Latest Designs Of Curtains For Living Room

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Latest Designs Of Curtains For Living Room – Your main concern may be buying furniture for your living room, but there are many other important design elements to consider, and window treatments certainly shouldn’t be overlooked. When it comes to curtains, the choices are endless. But since they come in a variety of styles and prices, you can really create a look that fits your aesthetic and your budget.

From semi-sheer white curtains to dark drapes with patterned edges to bold botanical draperies (that you can even hang on a windowless wall!), we’ve got you covered with our favorite designer-approved living room curtain ideas. began After a quick study of these designs, you will have a vision in mind. Then you can start looking for the best place to buy curtains. Oh, and once you’ve got it, read our guide to hanging curtains for a quick and smooth installation.

Latest Designs Of Curtains For Living Room

Latest Designs Of Curtains For Living Room

Add grandeur to your living room with floor-to-ceiling curtains, such as the soft pink curtains by Elitis from Caris Van Houten and Guy Pearce’s Amsterdam home by Nicole Dohmen of Atelier ND Interiors. Colorful sofas, coffee tables and plush sofas create a lively yet rich atmosphere in the room.

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For a cohesive look, coordinate your curtain pattern with certain living room furniture and accessories. In this space designed by Ashley Whittaker, thin striped curtains are complemented by striped chairs and cushions in a similar line design and color scheme.

Liven up your windows — or walls, like Eliza Crater Harris, creative director of Sister Parrish Design, on her website — with a bold botanical print. Many of these designs come in different colors to match your aesthetic, including the Titania fabric seen here.

One of the easiest ways to make your living room look spacious and bright is to use white sheer or semi-sheer curtains. Even in this space decorated by David Mann, spacious treatments can help soften the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.

Instead of a solid color, consider getting curtains with a simple abstract pattern. In designer Ariane Bethea’s North Carolina home, she included these blue and white curtains that look like Martha and Ash’s watercolor paint brush. It’s interesting, but not overwhelming.

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Warm up bright white walls and bold furniture with white curtains, as designer Andrew Brown did in the living room of this Alabama home. Make them do double duty by placing stylish shelves inside to make the curtains an attractive decorative backdrop.

Linen fabric with teal and gold accents is an exceptional choice for colorful beach house curtains. To ensure that the owners of this Nantucket cottage could enjoy privacy with natural light, designer Kevin Isbell hung them above the windowsill and about a quarter of the way inside.

Ombre curtains allow for a very smooth transition from one color to another, which can add just the right color to your living room without overdoing it. The curtains in this Los Angeles home by Petty Lau almost mimic a cascading waterfall.

Latest Designs Of Curtains For Living Room

Soft blue drapes paired with classic blue prairie canvas wallpaper and white trim add elegance to this room by designer Heather Hilliard. A floral sofa and a green Lucite coffee table evoke the natural atmosphere of a California home.

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Cream fringed curtains by designer Matthew Carter make the living room of this Bahamian home extra cozy. Pale pink walls of Benjamin Moore’s early botanical prints give the room a tropical yet elegant feel.

Make a bold statement with hanging orange curtains and patterned trim in this room by Chenault James for House Beautiful 2019.

Light gray curtains are the perfect backdrop for a chic living room filled with chic furniture and dotted with metallic and velvet accents. Add a little plaid trim to each end of the curtain for a special touch.

Designed by designer Thomas Filicia, this room features black curtains with a cream border at the bottom. They are ideal for creating a modern, moody look in any space.

Curtain Design Ideas For Your Living Room

If you’re having trouble choosing one of the two display colors, why not try both? A color block design allows you to have one main color and another as a small border at the top or bottom, like this subtle variation with neutral tones in a small living room by Studio DB.

Give your living room a subtle effect by installing curtains that match the color of your walls, as designer Philip Thomas did in this Upper East Side apartment. Bright red curtains work well with walls painted in Benjamin Moore’s Ladybug Red with a glossy finish, giving them a touch of softness.

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Latest Designs Of Curtains For Living Room

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The Best Curtain Design Ideas For Living Room

36 sunroom ideas perfect for a lazy sunday with pella 30 window seats that embody the hygge living room trends that will be huge next year the right paint color. Or a trendy rug is preferred, but there is another element that can make a big difference in your space: window treatments. Living room curtain ideas are very versatile, whether you want to create a modern, rustic or make a small space look bigger.

You can hang pool curtains on the floor for a formal setting, or choose a floor-length option for a more practical, low-maintenance style. Plus, you can choose from clear panels to let natural light into your space, or hang darker shades for more privacy (and a better night’s sleep). Depending on your design style, there are many types of curtains to consider. For example, sleeve panels have an opening at the top for hanging simple metal rings, while compression molds have vertical pleats for a more dramatic look.

If you are not sure about choosing the best design for your space, this assortment of living room curtain ideas is an inspiration. Click through to see our favorites, and while you’re at it, check out the best places to buy curtains online.

Floor-length off-white curtains add sophistication to this spacious living room. Neutral-toned walls and sofas bring the space together.

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This living room may have white and beige tones, but the blue color with the curtains does not allow it to look sterile.

If you like a pattern, use it again and again. Get inspired by floral curtains, matching lampshades and cushions in this cozy living room.

To let the art and couches shine in this living room, designer Mary Cloud of Indigo Pruitt chose simple black and white geometric curtains.

Latest Designs Of Curtains For Living Room

If you want to give the ombre trend a little try, take inspiration from these living room curtains. The white top goes well with the white walls and fireplace mantle, while the pink top complements the blue and gray seating in the room.

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Neutral curtains with a shade of navy blue enhance this living room. Pink colors and fresh greenery complete the look.

Believe it or not, gingham is a versatile curtain pattern. In this living room, the choice of black and white forms a focal point of shades of green and gray.

From orange patterned curtains to purple flowers and seat cushions, this site is a tutorial on how to decorate with color.

Bright orange curtains steal the show in this inviting living room. Brown leather upholstery used on armchairs and ottomans, as well as graphic cushions complement the elongated window coverings.

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Latest Designs Of Curtains For Living Room

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Of course, we’re not just talking about changing colors; Although this is always a possibility.

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