Grey Laminate Flooring Living Room Ideas

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Grey Laminate Flooring Living Room Ideas

Grey Laminate Flooring Living Room Ideas

If you want a rustic gray wooden floor that matches your interior design, but you don’t want to pay for solid wood, then a gray laminate floor could be the solution… Read more

Gray Laminate Flooring

…not to mention that it is durable and easy to keep clean. And since shades of gray are totally trendy, a gray laminate floor is both practical and stylish. Our gray laminate floors are available in several different shades, and our wood effect laminate is suitable for every room in your home.

The light gray laminate floor creates a neutral, airy and inviting atmosphere in your home, while the dark gray laminate floor creates timeless sophistication in any space. All our laminates are durable and scratch-resistant, so you can be sure that you will get a good investment for years to come.

Discover our selection of gray laminate floors – from deep charcoal to light gray tones. Talk to our flooring experts online or visit your nearest store.

We also offer free home visits so you don’t have to worry about missing out on one of our luxury laminate flooring deals. We offer many samples so you can see how a gray laminate floor would look in your home! Read less

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Laminate care is very easy! Simply sweep or vacuum your laminate floor every night and wipe up any spills immediately. Once the floor is dust-free, you need a cleaning solution if you want to make sure your laminate floor is spotless. Because laminate flooring is based on wood, it does not like water or moisture, so avoid using a wet mop or steam cleaner.

In our laminate care guide, we have covered some of the steps you can take to care for your floors and which solutions you can use on your laminate.

Obvious! We are happy to provide you with all the information about the laminate floor you are interested in, as this is important when you make measurements and calculations for your home.

Grey Laminate Flooring Living Room Ideas

If you’re really curious, you can always call your local store and they’ll be happy to tell you the dimensions of the product. Alternatively, you can send a request with the “Send request” button, and our customer service will contact you soon.

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Oh no! It’s always a panic-inducing moment when you see a glass of wine slowly spill over your new laminate floor, but the sooner you act, the less chance you have of damaging the floor. Laminate is a wood-based product, so it doesn’t like water and if you leave it in a wet splash for too long, the laminate will start to warp.

When you placed your order, you should have received a Floor Care Guide by email that explains exactly how to treat stains on your laminate floor.

Laminate underlays are much thinner than carpet underlays, but this can make a huge difference to the performance of your floor! Our laminate underlay is made from PE foam and is specially designed to increase airflow under laminate flooring, reducing moisture build-up and helping to soften acoustics for a quieter home. We also have an additional underfloor heating laminate base with a reflective backing for excellent insulation.

We are often asked how much laminate flooring costs, and the honest answer is that there is no exact number. We offer a wide selection of laminate floors in different price categories to all our customers. Our most affordable laminate floors cost an average of £11.99/m2, while our top of the line luxury embossed laminate floors cost around £32.99/m2. You also need to factor in the cost of laminate flooring, which ranges from £4 to £7 per square metre, as well as other accessories such as skirting boards and door grilles.

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So let’s do some math! Based on a 4x4m room and a £17.99 laminate floor, the cost of a laminate floor is around £500 plus £228.80 installation and the total cost of a laminate floor is £728.80 including underlay, beading/scotch, door frame etc. Our flooring experts can advise you on all aspects of buying laminate flooring – and installation costs when you visit our store or book a home visit, but we also have a handy laminate floor cost calculator on each of our laminate product pages. will give you an estimate of how much the floor will cost (not including installation).

We recommend installing the new kitchen before the laminate floor. Next, you should put the floor around the kitchen, because there are many good reasons why you shouldn’t put a laminate floor under kitchen appliances and furniture:

1) Kitchen furniture and appliances can be heavy and it is better if they sit directly on the floor. Placing them on top of the laminate can cause damage and buckling over time and prevent the natural movement of a floating floor such as a laminate floor.

Grey Laminate Flooring Living Room Ideas

2) If you install the laminate floor last, you reduce the risk of possible damage when installing the new kitchen. We hate dragging a heavy fridge over beautiful laminate floors!

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3) You put the laminate floor in a place that no one will ever see! If you place the laminate only up to the edge of the kitchen furniture or slightly below the front, you reduce the amount of laminate needed in the room and thus reduce the price of a new floor.

Because laminate flooring is based on wood, it is not the best choice for damp areas such as the kitchen, as the wood warps when exposed to moisture. However, we offer several waterproof laminates that are perfect for the kitchen. See the room compatibility icons on each product page to see where this laminate style can be used in your home. If you are looking for a completely waterproof floor, check out our LVT floor selection.

The subfloor is the surface on which the floor is placed. There are many different types of subfloors, including hardwood floors, screeds, and concrete, all of which have their pros and cons. If the subfloor is in poor condition, it must be repaired or replaced before the new laminate floor is installed. A good substrate must be dry, smooth, structurally stable and free of debris. If this is not the case, any imperfections will be reflected in the floor laid over it.

We can assess the condition of your subfloor during a home visit or during our measurement inspection. If we find that your subfloor needs repair, we’ll give you a quote and if you’re up for the challenge, we’ll make sure our installation partners do this work before installing the new floor – just ask in store for more information or read our subfloor preparation guide. The continued popularity of gray interiors has led to a wide selection of floor coverings suitable for this design style. The selection of tile, concrete, wood, laminate and vinyl floors continues to grow.

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Is gray laminate a good choice? Laminate floor design has come a long way in recent years. Surfaces used to look fake due to poorly pixelated digital prints, making any fake floor print look cheap. Now the surface, structure, image and durability are much better, making it an excellent choice for floor coverings.

There are always cheap options on the market that don’t look good or last long, so it’s best to see swatches in real life before making a purchase decision. There are many quality brands on the market and they offer a guarantee to give you confidence in choosing the right floor.

Laminate floors can now mimic wood, tile, and concrete, and gray is a natural look for all of these materials. Untreated and aged wood turns gray and tiles and concrete often turn gray. This muted shade can be used in many interior styles and offers flexibility in the future if you want to change the decor and keep the floor the same.

Grey Laminate Flooring Living Room Ideas

Gray is the perfect base for a wide range of colors. A popular style for Scandinavian interior design, gray floors work well with muted pastel colors and other light wood furniture for this popular modern look.

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Gray doesn’t always have to be soft and light, but it can be bold and atmospheric. Dark gray can add real drama to a room and allow you to add color against a dark background, so dark floors or walls can become a really impressive feature. Even gardeners like to use gray as a background in the garden because it can really make green plants stand out. So

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