Granite And Tile Backsplash Combinations

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Granite And Tile Backsplash Combinations – Choosing a backsplash tile can be stressful, and choosing the wrong backsplash tile can ruin an otherwise great kitchen. I will make your decision easy.

Cartridges do not work well together when working with hard surfaces. Granite countertops come in a variety of patterns. Finding a tile with a pattern that matches the undertone of the stone and doesn’t get in the way can be a difficult task. Consider the following two cuisines. It’s too busy in the dark brown kitchen on the left. Our eyes have no place to rest. The kitchen on the right is also busy, but notice how the pink tones of the backsplash clash with the granite.

Granite And Tile Backsplash Combinations

Granite And Tile Backsplash Combinations

If you use granite, the countertop will have a print pattern. Be sure to install solid colored backsplash tiles. You don’t have to worry about matching the undertones of your countertops with all the undertones of your tile pattern. The kitchen downstairs is clean and gives a relaxing impression. Our eyes do not fly back and forth, looking for an end to the chaos.

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If you’re installing a solid color countertop, that’s the only time you’ll need to use a patterned backsplash tile, but proceed with caution. Patterned tiles should be selected carefully. What’s on sale at the local hardware store or what’s popular on Pinterest is usually what’s popular at the time and can make your kitchen feel dated sooner than you expect. Square 1″ x 1″ mosaic tiles became a trend, followed by linear mosaic tiles. Currently, encaustic tiles are in a temporary situation. It’s okay to install trending design elements, but make sure you do it.

Granite And Tile Backsplash Combinations

Subway tiles have been trendy for a while, but thanks to their clean lines they are still a timeless choice. It would be hard to mistake them for subway tiles because they fit so many design styles.

Compare the colorful ceramic tiles to the backsplash photo at the beginning of this post. These are very busy, but they work because the countertop does not conflict with the back wall.

Granite And Tile Backsplash Combinations

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The silver and gray mosaic backsplash tiles make a great centerpiece. They are busy but do not compete with the white counters.

Patterns on vertical surfaces are much stronger than those on flat surfaces. Even with a clear countertop, a busy backsplash can still be too busy.

Granite And Tile Backsplash Combinations

Tile and grout colors look different in a store or showroom than in a finished space with under-cabinet lighting. Collect samples of countertops, tiles, grout and cabinets, examine them under different lighting and remove any pieces that don’t match.

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If solid-colored tiles aren’t your thing but you like a pattern, install a matching full-height granite backsplash. Personally, I think this method works better with stones that have smooth movements rather than speckled or mottled patterns.

Granite And Tile Backsplash Combinations

If you have a busy countertop (granite, I’m looking at you), opt for a solid color backsplash tile. Don’t worry about finding patterned tiles with the right shade to match your stone. You probably won’t find anything suitable.

If heavy things make you miserable, install a full-height stone backsplash in the same stone as your countertop, because you’re wild and you love pattern. Avoid patterns with spots or spots, and choose patterns with movement.

Granite And Tile Backsplash Combinations

Stunning Backsplash Ideas For White Cabinets And Granite Countertops

Most worksheets contain items that you use every day. Coffee pot, toaster, stand mixer, jerry can. Heavy finishes in the kitchen should provide a clean backdrop to everything else in the room. So don’t worry if you find regular tiles dull or boring. When everything is settled, so much has happened that it won’t be long. There is nothing like the glistening natural beauty of granite countertops to transform your kitchen into a space that everyone will love. It is a big investment, but one that will yield big profits in the future. But if one key element is missing, it does not feel complete. An additional backsplash is also required.

However, the properties of granite we love, its color combinations and its unique patterns create a dilemma when choosing a backsplash design. And there is a lot of choice! Stacked stone, glass tiles, ceramic and porcelain, metal and other natural stone tiles all compete for the prize spot. However, if you make the wrong choice, you will spoil the beauty of granite.

Granite And Tile Backsplash Combinations

But before you give up and opt for plain colored tiles, we would like to suggest the ideal solution for you. The point is to complement your granite worktops with a granite backsplash.

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A bold mix of jet black and light gray with silver sparkles, Silver Cloud granite kitchen countertops easily become the focal point of a room. However, when placed on a vertical surface, this granite color can also function as art. Consider this the most practical wall art you will ever own. Not only is it beautiful, but it also protects your walls from cooking accidents. Moreover, it is strong enough to be placed directly behind the hob.

Granite And Tile Backsplash Combinations

With these types of linear patterns, you can try rotating the pattern vertically or horizontally to see what works best. As shown here, you can combine the two directions for a truly unique look. Granite worktops and backsplashes can also be installed outdoors and are popular for outdoor bars, kitchens and seating areas.

With its mix of cream, beige and blue-grey tones, Azurite is a gemstone that is sure to attract attention. Despite its striking pattern, it can be combined with other decorative elements in your kitchen or bathroom. For example, this elegant kitchen combines azurite granite with golden brown wooden cabinets and travertine-style floors. Stainless steel appliances also match the blue-gray hue of the stone.

Granite And Tile Backsplash Combinations

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Once you become familiar with granite, you can use it on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. While we think azurite would enhance an entire wall, many homeowners prefer to limit such bold patterns to small spaces between countertops and cabinets.

With a name like Titanium, it’s easy to imagine this dark granite hood placed in a kitchen with an industrial aesthetic or bringing a minimalist design to life. It features a bold movement that combines gold, cream and ivory on a charcoal gray background. This elegant natural stone is available in a thickness of 3 cm, typically used for countertops, and a thickness of 2 cm, ideal for vertical surfaces.

Granite And Tile Backsplash Combinations

There is one more thing you need to take into account when creating your interior design. The kitchen back wall and the countertop do not have to be the same color granite. You can also use different stones for the kitchen island and side tables. This allows the central island to become the focal point of the room and the matching stone sections of the walls to tie the entire room together.

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Homeowners sometimes avoid using boldly patterned granite for both countertops and backsplashes for fear that it will be “too much” for the space. However, when it comes to bright granite colors like African rainbow, I don’t think you can have enough. With cocoa brown and dark blue-grey stripes on a creamy ivory background, it’s a neutral yet vibrant combination.

Granite And Tile Backsplash Combinations

Like all our other granite colors, African Rainbow can be customized to your personal taste. Customize the look with special Aussie worktop edges and cutouts for the sink and hob. Bright, polished surfaces reflect light from under-cabinet fixtures and provide a bright work surface for meal preparation.

Even the most modern and trendy granite countertops are durable enough to withstand your family’s daily use and easy enough for even the pickiest cook to maintain. This is especially true when installing a matching granite backsplash with a polished surface. Granite benefits from regular sealing to maximize its resistance to water and stains, but it is easy to keep clean and sanitary.

Granite And Tile Backsplash Combinations

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Gray mist is dazzling with dark gray and wavy white stripes created by glittering dots, reminiscent of beach sand. No two natural stone slabs are the same, so we encourage you to visit our slab yard in person to choose your favorite granite piece. This is especially true if you place two slabs next to each other for the countertop and back wall. However, this feature is guaranteed to make some interesting and attractive combinations. If you choose plates of the same cut, they can also be installed as “book matches” for an almost identical mirror image.

Granite countertops are a big investment, but they will almost certainly add great value to your home, whether you sell them or continue to live in them and enjoy your kitchen and bathroom for decades. When you choose granite slabs from MSI, you can be assured that you are getting the highest quality material.

Granite And Tile Backsplash Combinations

Most importantly, our customers are impressed with our natural stone installations. That is why we are happy to give you tips and advice and answer all your questions.

Matching Granite Backsplashes With Granite Countertops