modern take on your predominantly white or high-key image.

A glitter wedding beautifully sets the mood for wedding and engagement photos. You can count on its bright appearance and smooth warm tone. Its soft beauty enhances the mood indoors and outdoors.

Airy Summer is a warm take on Airy Beauty. What we love is the perfect color scheme for summer and other holiday looks. Notice how he adjusts the cool tones to match his almost orange tones. It’s similar to the popular urban look of orange and turquoise, but warmer and matte.

Free Lightroom Mobile Presets Light And Airy

Fantasy Pastel Free Presets add a layer of pink and lavender to your photos. Turn up the warmth a bit and add some magenta to achieve this unique pastel look. We especially love how relaxed and expressive the images look.

Free Summer Mobile Lightroom Presets

High Key helps you achieve clean neutral whites in your photos. You get balanced whites and smooth dark tones. To complement the resulting airy look, the preset softens some colors without making them too dull. The overall aesthetic is stylishly elegant, perfect for travel, fashion and product photography.

This porcelain set creates a professional look perfect for blogs. It not only balances the white color but also stylishly adds soft colors and tones. It’s the kind that can create a theme or cohesive look for Instagram feeds and pins. Because of its unique theme, you can definitely use it to create a unique look online!

Soft Radiance is one of our professional presets, you can download and use many photos. Although this is ideal for mostly white interiors, it also works well for other indoor photography. It stands out with warm tones and matte finish. If you want understated beauty, this preset is a must. Plus, it’s a completely unforgettable look.

Pastelscape is a unique premium preset that adds stunning pastels to your photos. Use these tones to soften the look of images and add a dreamy look and feel. This romance works beautifully in natural light.

Light And Airy Lightroom Presets 3990683

There are basic airy and bright settings that look great on any blog or Instagram feed. They’re perfect for brightening up your photos and giving them a professional feel! These 4 light and airy settings work well with fashion, food, family, newborn, interior, wedding and couples photography.

This is the ultimate pack of white photo presets for your fashion and travel photography! You can rely on it to produce bright whites and soften unwanted shadows. Its pure beauty helps you bring out details and colors in your photos. Best of all, this pack is designed to accommodate a variety of photo types, so it’s easy to apply to all your Instagram feed images!

These 9 white BG presets are designed for all your product photography needs. You no longer need to adjust every detail to get perfect brightness and ultra-pure white. Use them if you want to create stunning flat layers with a white or light background.

Free Lightroom Mobile Presets Light And Airy

Soft Lightroom collection of presets will give your images a very airy and natural look. These presets are green

Bright & Airy Lightroom Presets Graphic By Presets By Yevhen Β· Creative Fabrica