How To Decorate Your Kitchen Walls

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Decorating the kitchen can be a little tricky. Functionality, organization, and decoration must be balanced in one space. Plus, decorating a kitchen can be expensive—not all of us have the budget for new tiles, open shelving, counters, or hidden appliances.

How To Decorate Your Kitchen Walls

How To Decorate Your Kitchen Walls

Don’t worry, we have 18 kitchen wall decor ideas that will make your kitchen as beautiful as the food you cook.

Best Kitchen Ideas

Who says your backsplash has to be tile? Many of us are tired of the classic white subway tiles (but they never go out of style), so why not change it up? You can replace tiles in any pattern you can imagine with durable wallpaper or contact paper for a fraction of the cost.

Some people save bold wallpaper for small bathrooms or accent walls, but we say go for the kitchen. This graphic floral pattern is bright and fun, and the black shelf next to it is a great place to display cookbooks, cookware, and plants (of course). Bonus points if you match pots and pans with certain wallpaper colors.

It’s hard to get creative with kitchen walls—after all, they’re often replaced by cabinets—and add visual interest with some texture. This wooden wall in this kitchen gives the space a warm and inviting feel. In addition, a wooden wall is a great base for design and decoration, because the wood accent in the space now feels like home.

Let your inner artist shine with these wall decor ideas. Count on beautiful works of art to decorate your kitchen or dining room. Here, geometric patterns are a good option for an organic look, but you can also use amazing spirals or brush dots.

Kitchen Bar And Eat In Counter Design Ideas

Enhance a blank wall by adding some economical baskets of different sizes. It’s a great way to fill a tight space, and when the graphic accent is right next to the wall, it’s a *chef’s kiss.* Don’t be intimidated by combining two bold elements, it often works well if you can balance color and size. .

If you’re short on storage, there’s nothing wrong with downloading everything. It’s becoming a trend to put ingredients into matching containers, and we love the handwritten labels on these containers. Don’t worry if the glasses don’t match—it’s more about creating a clean look on the wall than matching everything exactly. You can add weight to your spices and pasta.

Don’t hide your favorite ceramic dishes. If a set of plates or mugs dazzle your eyes with their beauty, they will shine on your wall. These cups stand out from the neutral color palette and look great in their place.

How To Decorate Your Kitchen Walls

For an instant pop, swap out white socket covers for something fun like gold or silver.

Beautiful Ways To Display Cutting Boards In Your Kitchen

The wood is mostly neutral depending on the dye. This alarm-inspired wall gives the space a big stamp and optically separates the dining and kitchen areas. You don’t need a wall to separate spaces – sometimes it’s enough to create zones of different colors.

Gallery walls are a tried and true way to decorate any empty wall. Embrace the purpose of your kitchen room and play with things like old restaurant advertisements, postcards from your favorite places, abstract art, or interesting cooking styles.

Frame a family recipe for a vintage touch. Not only does it look good, but it is also easily accessible when you need it.

Vertical wall space in the kitchen is both a blessing and a curse. It is difficult to fill, but can be used as additional storage. Hanging a rod above the stove or sink is great for keeping frequently used dishes close at hand and for holding pots and pans that don’t have drawer space.

How To Decorate The Top Of Your Kitchen Cabinets

If your place has a high ceiling gift, take it. Draw people’s eyes by placing vertical items on the counter and continue the theme with any open shelving. Vary the height and width of the items on each shelf to make them interesting, and use the top shelf for rarely used items like cake stands or tall bowls.

Your favorite cookbooks may contain your favorite foods and healthy recipes, but they also make great wall decor. Place some on an open shelf or bookshelf so they can speak for themselves. Also, you’ll approach them faster when you see them.

A simple backsplash in this kitchen is accented by a bright coral island. By using cool tones on the countertop and warm, bright tones opposite, it keeps cooking surfaces clean and uncluttered (literally and visually) without sacrificing style.

How To Decorate Your Kitchen Walls

We also love that the tile is under the island and not behind it – the visual exchange of the two gives people pause and allows them to really appreciate the style you’ve created.

Creative Diy Wall Decor Ideas For Your Blank Walls

Decorating your entire kitchen might not be in the cards, but peel-and-stick tiles can completely transform a space—and you can remove them when you’re tired of it. This repeating pattern is bold, but the small size keeps it from feeling overwhelming.

Working with tiles may be more traditional, but you can create a similar effect with paint. Map out the shape you want to place in the background, using something like a hood or lamp as a focus, and go for it.

Kitchens are often light and airy, but why not keep it dark and moody? The deep blue-green shade adds warmth and elegance to the space, especially if you transfer the color to the ceiling.

Decorating your walls doesn’t just mean hanging photos – a fun painting goes a long way. Pink walls sit behind white cabinets in this kitchen, and we love the combination of chairs, dishes, planters, and towels. It’s a modern update to an old kitchen.

Kitchen Window Décor Ideas You Can Easily Pull Off

It might be a pain, but painting your cabinets can give your kitchen a quick makeover. If you want to brighten things up, try painting the upper cabinets an attractive shade and keeping the lower cabinets neutral. To pull it together, match some of the fixtures to the colors you used in the paint, like how the orange pull handles are on the upper cabinets. Also, replacing kitchen appliances is a very easy and inexpensive upgrade that is convenient for renters. Wall decor may not be the first thing that comes to mind when designing a kitchen, but just because it’s not as functional as a stove or sink doesn’t mean it’s not an important element of happy gathering and cooking. Although storage and natural light are a priority on walls, there are many ways to save money when decorating a kitchen wall. That’s why we’ve rounded up our favorite examples. When you see 20 designer kitchens with stylish and creative ideas, wall decoration should be a priority, stat.

With a natural stone backsplash and a dividing shelf, artwork, lamps and figurines are safely displayed above the splashback in this deVOL kitchen. The green paint contrasts with the deep sea blue-green cabinets seen in the lower right corner. If you don’t know what kind of art you want in the kitchen, you can always rely on the production theme.

In this kitchen designed by Kim Dempster and Erin Martin, a cabinet is covered in chalk paint for notes and reminders, but it also doubles as a canvas for creative expression!

How To Decorate Your Kitchen Walls

Are you forced to store pots and pans outside due to limited storage space? Another reason to invest in good tableware is that it looks good. In this kitchen by Sheila Bridge, hanging pots are accented with contrasting artwork and bright blue wallpaper (those cast iron pigs are cute too!).

Amazing And Simple Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

In this kitchen designed by Arent & Pyke, decorative objects in open cupboards and thoughtful dishes add depth and intrigue to the wall. If you like a curated, eclectic feel, sellige tiles and a mix of artwork and objects are the way to go.

Of course, the kitchen may be small, but where there is a wall there is a way. In fact, if you have stairs, a few centimeters of extra wall space is enough. Bright kitchen wall art by Commune Design is proof of that.

Designer Dee Murphy added a brass shelf and mirror between the Helman range and hood to make the room feel larger. She said keeping clean isn’t as hard as you might think.

Ultra-smooth cement floors, stainless counters and backsplash and a

White Kitchen Ideas That Are Design Heaven

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