Hair Colors That Compliment Brown Eyes

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Hair Colors That Compliment Brown Eyes – Caitlin is a contributing author who covers everything from scalp health to the latest color trends.

Choosing a hair color is quite a job. Typically, you want to think about what the care will look like, how long it will take to achieve the desired look, and the financial value associated with that look. But sometimes, even with all that research, you might find that the look you choose doesn’t look like much.

Hair Colors That Compliment Brown Eyes

Hair Colors That Compliment Brown Eyes

. One way painters always advise their clients to avoid this frustration is to choose a hair color that matches your eye color, and of course, with a neutral color like brown eyes, this strategy opens up a world of possibilities.

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Brown eyes are the most common eye color in the world and with so many subtleties and nuances, they beautifully complement many hair colors. Of course, you can always dye your hair however you want (regardless of the ‘rules’ surrounding your eye color). But if you

Check out the new hair colors that will definitely make your brown eyes invisible.

Celebrity hairstylists Trey Gillen and Richy Kandasamy share their 20 favorite hair color ideas for brown hair.

Choosing a hair color that matches your natural eye color can ensure that your final look is exactly what you want – so which hair color works with brown eyes? To make your search easier, we consulted two hair color experts for their advice on the most attractive hair colors for brown eyes.

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“Like lavender eye shadows, lavender shades make brown eyes pop,” says Gillen. “I like to use lavender in my brown shades to bring out the gold in my brown eyes. You can do well with a nice lavender or light purple color,” he explains.

Lavender can be applied directly to brown hair for a lighter color or for a more attractive lavender color like Justine Sky. You may need to lighten the hair first. If you want to add lavender to your hair without any commitment, try a cream like Maria Nila Color Refresh Lavender.

A small change in your hair color can make a big difference in the amount of attention it attracts. Kandasamy says the perfect depth of color acts as a frame for the face, drawing attention and providing overall balance. To bring out the sparkle in brown eyes, Kandasamy recommends warm caramel highlights, especially for those with warm skin tones.

Hair Colors That Compliment Brown Eyes

If red is too bright for you, consider a tint. “Live a little and accentuate the rich blue in your brown,” says Gillen. He added that this is a good color choice, especially if your brown eyes always look dark blue, because the dark blue will bring out the green in your eyes. This color is also a good choice for those who are naturally red or orange.

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If you want to draw attention to your face, look no further than a fair baby face shape. This highlighting technique accentuates your facial features by brightening the lines that cover your face. Gillen explains that this will boost brown hair with a strategy to draw attention to your face. “Keep baby cool and natural enough to express your style and add light around the face,” he explains.

When styling this color, consider ditching some baby lights, as seen here on Addison Rae. This allows the lighter highlights to hit your brown eyes.

A favorite of both Gillen and Queen B, the rich golden nectar is a warm note that accentuates your brown eyes. “This is great for brown eyes because it enhances the warmth and brings out the color,” Gillen explains. “This is a done deal. Beyoncé has embraced the golden hue several times throughout her career, and it shows in her deep brown eyes and the definition of her curls.

If you’re going to color curly hair, Gillen recommends giving it some TLC afterward. “After coloring, keep and hydrate your hair with the Sachajuan Curl Treatment. After washing and drying, apply the Curl Treatment for 10-20 minutes, rinse as usual and you can also use the Be your daily conditioner in the shower” , Gillen advises.

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Although there are many colors in a sunset, we always associate a sunset with bright pink, purple, orange and yellow hues. All these colors can complement natural brown eyes and radiate deep inner colors. Not ready for a full sunset hair look yet? Gillen introduces sunset balayage for a similar vibe. Gillen says, “I’ve always loved ballet that looks natural with warm sunset tones. Imagine a photo of brown hair perfected in the warm sunset light,” says Gillen.

This shade turns into a dirty blonde, but Gillen assures us that this is still blonde. “This is a performance scene and almost bronze, but nothing,” he said. “This is the one color I like to do with one color because people will swear it’s your natural hair color.” A great addition to medium to dark brown eyes. Gillen recommends keeping this color a bit gold so that it shimmers and radiates warmth in your eyes.

The bright red color brings new life and softens brown eyes. For people with warm brown eyes, red can bring out the yellow or gold in brown eyes. For dark brown eyes, a bold red can help balance and brighten the entire face, especially the eyes. Gillen recommends working with your natural hair color by “sharing hugs from below and letting them add warmth to your skin and eyes.”

Hair Colors That Compliment Brown Eyes

Julia Roberts has never escaped a major camel leash. “Caramel never goes wrong with brown eyes,” says Gillen. “Ribbons are trendy and set the mood all summer long.” Here you can really see how the caramel color adds warmth to Julia’s brown eyes and gives her signature smooth depth of waves.

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A light brown color can be a good thing for those looking for low maintenance and gentle growth, as this technique allows you to leave your roots standing. This style keeps the roots dark and gradually fades to a lighter shade of brown as you reach the ends. “This takes care of all the tanning,” says Gillen. “Darkest from the roots to light brown at the ends, think super ombre. Darkness at the roots won’t wash you out and helps with hair care.”

People with dark brown eyes may not be able to see a shade that matches their eye color: pink is your color. Kandasamy loves pastel hair colors for brown eyes because it creates a stunning contrast. She says pink makes your brown eyes look darker because of the contrast and depth. If pink isn’t your thing, he also says blue and purple shades can have a similar effect.

If you want to give brown eyes extra depth, Kandasamy says to consider a cool caramel color. This nectar is cooler than traditional caramel, and Kandasamy says, “The cool tone complements the contrasting warmth of brown eyes and bright eye highlights.”

The straight black hair forms a strong contrast with the brown eyes. Kandasamy says choppy black hair creates harmony for brown eyes, which we can’t disagree with. Black hair can be a new option for people with brown hair who don’t want to dye their hair naturally, but still want to. Use new colors to brighten up the eyes.

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For people with brown eyes and curly hair, Kandsamy recommends creating movement and depth with lighter shades. “Curls and texture are about dimension, split ends and movement in the hair,” he says. “Adding some highlights and low lighting can work magic to give you more dimension and the illusion of volume.”

Kandsamy notes that if you plan to color curly hair, you should definitely schedule a consultation with a competent colorist trained to protect the integrity of textured hair during the highlighting process.

Changing your hair color to bring out your brown eyes doesn’t always mean choosing a completely new hair color. “Burgundy and purple accents can really bring out brown eyes with a more harmonious and harmonious overall look,” explains Kendasami. Consider adding tips and highlights to test how your hair color balances your skin tone and eyes.

Hair Colors That Compliment Brown Eyes

Gillen enters blonde territory and introduces a light brown-brunette color. He explains: “We often think of ‘dark blue’ but opt ​​for something darker. Gillen says it keeps the light brown shade ‘not too warm’. “It’s too cool” and would be the perfect shade for dark brown eyes, explains Let’s take the eyes into account, because that is the customer’s skin color,” Gillen explains.

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