Gray Lowes Paint Colors Chart Valspar

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Gray Lowes Paint Colors Chart Valspar – It is no secret that I love the colors of gray and Valpar. I never thought I had a particular brand of paint that I loved, but I have consistently purchased Valspar over the years. It’s affordable and looks great at home on our textured walls. After updating the color scheme in our house, I went through many Valspar grays before settling on the perfect shade, oyster gray.

Since the selection is so gray, a few remain as my favorites. Gray is a complex color and each color is very different for individual homes. Patterns are important! I liked the look of Tempred Gray in the store and on Pinterest, but it was too purple in our house.

Gray Lowes Paint Colors Chart Valspar

Gray Lowes Paint Colors Chart Valspar

Some grays can be too purple or blue. Then you have to use these models to find the perfect model! And if you find the right color for your home, you can use the same colors. Our wall color (shell gray) and interior door color (filtered shades) are in the same pattern. And when I was building my DIY fireplace, I planned to paint it Rocky Bluffs because I knew it would look great in our house. It is also in the same model. So I know all three of these colors look great together. Home → Best Colors → Neutral, Grey, Cream, Gray and White → Valspar Color: 4 Best Light Gray Colors

Corduroy Gray 87724e Shadow Color Palette

I’m sure you know by now that I’m a devoted girl and have had long-term relationships with Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams over the years (just Ben and Shame). But, when Loews came to town, he was fascinated by Valspar and its range of colors. I ordered the fan deck and a week later Val and I were officially married.

Gray Lowes Paint Colors Chart Valspar

And btw: no photos – that’s right. I am committed to only posting photos of my E-Design client’s homes on my site and no one has used Valspar yet – but the information is still valid, so keep reading! If you are interested in these photos, you can check out the blog posts at the end of this article.

Now, I’m still learning a lot about these colors (learning never ends), but I wanted to share my light gray CHOR with you as I’m featuring this color line on my blog for the first time…

Gray Lowes Paint Colors Chart Valspar

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This is probably my favorite gray in the Valspar range. Notre Dame has the perfect depth – not too light, not too dark and with very little shimmer, just a soft, mellow, slightly cool gray with cool green undertones. Not cold, not ice, just cold.

Heavy is a nice cool gray with subtle purple undertones and is definitely the cleanest of the bunch. Warm violets can lean towards pink, cool violets can lean towards blue – it’s cool. Compare this bad boy to Notre Dame and you’ll see this undertone emerge. That’s not to say you won’t have “purple” walls, but like most grays, you will.

Gray Lowes Paint Colors Chart Valspar

Gray is a gray color with a stone gray undertone (not pebble… stone) which gives it a gray look compared to the clean and clear look of Gravity.

Pantone P 176 4 C Color

I love this (but is there really one I don’t? The filter shade is a nice light gray that feels a bit warm (without looking brown). Out of the 4 looks, it’s the “prettiest” and a bit feminine And a subtle UBER purple/brown tone.

Gray Lowes Paint Colors Chart Valspar

And I would be grateful if you would keep my love affair with Valpar a secret. Ben and Shrem can be picky about these things, so I’ll shut up for now. Just kidding – they don’t actually know I exist (like most of my pretend fans growing up) and I don’t get paid to promote their brands – I love them!

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Gray Lowes Paint Colors Chart Valspar

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Gray Lowes Paint Colors Chart Valspar

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Gray Lowes Paint Colors Chart Valspar

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