Ideas For Bare Walls In Living Room

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Ideas For Bare Walls In Living Room – So you’ve been racking your brain about what to do with a blank wall in your home. Should you leave it alone? Maybe. But maybe not.

Designer Tip (shhhh, don’t waste + tell): We always recommend that our clients leave at least one wall (if not two) blank in every room. Although there are of course some exceptions to this rule, it is always better to hang a little on the walls. What is the reason? Because when your walls have objects… the eyes have a place to rest.

Ideas For Bare Walls In Living Room

Ideas For Bare Walls In Living Room

Remember, your accent walls should complement the core of the room—don’t steal the show.

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However, when it comes to an ugly, blank wall in your home, leaving it blank may not only feel easy, but it may even feel a little depressing. And trust us, we’ve been there too.

Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up our five favorite ways to decorate that wall space so it’s not only beautiful, but also tells a compelling story that’s unique to you and your family.

Talking about the pictures A large wall art not only takes up a lot of wall space, but also gives the room a modern and clean atmosphere. #WinWin – Am I right?!?!

And because they are so large, large pictures are also perfect as an eye-catcher on a side table in the entry area or in the back of the living room. But an oversized mirror isn’t just a statement piece because of its size. Decorating an empty wall with a large piece will make your small piece of accent art stand out.

Creative Wall Décor Ideas From Paintings To Murals

Of course, this is nothing new – you’ve seen it over a thousand times and you may even have a handful of art collections in your home. But when it comes to collecting pictures or photos, it is the best way to deal with the challenge of the blank wall you are struggling with.

Whether it’s an abstract collection or a textile collection with hanging artwork like a series of paintings (which we love) … the color or lack of color, the shape of the glass (or the general lack of canvas) is with all. a story about what’s important to you.

Think of your photos as a triptych (left to right or top to bottom) that creates one big picture. Or you can use a large blank wall to display your creativity by choosing a four-by-four picture mounted square.

Ideas For Bare Walls In Living Room

What about dimensions? Breathing in your balance, breathing space + space…the right thing

How To Style A Big Blank Wall

If you don’t like the simple and elegant look of the multi-art collection, we also like to choose a gallery-style collection that does not match and plays with different sizes, frames and different stickers.

If you have a large empty wall, consider built-in cabinets or bookshelves to fill the space well. Not only does it balance the height of the room, but it also helps to provide your home with functional storage or display options. No woman hates the idea of ​​creating more storage space *wink*

However, before you invest in built-in wardrobes or bookcases, we don’t want built-in wardrobes or bookcases to completely cover your space. To really transform that blank wall, think about how you’ll layer art, lighting, or other accessories to create things that blend or contrast in your space.

Other things to consider… Details. Should it be made of wood or metal? Is it painted or painted? Color loss? What makes the most sense for your family: open or closed storage?

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And if you need help setting these up, here are some quick and easy boxing methods.

Maybe the blank wall you’re trying to paint is too small for a large picture. Things are not looking good for a group of photos. Just put it this way, no gallery interpretation needed. Well then, my sister, then the floating shelves are for you.

Adding some shelves to an accent wall or above the hardware is another effective way to deal with empty walls from scrolling through Pinterest last night. You can fill that empty wall by creating vignettes with decorative accents like small framed art, flower pots (faux greenery works too), and other small items.

Ideas For Bare Walls In Living Room

The great thing about floating hanging shelves is that whether they are in the kitchen, bedroom or hallway, there is always a functional need that can be useful for you or other people in your home.

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Because millwork adds depth, texture, character and charm to any home. And with a little thought, even the most basic elements seem intentional, full of detail and movement. But girls, that is one of the many reasons why we are all hot and bothered by the opportunity to add a mirror to the wall or wash in our design.

Adding negative details is a wonderful way to tie all your furniture together, as wood has a clean, classic and comfortable feel, but can still feel modern and sophisticated when done right. Whether it’s a simple wall that creates a box pattern, a vertical or horizontal panel, board + molding, wainscoting, paneling, or something else entirely, your home will instantly have a high-quality look.

And there you have it… just a taste of some of our favorite ways to overcome that blank wall that won’t stop staring back at you. Don’t forget to comment below. Which do you like?

Remember: Creating a home you don’t want to leave is a marathon—not a run. It takes time and a lot of imagination, but finally coming home will be the happiest part of your day.

Design Coach: What To Do With A Large Blank Wall

And in my opinion it is worth it! If you’re struggling with a blank wall (or other design challenges), shake your head and say “OMG, I need help!” Use the free call to get started 🙂 Big blank walls call for great art. There is nothing strange about seeing a small body sitting alone on a large blank wall. This can be your temporary solution in the past as we often believe that filling a large empty wall space comes with a very high cost. However, there are many creative and affordable ways to cover the walls! We’ve compiled a list of six great blank wall ideas so you can learn how to paint a blank wall on a budget.

Although the idea of ​​hanging art on the wall may seem intimidating, a large shelf that floats across the wall or a small flat cabinet can make displaying art much easier. Floating shelves not only provide storage space for decorations, but also provide the ability to easily replace your favorite art and objects. If you are wondering how to fill the wall space, this is a very simple but effective way to decorate a large wall in the living room or a large empty wall behind the bed and other furniture.

Mirrors are a great option if you want to learn how to fill a wall space because they are easy to hang and can serve as a mirror and a decorative piece even if you paint or write quotes and so on. As with a gallery-style wall, multiple mirrors add the same artistic value to a large, open wall. To save money, you can collect some old mirrors from thrift stores or thrift stores and create a unique wall of decorative mirrors. The great advantage of this wall space idea is that mirrors make a room look bigger and brighter!

Ideas For Bare Walls In Living Room

We love a good gallery wall, but printing large images can be expensive and figuring out what goes well together can be difficult for some. Wallpaper helps decorate the entire wall, but it can be expensive. If you want to hang large pieces of art without breaking your budget, try cutting and making samples of your favorite wallpaper or wallpaper at local craft stores and discount stores. Inexpensively, you can fill an empty wall space with lots of designs without anyone knowing it only costs a few dollars! 63% of experts believe that wallpaper will be more popular than ever in 2023 and botanical patterns will be the top trend this year, making wallpaper a beautiful way to fill empty wall space.

Best Wall Decor Ideas To Decorate Your Blank Wall

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