Light And Airy Living Room Ideas

Light And Airy Living Room Ideas – For some reason this year I’m paying more and more attention to all that spring has to offer. The little buds are popping up all over the trees, the sweet flowers are appearing, and the warmer temperatures are looking forward to spring this year. I’m so glad you’re here for my Light & Airy Spring Life Tour…I’m so excited about this and can’t wait to share it with you, so thanks for stopping by!

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Light And Airy Living Room Ideas

Light And Airy Living Room Ideas

I think this might be my favorite look yet in my living room. So many beautiful details that make me beam. I’ve been looking for a new rug for spring/summer for a while now, along with a few other pieces, and this is the end result. I’m happy with how everything came together, but I also used some old fashioned but good items, like my pillows, throws and accessories.

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I am a little over the moon about this rug and how it has transformed my living room into such a light and airy space. It is textured but slightly soft. It’s not crazy soft but good enough for a natural woven rug. The background is creamy white and the blue is navy blue. But the look is so soft and airy and works well in any space.

I also added this burlap ottoman. I already have a little brother that I walk around the house with, but for the price this was perfect for a 3ft diameter coffee table update. It’s big enough that you can put a small tray (or a book like I did) on it for the basics or whatever. I can’t get over how amazing these two make this space look and feel!

For the top of my ottoman / coffee table, I put together a collection of little things, including my new favorite faux eucalyptus trunks. I can’t get over how real they are! And your new favorite bone beads. But I brought an old vase (a similar vase) that I love and put it all on top of an old home decor book.

For the pillows I just used what I had. Some I’ve seen before, but obviously the setup can be different. On this side of the sofa I used a favorite from last fall, this blue and white pillow, a wide blue and white stripe (similar) from Home Goods, and this white peach and polka dot pillow.

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I also used this fun, lightweight, oversized cotton tee with tassels (wow, that was a lot of adjectives), but this throw is absolutely gorgeous and deserves to make a comeback this spring!

On the other side you will find a pillow that I also used last autumn. I love the subtlety of the pattern on this pillow and the beautiful blue color it adds to the space.

Now I love the light and airiness of the space for spring and summer. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Light And Airy Living Room Ideas

If you look around the room you’ll see a different look on the rug and I’m still using my new faux olive tree. I love how realistic it is and I love the life it brings to my living room! You can see my review of this here in my TV wall reveal post / gallery.

The Light + Airy Hangout

On the TV side of the living room everything stayed pretty much the same except for a new lamp, a bunch of fake peonies and I always get out my Grapewood branch this time of year. You can see the full and recent disclosure of this thread here.

I’m a little obsessed with the style and texture of this lamp…good! And it’s from one of my all-time favorite lighting designers. I picked it up in a sale recently and I love it!

Across from the living room is our little kitchen for rent… You can have that, but I love the setup I kept here all spring, with more faux eucalyptus trunks and rattan leaf the best with you!

More or less the journey ends. If you want to see my current tips for modern spring decor this year, you can do so here. Other than that, I hope you enjoyed the trip and as always I’d love to hear your feedback!

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Carpet | Pouffe jute | Eucalyptus stems | Bone beads | Book | Sofa | blue/white base cushion | Headphone saw peach | blue pattern cushion | Similar blue/white striped cushion | similar curtains | Similar crops | Lighthouse | Hanging on the end wall | Similar media cabinet | White Table Lamp | Fake olive tree | Gallery Wall Frames | Summary Picture one, two and three | Faux peony bundle | Round Rattan Tray | Similar vases one and two0 | tea towel | A similar vase on the book | Round cork tray Pretty depressing, huh? Between the popcorn ceilings, dingy paint, and dark upholstery, there was no happy atmosphere here. I still remember taking the last walk through the house before we officially closed it.

This room smelled of fun and cowboys had infested the place. I got a sick feeling in my stomach.

That being said, my favorite transformation of the house was the living room. It was our first attempt. After painting the walls with Sherwin Williams Passive, scraping the popcorn ceilings, replacing the light fixtures and painting the trim and beams with ultra-white, glossy paint…BAM!!! A light and airy living room was born. Add the white Ikea Ektorp furniture and the transformation is even more dramatic.

Light And Airy Living Room Ideas

The whitewashing of the brick fireplace, the removal of the copper covering and the installation of a wooden mantel were also quite influential. To read how to whiten the stone, click here. Click here to see how I added the wood beam mantel.

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I like to think of this space as the heart of the home. Airy and light, transitional with an element of understated elegance. Not too stuffy or pretentious. Sit back and enjoy a glass of wine…or 2 or 3…

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I think this room deserves an award for the most improved people. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my tour of the living room.

Bongo! Beautiful! I could live here happily! I also have a living room with a vaulted ceiling and our new Ekrop sofa in front of the fireplace/TV is positioned just like mine. (The wall to the right of the bank is a vault and has 2 windows).

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I’m wondering how you decided on the height/placement of the pendant lights. It’s so hard to find a lot of info on living room ceilings shaped this way that’s still a small house (we’re in San Diego, 1100 SF, eat in kitchen, but high ceiling (16 feet) with a half vault in the living room .)

I am thinking of a ball pendant light, but nervous. We have to hire an electrician to do the wiring for many items (there are no ceiling lights in these 70’s houses in any room, but outlets for lamps that work with switches). Any idea? Was there a reason you chose two pendants instead of one? If someone is sitting on the sofa, in front of the fire, with the TV on, the height of the ceiling allows me to center them in this area without disturbing them, I think.

Thank you very much! A great future blog post will be ideas for small living rooms with vaulted ceilings like this one.

Light And Airy Living Room Ideas

Hello Lisa. Thanks for the substantial idea. I honestly went for 2 large chandeliers / pendants without much thought. Previously, there were 2 ceiling fans where the lamps were. So I just turned it off. Another reason: if you only had to make one device, it would have to be huge to have an attractive visual impact and the budget is quite limited. Hope this helps!

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Hi! I would love to see how you set up your Ektorp furniture… we have two of the same Ektorp chairs and I want to buy an Ektorp couch in the near future to replace our old one. Could you please tell me the dimensions of the natural under fur rug you have in your winter/spring room? I love how you have every piece of furniture on the rug!

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