Home Depot Sherwin Williams Colors

Home Depot Sherwin Williams Colors – A few months ago, Sherwin Williams and Pottery Barn released another collaborative color collection (Spring/Summer 2014) and I’m really excited about the colors. Today on Paint It Monday I thought I’d highlight some of my favorites from this latest collection for you.

Usually when creating a color palette I limit myself and pick 6-7 of my favorite colors and create a palette that you are used to seeing. However, with this collection I really like 12 of the 20 colors and that’s too many colors for me to make my default palette, so today I’m making the palette a little different. I’ve picked my favorites from the latest collection and put them in color order so you can see the color variations:

Home Depot Sherwin Williams Colors

Home Depot Sherwin Williams Colors

Here are all the colors in the collection if you want to see the rest of the Pottery Barn/Sherwin Williams Spring/Summer 2014 colors:

Historical Paint Colors Making A Comeback

This whole collection is so beautiful and perfect and I think my favorite color in the collection is Functional Gray because it really is one of the most functional grays I think I’ve seen in a paint color. It is very versatile and will look beautiful in any room and indoors or outdoors, let me show you.

Home Depot Sherwin Williams Colors

In fact, many of these beautiful colors in the Pottery Barn collection are very functional and versatile. I’m really excited to see that because I think that’s what consumers are really looking for when it comes to color. Colors that work well in different rooms and lighting conditions.

I love Smokey Blue and this is another really versatile color that could work in a bedroom, laundry room, dining room and I can even see it being used in closets. What I like about this bathroom:

Home Depot Sherwin Williams Colors

Hgtv Home By Sherwin Williams Ovation Plus Semi Gloss Comfort Gray Hgsw3286 Latex Interior Paint + Primer (5 Gallon) In The Interior Paint Department At Lowes.com

The background is a new color that I haven’t seen before and I really like it, it’s a nice warm and medium gray transition color:

Finally, iron ore has become another favorite of mine for cabinetry, trim and interior doors, and on one wall there’s a nice dark gray (a dark dark gray mix), although it looks dark gray in this image:

Home Depot Sherwin Williams Colors

You can pick up Sherwin Williams Pottery Barn Paint. One last thing I wanted to mention. I discovered on the Pottery Barn website that you can type in the month and year and page number of one of the Pottery Barn catalogs and it will tell you what color the wall is in that room. They would probably sell a lot more paint if they put the name on the page, but now we can find out and you can find the color finder here on the left side of this page on the Pottery Barn website.

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So what do you think of this collection? Do you like the colors? Are there any that stand out? I would like to know which one is your favorite.

Home Depot Sherwin Williams Colors

Thanks for stopping by today folks, and if you missed last week’s Paint It Monday, I shared a review of the most popular paint projects and color palettes of 2013. You can jump to that post by clicking directly on the image next: Thinking of painting your house white? Whether it’s trim, cabinets, walls, or ceilings, these are the best white paint colors to consider in your home…or at least our favorites.

Thugs, LRV, north or south rooms and SO many options… How to choose for a girl? Scroll down if you just want a list of the best white paint colors, or read on for the basics to help you choose the right color for your space.

Home Depot Sherwin Williams Colors

Gray Paint Colors

First of all, white paint colors are not actually white. To understand this, you need to understand LRV.

The light reflectance value, or LRV, of each color is a number assigned based on how much light the color reflects, where 0 is absolute black and 100 is pure white. The higher the number, the more light is reflected.

Home Depot Sherwin Williams Colors

However, no white has an LRV of 100. Sherwin Williams’ High Reflective white (which is one of the brightest whites you can get) is 93. Almost anything 80 or higher is considered white, and “off-white” it can be ~ 70. -80. So you have to ask yourself how bright (LRV closer to 90) or soft (LRV closer to 80) white you want it to be.

Paint Is Getting Costlier And Harder To Find, And This Could Be Just The Beginning

And speaking of “soft” whites, the less bright the white, the more colors (aka tints) are added to soften the bright white. A color is added to the color “white”:

Home Depot Sherwin Williams Colors

First you need to think about the style. In general, warm whites will help create a cozy feel and work well with a more traditional space. On the other hand, cooler whites can be cooler and more modern. These are generalizations, of course, but a good starting point if you know you prefer a more classic or contemporary vibe.

Secondly, you should consider the natural lighting of the room. North-facing rooms (at least in the northern hemisphere) tend to have slightly cooler light, while south-facing rooms have warmer light. So if your room faces north, you’ll want to choose a slightly warmer white to balance out the cooler natural light. And vice versa, for rooms facing south.

Home Depot Sherwin Williams Colors

Extreme Bond Primer

East- or west-facing rooms are tricky because the quality of light in those rooms will change throughout the day, but suffice it to say that the evening light falling on rooms facing l ‘west can often be orange or pink. It can also be difficult if the light entering the house is filtered by many trees or dense buildings, which can reflect its colors into the house.

Finally, you should test the color in the space. White is very sensitive to the color of the light, the floor and other elements in the room… So I always test 2-3 colors before starting. It’s worth the extra effort!

Home Depot Sherwin Williams Colors

As I said, it is very important to test the color tone in your actual room, especially with white. I’ve never had a problem with paint spattering on the walls, but I understand it’s a pain sometimes. Since color swatches are hard to come by these days, I’m happy to share a better option.

Don’t Pick Paint Colors Based On Their Fun Names

Samplize will send you a reusable sheet made with real paint. This allows you to move the monster around the room to adjust it to different lights. I hope you find this tool as useful as I do!

Home Depot Sherwin Williams Colors

After years of painting my homes and helping clients paint their homes, these have become my favorite whites.

It is a favorite of many interior designers. It is a timeless soft white (LRV 82) with a very subtle creaminess. But unlike many creamy whites, the tones are beige or gray, not yellow. Create a beautiful and elegant space that is still cozy. It has many similarities with Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee.

Home Depot Sherwin Williams Colors

Hgtv Home By Sherwin Williams Repose Gray Hgsw3477 Paint Sample (half Pint) At Lowes.com

A shade of white very similar to alabaster, but with less yellow undertones (honestly, so little that my husband says they look the same 😉), Silos White is also nice and cozy, but not too warm for a room more contemporary or modern. farmhouse style

One of my favorite warm whites, White Duck is a smooth creamy off white. It still leans towards beige tones rather than true yellow, creating a warm solid neutral. With an LRV of 73, it’s a great choice for white exterior paint colors because it doesn’t reflect the sun like something with a higher LRV. Exterior paint colors are usually lighter than interior colors. As an interior color, it’s darker than what you see below, but still soft and rich.

Home Depot Sherwin Williams Colors

Grayer than White Duck, Aesthetic White is a great choice if you want soft white walls that don’t feel warm. However, aesthetic white isn’t cold either, it’s more of a true, very light greige and a great choice when colored light enters the room. For example, in our last house, our bedroom only had one window facing the red brick house. Much of the light coming in through that window bounced off the neighbor’s house, giving the room strange pink hues. The off-white color absorbed enough light, while the neutral tones kept the room from looking pink or purple.

Does Sherwin Williams Do Samples?

All the bedrooms and bathrooms in my house are Behr Cameo White; I’m not sure I could make a better recommendation! 🙂 My favorite of the Behr whites is a beautiful light gray and goes especially well with Carrara marble (one of my favorite materials). It’s not too cold though and sounds like a true soft white with the LRV 81.

Home Depot Sherwin Williams Colors

Much like Cameo White, Snowbound is on the cooler side and basically looks like a true, crisp white on walls. With LRV 83, yes

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