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Front Door Portico Home Depot – Yesterday I started working on the gallery to enter through the back door of the studio. I chose these two based on my inspiration.

This is the first project I’ve done in about 4 weeks due to a back/shoulder/shoulder problem I was nursing. It was great to experience it again, but wow! I have chosen some great projects that I would like to participate in again!

Front Door Portico Home Depot

Front Door Portico Home Depot

Actually, the build process has been very easy (so far). Installing the top bracket was difficult (mainly because I’m only 150cm tall), but I finally found a solution. I pulled the truck as close to the door as safely possible and placed an 8-foot ladder on the floor of the truck.

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But working in the heat and sun almost made me excited. For the past four weeks, I’ve been confined to my air-conditioned house, forcing myself to stand outside and sweat for hours in 30-degree heat. And working in the sun for about half the year was almost unbearable. But I persisted and was able to cut and assemble the entire basic frame of the arcade.

Front Door Portico Home Depot

I ordered large traditional style brackets (found here) to use in this gallery. Measures 24″ x 36″.

However, the portico needs to be built before the cladding can be installed, and the cladding is scheduled to be installed this week (hopefully!!), so I needed to make sure the supports weren’t already on hand.

Front Door Portico Home Depot Prod/images/front Door Flo

So I made a post out of 2×4 lumber and made the internal dimensions to be 25 inches wide and 37 inches high. I cut a 26.5″ long top piece and a 37″ long piece and bolted them together using 3″ bridge screws in this configuration with the short piece on top of the long piece…

I then cut the ends of another piece at a 45 degree angle. The long side of this piece was 32 inches. This part is provisionally written in parentheses. Once your beautiful bracket arrives, remove this diagonal piece and slide your beautiful bracket into place.

Front Door Portico Home Depot

And this bracket was ready for installation. I had already marked some lines on the house so I knew exactly where to place the brackets (12 inches from the inside of the door window). I moved it to the marked position and secured it to the wall with screws. This task was very easy since I had already started putting the screws in the holes.

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I then repeated this entire process with the second bracket. The only difference is that I didn’t rely solely on the marks when assembling the second arm. I also placed a long board on top of the supports so that my level was above the board to make sure the supports were level with each other.

Front Door Portico Home Depot

Once the supports are in place, you’re ready to move on to the two smaller trusses. This one was a little difficult because it involved a little math and my brain doesn’t like math. 😀

The first step was to determine the slope of the roof. Pitch simply refers to how many inches he raises the ceiling height in a 12-inch span. So I used a spirit level to draw a horizontal line (1). I then selected a random point and used levels to draw a vertical line (2). Finally, I measured over 12 inches and used a spirit level to draw another vertical line (3). Then just measure the length of both vertical lines and calculate the difference.

Front Door Portico Home Depot

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I was a little confused because the short line was 6 5/8 inches and the long line was 12 inches. So a 12-inch opening increases ceiling height by 5 3/8 inches. Chuy (the project manager for the garage remodel) said that for the porch he could use a 5/12 or 6/12 ramp, but in his opinion my house is more similar to the 6/12. I said there is. So I went for it.

Through the magic of Google and the help of these clever graphs available online, he figured out that the angle needed to create a 6/12 slope was 26.5 degrees.

Front Door Portico Home Depot

So I cut an 8-foot 2×4 board in half, cut one end of each board at a 26.5 degree angle, and held the two boards together with three deck screws. After assembling the first truss, I tested it by placing it on top of the columns…

Granny’s Garden Room

I marked and measured the center of the door so I knew exactly where I needed to place the top of the truss.

Front Door Portico Home Depot

Once the truss was in place, I used a pencil to mark the exact location where the outer part of the support would meet the truss. I did it on both sides.

He moved this mark onto the surface of the board at an angle of 26.5 degrees. If your miter saw has a laser guide, you can use this laser line to know where to draw the line at a particular angle. Then, using the same angle, I measured and cut the board 4 inches from the pencil line. I repeated it on the other side.

Front Door Portico Home Depot

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Then on the same line he measured and marked 1.5 inches. Then I repeated on the other side.

Next, use a long straight edge (i.e. a 1×4 board) and draw a horizontal line, aligning that straight edge with the mark you made earlier.

Front Door Portico Home Depot

Use a jigsaw to cut the line and make a notch that will sit on top of the support.

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Next I decided which truss would be in the front (it would be visible so I wanted it to be the prettiest one). He cut the 2×4 spacers to 23.5 inches long and screwed the spacers front to back as close as possible to the top of the back of the truss. Then put it in place and make sure each beam is exactly where it should be (I designed the front beam to be 1 inch behind him on the bracket…so I marked it because I wanted it to be there). I drew in pencil where the 2×4 hits the rear beam so you know where to turn it. Even though I tried to find the best fit, the 2×4 didn’t fit the front beam mount exactly as it could twist a little and be imperfect.

Front Door Portico Home Depot

Actually, I haven’t screwed the washer into the rear beam yet. Before you do this, you need to complete a few steps. So I stopped here all day.

It’s still a bit unstable, but there are still many steps and many adjustments to be made before this arcade can be considered complete. But at least you can see how the overall shape is coming together. I am sure you will like it!

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In Addicted 2 Decorating, I share my girlfriend’s DIY and decorating journey as her husband Matt and I remodeled and decorated her 1948 Fixer Upper that she purchased in 2013. Matt has her master’s degree. She can’t do manual labor, so I do most of the housework. Learn more about me here. Begin your garage remodel with Beach House Sherwin-Williams paint and Tricorn Black stain. The house was built in the 1920s, and the garage was probably added on in the 1950s, so it’s still old and unassuming. It’s actually pretty bad. Like an old house that you only improve with paint and a DIY porch. We are trying to figure out how to add some sort of portico to our current garage. You can see the previous one

Go home at this position. Take a look at the current project before you reach the end of this post.

Front Door Portico Home Depot

We considered several “colors” of Sherwin-Williams Black before settling on Tricorn. Some were too blue, some were too green, some were too brown, but Tricorn Black looks perfect.

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A portico is a structure consisting of a roof supported by columns leading to the entrance of a building.

Front Door Portico Home Depot

Adding a portico creates a small covered area at the entrance, providing protection from the rain. Also add architectural details and define entrances.

When we purchased our home, we knew it would need some work. What was scary to see was the detached garage. This home was built in her 1900s and a two-car garage was added at some point. It’s hard to say exactly when, but it was probably a long time ago in this city.

Front Door Portico Home Depot

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Courtyard. Planning and zoning will never agree to this. Having a two-car garage is really useful in an older home.

The first thing we did was remove much of the surrounding overgrown landscape

Front Door Portico Home Depot

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