Grey Brick House Trim Colors

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Grey Brick House Trim Colors – It’s time to paint the siding on our brick house! When I started thinking about updating our back patio, I knew I wanted to paint the ceiling white to brighten up the space. Of course, this led me to paint the trim and siding throughout our house. So here we are talking exterior paint colors to update our brick house for Week 2 of the One Room Challenge. (Read my Week 1 post here for a walkthrough of our backyard and 5 ways to spruce up your patio for fall).

After searching for inspiration and colors for the last month, I discovered a lot about how to choose the right colors to match our bricks. However, I’ve had trouble finding much information about renovating a brick house and choosing colors if you plan to paint the bricks, whitewash, mortar wash, etc. If you want to keep it natural instead. All tips, etc. Tricks I learned how to choose exterior paint colors to match a natural brick house.

Grey Brick House Trim Colors

Grey Brick House Trim Colors

Before choosing paint colors for our brick house, we had to decide if we were going to keep our brick natural or cover it. We decided not to cover it because we love the look of a bright white house, but we also love the beauty of natural brick. Any colors or washes you make are permanent. So since we love the way our brown bricks are painted, I didn’t want to cover her beauty forever. We could always cover it up if we wanted to, but we couldn’t go back after that.

Our Exterior Paint Colors That Compliment Red Brick

Now that we know why we want to keep our bricks natural and not follow the paint/lime trend, let’s move on to how to choose decorative paint colors for a natural brick house.

Grey Brick House Trim Colors

The choice of colors for a natural brick house brings a different element than a completely painted house. Paint colors should match the white color to create the look.

There are many factors to consider when choosing exterior paint colors for a brick home, including:

Grey Brick House Trim Colors

Classic Exterior Paint Colour Combinations — Melissa Grieve Interiors

An easy way to choose a floor color (instead of guessing) is to match a color that occurs naturally in the brick, mortar, or roof (if it’s newer and not being replaced soon). If you have a sample of your brick, you can bring it to the store to match the color. But since I’m not, I’ll take a few examples. Once I’ve narrowed it down, I do a few test spots in our house to make sure the color looks right.

The trick to finding the right color for your home is to match the tones of the bricks. Brick colors can vary greatly, so it’s important to match the base tone of the brick, whether it’s brown, gray, pink, yellow, purple, etc. Our brick is a warm brown in color with light and dark spots and light gray mortar. Our ceiling is also a warm brown. So the paint colors I choose should have a warm/brown undertone. The same shade matching applies to whatever color you choose for your brick house. For example, if you want green or blue accents, the green or blue you choose will suit low tones and match the general color scheme of your home.

Grey Brick House Trim Colors

Okay, this may seem obvious, but before you choose a color, you should look for inspiration to find out what you like. As with all my projects, I keep it on a Pinterest board to keep everything together so I can compare them side by side. I started paying special attention to the interior colors of brick houses when I went for a walk or drove by and noticed what I liked or didn’t like. Click here to see my Pinterest board full of modern brick exteriors.

Paint Colors That Compliment Red Brick

I should have included this as a step because it is the honest truth. Unless you’re a very determined person (which I’m not), you can go back and forth between all the color schemes you think you want. Choosing exterior colors is more difficult than choosing interior colors because you can’t throw a few swatches around the house and know how it will look throughout the house.

Grey Brick House Trim Colors

I’m a very visual person so it was very easy to know what I wanted. My process for this was to cover our houses in different colors to see what they would look like. I used Adobe Illustrator to create a very realistic model, but there’s no reason to go too complicated. I originally did this using the color feature on my phone, but decided I needed a better visual. There are many options, including free online color simulation and professional services to create an exterior design model for you. For me, the main goal of this step was to see our house filled with the colors I had in mind so I could compare them side by side.

As I mentioned above, once you know the general paint colors you want for your home, you may want to choose colors that match the natural tones of your brick. I’m going to go with white for our house, which comes from the natural color of our brick combined with neutral black for some accents. We didn’t specify the siding, but it will likely be brown to blend in with the brick and/or roof.

Grey Brick House Trim Colors

Painted Brick Reveal

Before you commit to your chosen colors, I recommend painting color swatches as part of your home’s window or door trim to make sure the colors look right on your brick. It can also help you choose between two colors if you’re not sure which one to choose.

That’s it! Who knew choosing exterior paint colors could feel like such an accomplishment! We decided to hire a professional to paint our house for our project. All offers we receive include pressure washing, positioning and possible repairs as well as paint and material costs. If you decide to redecorate your home yourself, make sure you know the whole process and don’t skip any steps!

Grey Brick House Trim Colors

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Exterior Color Schemes For Every Architectural Style

I really like what I have learned and what has helped me find joy in life! In addition to baking, healthy habits, and lessons learned, I’ll be sharing parts of our home, including lots of DIYs. I also enjoy teaching others and aim to instill confidence in my new business, She Gives Confidence. Homeowners often prefer a white exterior color when painting white. On the other side of the color spectrum, black and white houses are also gaining popularity. But in this article, we will highlight houses that fall somewhere in the middle – gray brick houses. If you’re thinking about painting your brick house and need some inspiration, read on to see some great gray brick house ideas.

Grey Brick House Trim Colors

Whether you want a gray brick house or explore other color options, we are happy to help. With the help of our virtual team of exterior designers, it is easy to visualize different paint colors and other interior elements so that you can make the right decision for your home. Read more here.

A fresh coat of paint brought this lake house to life. Our designers chose Benjamin Moore’s Kendall Charcoal, a rich and luxurious shade, for the brick and decoration. They leaned into the drama of this edist hue, creating a sharp contrast with the trim and columns in Benjamin Moore’s Cloud White. Kendal Coal’s earthy nature means it blends well with organic materials such as cladding.

Grey Brick House Trim Colors

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For this gray brick house, our team chose a shade that stands out for its depth and drama – Benjamin Moore’s Iron Mountain. They became lighter with Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter, a soft and inviting greige. A paved stone path that contains different shades of gray unites the design.

This client said she likes charcoal, black, and white, so our designers used Benjamin Moore’s Charcoal Slate for the brick in her home and Benjamin Moore’s Black Beauty for the trim, hooks, gutters, and downspouts. The lighter wood paneling of the gable roof and the address monument bring warmth to the situation planning.

Grey Brick House Trim Colors

Another color combination we like is grey, black and white. The brick in this house is Benjamin Moore Chelsea Grey, Benjamin Moore Black is used in the shutters, and Benjamin Moore Plain White is used in the trim and columns. In this model, the dark shutters and light upholstery and columns really contrast with the gray bricks.

Exterior Brick Paint Color Ideas For Your Home

If a color palette inspired by nature is more your style, this model is worth considering. Our designers used Benjamin Moore’s Ashwood Moss

Grey Brick House Trim Colors

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