Gray Wood Floor Living Room

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Gray Wood Floor Living Room – 7 Flooring Ideas for a Gray Living Room (For a Beautiful Symphony) Best Flooring Options for a Sophisticated Gray Living Room. Written by: Andre A. & editors | Last updated: November 29, 2023

Grey, the color chameleon, steals the show in interior design and fits effortlessly into both classic and ultra-modern structures. Whether you want to make it big or just play a minor role, Grey’s has you covered.

Gray Wood Floor Living Room

Gray Wood Floor Living Room

However, there are some consequences to using gray as the main theme for your living room, and one of the most important is choosing the right accessories that can prevent the gray-themed interior from looking boring and monotonous. This can include walls, floors or furniture.

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When it comes to flooring, some good options that you can use as the perfect base for your gray living room are white marble tiles, white wood, cream marble tiles, light natural wood and blue tile floors. These flooring options stand out as an excellent choice for any grey-dominated living room, creating a harmonious dance between elegance and modern charm. They can also add a touch of opulence and luxury, elevating the overall look of your home.

Why complicate things so much when even a simple option can do wonders? White tiles can easily solve all your confusions, as they will undoubtedly fit well into any interior, including a gray living room. And of course, this type of flooring is very easy to get and is available almost everywhere.

For a slightly more elegant and flawless look, you can choose white marble tiles that have a light brown stain/pattern, such as white Carrara marble tiles.

Alternatively, you can go with a white wooden floor. If you want to keep your floors simple, clean and polished, but also want a natural wood look, then this can be a good choice.

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The white wooden floor will create a contrast to any brown objects or furniture above it and make them stand out elegantly.

In any living room that is completely dominated by gray elements such as gray walls, gray furniture and gray accessories, these types of rooms will definitely lack some warmth.

The best and easiest way to bring the necessary warmth is to use any floor that has a lot of warm colors, such as this marble with cream tiles.

Gray Wood Floor Living Room

Using these cream tile marble floors will not only spread the necessary warm atmosphere throughout the living room, but can also maintain the consistency of the elegant modern look throughout your space.

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This is another great flooring option for any gray living room that lacks warmth. Light wood floors can instantly make any room feel welcoming and inviting, and are an essential foundation for any large living space.

There are many wood options that have this type of color, some of the most popular being white oak, maple or birch.

If you want to add more color to your gray-themed living room, try using blue tile floors. For a more neutral look, choose any blue tile that has some gray undertones and will easily blend in with all the gray elements around it.

In addition, the blue floor can spread a fresh airy atmosphere that can make the gray living room feel more lively and energetic.

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Another great wood option that will work wonders in any gray living room. The light brown wooden floor had a light brown shade, and therefore this type of floor looks perfect when used inside any room that is filled with brown elements.

Plus, unlike most wooden floors, these light wooden floors have a more modern look than vintage, which is why they are also a good choice if you need to create a modern living room. Can happen. Some woods that naturally have these types of colors are oak, walnut, willow or European beech.

For those of you who want to make the entire gray living room stand out in a bold, strong and elegant way, you can try using black laminate wood flooring.

Gray Wood Floor Living Room

This type of floor will definitely be darker than all the brown elements inside the living room and will make the brown things look lighter.

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However, make sure your gray living room has plenty of neutral lighting before you decide to use this floor.

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Gray Hardwood Floors

If you are considering hardwood flooring for your home, you should check out the incredibly wide range of high quality genuine hardwood floors available through Somerset Hardwood Floors. As you well know, installing hardwood floors in your home is an investment, and it’s wise to choose your hardwood flooring brand carefully. Not all wood floors are the same when it comes to quality. With Somerset hardwood flooring, you can buy with confidence, knowing your flooring is backed by a company you can trust.

Somerset Hardwood Flooring is a family owned business that has been providing superior quality hardwood flooring sourced from the USA for nearly twenty years. Our headquarters are in Somerset, Kentucky, located in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. As you hear with many things, location matters. And our location matters because we own our own forests, harvest our own wood and manufacture your floors with the latest equipment and a team of loyal employees who take pride in delivering the best. With the control of wood floors from the forest in your home, you can buy from us with confidence that your floors will look good and wear well for years to come.

If you’re considering gray hardwood floors, you’ll love the options Somerset Hardwood Floors offers. We offer gray wood flooring in a variety of wood types and stains, a variety of plank widths and a selection of traditional solid construction and SolidPlus┬« engineered flooring:

Gray Wood Floor Living Room

When considering luxury hardwood floors for your home, contact a Somerset hardwood flooring dealer who can help you look at all your options and choose a floor that will live up to your expectations for years to come. It will meet and exceed. Your investment in wood flooring comes with a double benefit: the beauty of hardwood and added value to your home. A split of wide planks and cast quarter-sawn oak creates a luxurious gray wood floor in shades of light beige to medium brown. This special cutting technique creates clean linear lines to define a unique and beautiful floor.

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Sawyer Mason’s UV-Oil Textured Wide Plank Flooring Collection offers you the most natural looking wood flooring, with oil matte grain, long lengths and wide plank widths that create a durable wood floor for your home.

The core of our structured plank floors consists of sustainably harvested hardwood with the same properties as oak. Combined with the 6 mm wear layer, this gives you the maximum stability available from wooden floors.

Skilled craftsmen create these floors, hand painting each plank and using special stressing techniques such as wire washing and hand scraping to create the look of naturally aged floors that carry the underlying color from plank to plank. It has depth. Our unique colors are created by a reactive dyeing process that works with the natural tannins in each plank, resulting in a beautiful, rich looking floor that is second to none.

The oil finish is cured with UV light to harden into a protective layer that seals the wood grain from the inside to create a hard and durable finish over a 6mm thick wear layer.

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While oiled floors require special care to maintain the great look and feel of Sawyer Mason wide plank flooring, minor scratches can be easily repaired with Rubio Monocoat Universal Maintenance Oil. Simply clean the surface with Rubio Monocoat soap and allow the area to dry completely before applying maintenance oil. Wipe the treated area with a clean microfiber cloth.

These floors should not be sanded. Wash once a week with Rubio Monocoat soap or surface care spray,

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