Gauntlet Gray Sherwin Williams Cabinets

Gauntlet Gray Sherwin Williams Cabinets – We are back!!! Due to website upgrades we’ve taken some time off from blogging to focus on the rest of the site. Our website is still a work in progress, but we hope you like our new look! It reflects our style and aesthetic – clean, crisp and attractive. Today we are going to talk about the color gray in the blog. We love pretty gray, but it can be a harsh color. Depending on the size of the room, the amount of natural light, the surrounding furniture, and a million other things, gray doesn’t always turn out the way we want it to. Sometimes gray can look dark brown or lavender. For the perfect color, stick to these favorite shades of gray and we promise you won’t go wrong!

The perfect anthracite, we like to use Iron Mountain as an accent color for interior doors, cabinets, and walls. It’s a bold and rich gray that adds subtle drama to the room. paired with bright white, this pair doesn’t stop there!

Gauntlet Gray Sherwin Williams Cabinets

Gauntlet Gray Sherwin Williams Cabinets

When in doubt, agree Gray is it! A warm neutral color with almost all other colors. With a soft beige tone, it’s sophisticated, attractive and dreamy against the white finish.

Painting The Kitchen Cabinets

Silver Streak is a cooler gray with blue undertones. This color stands out the most in a neutral palette and will help with the shade of blue from other aspects of the design.

Gauntlet Gray Sherwin Williams Cabinets

A light gray with warm undertones, we like Repose Gray because it’s a versatile color. This is the truest “grey” of the group. In a room with lots of natural light, it won’t wash out. It can also hold its own in a smaller, darker room.

Gauntlet Gray is a deep gray but not too dark. It has more shades of brown than black. This is a great exterior paint that works well on cabinets, panels, and trim. For a bold and exciting look, choose a glossy finish!

Gauntlet Gray Sherwin Williams Cabinets

How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets

The silver song has a soft, friendly green color. We love it on the master bedroom wall because it feels calm and peaceful. A little green gives this color a country feel.

Wednesday September 20, 2017 Posted in Wednesdays With Wendy Tags: Benjamin Moore Design Tips Designer Favorites Gray Colors Interior Design Sherwin Williams Best Gray Color W Design Wednesdays With Wendy, I want to say a big thank you to all of you for your patience in unveiling this updated kitchen! Due to Covid the process took longer than expected but it was worth the wait!

Gauntlet Gray Sherwin Williams Cabinets

Before we move on to the full reveal, let’s take a look at our kitchen that we built four years ago. We like the large island and the open concept of our living room. Back then, we didn’t have the budget to raise our closets to the ceiling, but I knew we would eventually. We saved the last year for it and the result is the highlight of 2020!

Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray (#sw 7019): Ultimate Review + Pictures

Due to the monotonous measurements, we quickly realized that getting our closets to the ceiling was no easy task! We hired the same crew that built and installed them four years ago because they know the best way to do it! Our walk-in closet made this particularly difficult as we needed to make sure the frame lined up with the existing closets. I love the attention to detail and the constant measurements to make sure they always look the way they are!

Gauntlet Gray Sherwin Williams Cabinets

Below is a progress shot before the crown molding was attached to the top of the wall cabinet.

When installing the wall cabinets, we quickly realized that the existing hood style would not blend well and would look immaculate. We thought of a few ways it could work, but in the end we decided that the new clothes will look the best. When we remodeled they built a new bone on top of the old one and I was instantly hooked!

Gauntlet Gray Sherwin Williams Cabinets

Decorators White & Gauntlet Gray Kitchen And Jubilee Half Bathroom

Only a few weeks before Christmas the kitchen is finished and painted! We hired a professional painter to ensure everything color matched the existing cabinetry and the paintwork was consistent. I took this behind the scenes photo to show the care and attention they put into the drawing.

This is the additional construction we added to the breakfast nook before installing the upper cabinets. It’s easier to wait until everything is ready to paint. The prep work actually takes longer than painting, so it makes sense to do everything together.

Gauntlet Gray Sherwin Williams Cabinets

Here is a step-by-step picture of the painted breakfast nook. We are waiting to install the drawers and doors to make sure everything is completely dry. I ordered glass inserts from a local glass company and they were installed with silicone gel which I helped apply. After 24 hours of drying, the door is ready for installation.

The 4 Best Gray & Greige Colours: Kitchen Cabinets & Bathroom Vanities

I don’t have a full reveal of this room yet because we are waiting for our electrician to install the overhead light and outlet above the countertop. However, I couldn’t resist adding a little Christmas cheer to this room! Love the sliding shelves and honey bronze knobs from Top Knobs. We added this 7 inch lumber to the tall cabinet doors as seen in the close-up. The devices we used for this update are listed below, including direct links to their websites.

Gauntlet Gray Sherwin Williams Cabinets

All this is best shown through many pictures. I made a mood board with examples of everything we use in our kitchen and breakfast. I love creating these visual effects that help me decide which textures and colors work well together.

I also picked the right items to display in the upstairs display case. I realized that I am very picky, so there is nothing yet. I’m looking for great pieces that make a statement!

Gauntlet Gray Sherwin Williams Cabinets

What Is The Most Popular Farmhouse Paint Colors? Our Texas House Color Scheme

It’s important to discuss the details of our awesome new gear from Top Knobs! My experience with them exceeded anything I could have imagined and I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with them on this renovation. They have a wide range of accessories, so of course it’s difficult to choose. Luckily they were kind enough to send me samples of my favorites and I was able to narrow down the list. I knew right away that I wanted to use their Honey Bronze finish, as a beautiful and soft brass that will instantly transform our kitchen!

This is a beautiful Hollin Cup Pull that we used for the bottom cabinet. Existing hardware presented a small problem as the 3 inch hole had to be hidden. The best way to camouflage them without patching or dyeing is with the mug’s design. This 3.75″ shell is perfect for an island cabinet and the honey bronze finish makes it stand out against our Gauntlet Grey!

Gauntlet Gray Sherwin Williams Cabinets

I immediately fell in love with this elegant handle and knew it was for the new top cabinet door. This is the Kara Knob in Honey Bronze and it was worth the wait!

Three Unique Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Front and center is the new hood and glass cabinet with cute stickers! I knew I wanted to incorporate knobs into this kitchen design and I’m so excited that Top Knobs carries them! I also decided to add this 12″ chunk to a dummy drawer under the oven for easy access to towels. I love the charm and details it adds.

Gauntlet Gray Sherwin Williams Cabinets

I love this shot of our kitchen from the front. This is a distant view of the breakfast nook built into glass doors and above. I can’t wait to show you the sconce I chose for the top slide. !

Since we have an open concept, I wanted to use the same Hillmont hardware for the base cabinets in the living room. I love the subtlety of honey bronze. Here’s another angle of them the night we were relaxing and watching a movie.

Gauntlet Gray Sherwin Williams Cabinets

Simonini Lot 9 — Crown Point Kitchens

Enjoy the tour of our newly designed kitchen! I look forward to showing you! I will be sharing kitchen tours on my Instagram stories so check them out. It is recorded in the “Kitchen” section of the “Kitchen” section. Thank you all for your support. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments! When choosing a color for walls, cabinets, exteriors, or an entire room, it’s important to consider temperature, LRV, and the shade of gray you’re looking at, especially one like Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Grey!

I like to show houses flat and realistic, so I only use images from my online color consultant clients. This means I don’t always have the quality photos I need (hence the “quick reference”), but there is SUPER useful information to help you with that!

Gauntlet Gray Sherwin Williams Cabinets

Gauntlet Gray is a warm gray color in the medium-dark range. Although it often is

Dramatic Paint Color Guide

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