Hoola Bronzer For Pale Skin

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Hoola Bronzer For Pale Skin – I’ve recently become interested in bronze. I’m just starting to learn how to contour and am looking for the perfect contour bronzer, so I’m still on the search. I currently have about six of these that I absolutely love and decided to share them with you as finding the perfect bronzer can be very difficult for those of us with pale skin.

Bottom row (left to right): Extreme Face Snow Bunny, Extreme Face Chocolate Foundation, NYX Taupe, Benefit Hoola, Guerlain Terracotta 00-Blonde

Hoola Bronzer For Pale Skin

Hoola Bronzer For Pale Skin

This bronzer is one of my last purchases and I’m already in love with it. Now I have to warn you: this stuff is very shiny. It’s not that shiny, it’s annoying, but you can see it. Even though this bronzer comes in a pan with 4 different shades, I use all 4 shades together when applying. Since this bronzer alone attracts attention, I prefer not to use blush with it. As you can see, her skin has a very light, almost pink-gold glow. It gives the face a very healthy summer glow.

Top 4 Drugstore Face And Body Bronzers For Pale Skin

You may have seen NARS Laguna in my March favorites. I have to say that I haven’t touched this shade in the palette for a long time because it seemed too dark for my skin tone. I tried it a few times when I first started contouring and it’s amazingly sheer and buildable. It’s not super orange, but it’s definitely a warm bronze tone that gives the face a radiant complexion. I still use this shade almost daily. I like the shine it has as more matte formulas tend to make my already dry skin look too chalky.

I discovered it during a trip to Sephora’s VIB Spring Chic Week. It was an impulse buy, but I don’t regret it. Everything about the packaging, the pigment and the application is so luxurious that I feel like a million every time I use it. As you can see, it doesn’t look like bronze. It is very light and can therefore also be used as a setting powder for moderately tanned skin. It’s the most orange bronzer I own, but because it’s so light, it doesn’t distract or look strange on the face. I think it looks the most natural on my skin, but due to the orange undertones I wouldn’t recommend it for contouring, but rather as a simple bronzer to highlight the face.

Let me tell you, this stuff smells amazing! It’s like hot cocoa mix and I love it. Chocolate Soleil is a dark brown matte bronzer and it was the first bronzer I got. It’s the darkest bronzer I own, although I feel like its lighter counterpart, Milk Chocolate Soleil, suits my skin tone better, but it’s great for creating a more dramatic contour.

Hoola is very similar to Milk Chocolate Soleil in that it is a lighter, matte bronze color. I got it a few weeks ago so I haven’t had enough time to use it yet, but I can say I really like it. This is probably my favorite warm matte bronzer. Coincidentally, this is the first Benefit facial product I purchased. I don’t usually buy anything from Benefit because the “light” shade is almost always 2 too dark for me.

Benefit Hoola Lite Soft Matte Light Powder Bronzer 8g. บรอนเซอร์เนื้อแมทในเฉดสีอ่อนที่มาพร้อมเนื้อเนียนสวย เบลนด์ง่าย เหมาะสำหรับสาวผิวขาวเพื่อช่วยสร้างมิติให้ใบหน้าได้อย่างดูเป็นธรรมชาติ เนรมิตผิวแทนสวยได้ในพริบตาเดียว! บรอนเซอร์เนื้อละเอียดท

If I want a very natural shade or contour, I always go for NYX Taupe. It’s a cool toned blush that works wonders on fair skin. Since it has a cool undertone on the skin, it looks more like a tint than a pure bronzer. I would like to use more contouring products that are in the same color group as NYX Taupe because I find they lack a bit in staying power. It looks great in the morning, but when I get home it disappears at the edges of my face and doesn’t blend.

L-R: Too Faced Snow Bunny, NARS Laguna, Guerlain Terracotta 00-Blonde, Too Faced Chocolate Base, Benefit Hoola, NYX Taupe

What do you say is your favorite bronzer? I really want to know! I’m also thinking about doing a tutorial overview next week. Any suggestions? It’s a cult product for MUAs and influencers everywhere, but is Benefit Hoola a must-have in your personal makeup bag? The Benetowers team has developed new shades – expanding the bronzer to four shades – now there is a shade that suits your skin tone. Does it live up to the hype? Read the full Benefit Hoola review.

Hoola Bronzer For Pale Skin

The Benefit Bronzer range is now available in four shades, from the darkest “Toasted” to the subtle light shade “Lite”.

Bronzers For Medium Skin Tones

Bronze. Because she has darker skin, she had difficulty finding a warm shade that exactly matched her skin tone. So to say she’s happy with Benefit’s new shade would be an understatement.

Maya, who used it to add color and fine contours to her high cheekbones, is now officially tanned thanks to the new Hoola Toasted.

Hoola Caramel is a slightly lighter shade but definitely has warm undertones. Kit loves adding extra color with bronzer and was excited to try this warm shade.

This powder blush is perfect for adding warmth to your skin tone. It’s easy to apply and has a silky texture that’s easy to blend – thumbs up from Kit.

The Best Bronzers For Medium Skin

Rachel took home the OG Hoola Bronzer. There’s a shade Rachel knows (and loves!). She knew it was best applied to her forehead and cheeks to add warmth and depth.

Benefit Hoola is the lightest Lite shade and comes in last place in our ratings. However, like the rest of the range, the finely milled powder formula is a gentler option if you have pale or fair skin.

Melissa uses her skin as a highlighter to give her a radiant complexion. Then she uses a brush to apply it to her cheeks and the middle of her nose, where the sun shines the most. No matter your skin tone, applying bronzer can be difficult. Especially in summer, especially if your skin is pale. One wrong move with a fully loaded brush and BOOM – goodbye healthy shine, hello orange, dirty look.

Hoola Bronzer For Pale Skin

To take the guesswork out of buying a new bronzer, I tried out a bag full of the best ones on sale and headed to the Cosmo Beauty booth to show them what they all look like in real life.

Best Bronzers For Every Skin Tone In 2023

First of all, here’s how I look without bronzer. I applied them all in E and 3 on both sides of my face; hit my forehead, cheek and jaw.

Although it’s essentially a powder blush, it’s meant to give you a healthy glow all day and night, as well as adding a “warm color” (who doesn’t want something like that?) to fair or medium skin tones. I liked that it lasted a little longer and the reddish/plum color really tightened my skin. Because of its rosy pink tone, I would save it for just my cheeks and temples.

Spoiler alert – this was my favorite. It was easy to apply and had a matte finish, so it would be a great daytime option. You really have to build up the layers to get a scary color, so it’s harder to get it wrong.

Benefit’s best-selling bronzer, Hoola, is officially a cult product. But can pale skin tolerate it? Yes, but they only test you once. It’s powerful but the shade is beautiful. So take the time to get used to how much you need and remember: mixing is your friend!

Review: Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer Review

Although this multi-colored block looks heavily glittery, it actually appeared less “glittery” than I expected – it was actually lighter. If you paint over all the shadows with a large brush it will be too dark, so I would say save it for vacation or after spritzing. It’s also great for bold, statement necklines.

It smells amazing! For a “sensory experience,” the powder is infused with vanilla (yes, pretty), making application an experience. Combining the two colors made my face slightly darker than my neck, so it doesn’t suit a natural daytime look.

Probably my second favorite, this powder applied easily and allowed for some build before the shade became too strong. If you’re heavy on using a bronzer brush, this is a safe option.

Hoola Bronzer For Pale Skin

Another shimmering powder, this compact was much lighter on the skin than it looked.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer Darker Shades Review

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