Light Blue Grey House Exterior

Light Blue Grey House Exterior – Red exterior home colors cover the gamut from deep black to lighter shades. Whether you want a bold look or an airy and comfortable look, our designers can help you find your perfect blue tone.

While we’re happy to explore every part of the color wheel for any outdoor activity, designers often use blue paint on vertical, horizontal/horizontal, or swing surfaces.

Light Blue Grey House Exterior

Light Blue Grey House Exterior

At Brick & Baton, our exterior designers will help you find the right paint color and preview it for your home before you take the plunge and choose a great design. We will work with you every step of the way and help you create a plan to achieve all of your goals. Learn more about our work.

Trending Exterior House Colors For 2023

If you’re looking for a lightweight navy, Sherwin Williams’ Needlepoint Navy should be on your radar. With an LRV of 13, this shade has the boldness of blue without being dull or greasy. It blends beautifully with natural materials such as wood and stone.

Light Blue Grey House Exterior

Our designers love using Benjamin Moore’s Navy His House to make a statement. It has a color and texture similar to the real deep sea. Navy houses are simple and look like typical housing types like the historic homes above and at the beginning of this post. It goes great with brass, wood, and stone, and is paired with dark and light paint. Paired with white trim, it’s one of his most reliable palettes to add contrast and increase curb appeal.

If you’re looking for a deeper shade than navy, Sherwin-Williams’ navy is the one closest to the black paint he color. The LRV is 4, so it’s very dark. Naval has a beautiful red hue that goes well with purple-based natural stones and plants. That depth allows us to incorporate bold colors into our designs, such as Benjamin Moore’s Wasabi, which we used on the first door of this translation.

Light Blue Grey House Exterior

Beautiful Blue And Gray Custom Homes In The Snow

Are you interested in James Hardy? Main course. The dull red color on the top brings a lot of flair to this apartment. Pair this beautiful navy with wood or brass accents for a bold, rustic feel, or opt for a combination of red, gray, and white like this one to add contrast and create a beautiful space.

Our designers don’t just stick to navy when it comes to exterior paint colors. Bravo His Blue by Sherwin Williams is a beautiful pastel tone that is perfect for brighter exterior colors that are bolder than white or gray. Blue is bright, so when combined with white, you get a clean, simple look that emphasizes your home’s elegant design and coastal beauty.

Light Blue Grey House Exterior

Cherish the beach vibe: There’s no better palette to turn to for a beach home than the sounds of the beach itself. Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue is the perfect sky blue shade for this beach house. A bright and refreshing color scheme with stone gray and white accents.

Secrets Of Curb Appeal For A Beautiful Home Exterior

Benjamin Moore’s Westcott He Navy looks more like a dark gray than a navy, but it’s one of our favorite blue exterior colors of his. When combined with dark colors, it creates a moody atmosphere and leans towards gray. But when used in lighter tones (as in this design), that rich navy tone becomes even more powerful.

Light Blue Grey House Exterior

It’s always a good idea to sample and test paint colors before painting. Factors such as natural light, undertones, and fixtures on your property can have a big impact on how colors appear outdoors. Our friends at Samplelize offer samples of his peel-and-stick paints in most colors you might need for your exterior. Order your “Real Paint, No Mess” sample from Sampleize here.

There are many red exterior colors, but don’t consider shades of gray when looking for the perfect fit. You can find a variety of grays with strong blue undertones, but Benjamin Moore’s Steel Wool is one of our favorites. In this model, the designers combined wood and stone accents to achieve a new rustic look.

Light Blue Grey House Exterior

Exterior House Color Ideas To Make Your Home Look More Inviting

Sherwin-Williams Aleutian is a soft blue, perfect for traditional homeowners looking for a pop of color. Her LRV value in the mid range (39) is excellent for dark and light tones. Above, the designer chose black doors and shutters with white trim.

Blue exterior paint colors can be used on all types of homes, including modern designs. Our designers like to go bold with paint colors because the changes are dramatic, resulting in strong and complex landscape designs. This is where Sherwin William’s Outer Space comes into play. It comes in a dark blue color and looks great contrasting with different colors and dark pieces. We love the classic style and feel of this design.

Light Blue Grey House Exterior

We’ve already talked about James Hardie’s Deep Ocean, but if you’re looking for something lighter, check out Boothbay Blue. This soft blue pairs well with white and wood tones, creating a beautiful look that complements the rich waters above.

Exterior Paint Ideas For Inviting Curb Appeal

Looking for a near-black paint color to bring a unique look to your exterior? Benjamin Moore’s Raccoon Fir is a deep, inky color for a bold look. Remember that there are blue and purple tones. There’s no need to be afraid, because you can do anything with these beautiful tones. However, be prepared to test the paint color before you start.

Light Blue Grey House Exterior

Don’t want to go on a renovation project or get mentally depressed? This roundup includes some of our favorite red colors, but designers will work with you to find the perfect color for your home. There are also many other colors you can explore.

Want to improve your exterior? Our designers are ready to help you make your outdoor design dreams come true. Get started today! If you’ve decided to paint the exterior of your home blue to brighten your look, the work has begun. Because blue comes in many different colors, and to choose a color you won’t regret, it’s important to know what’s available and what suits your needs. On the other hand, some shades of blue can look perfect on screen but fall apart in real life.

Light Blue Grey House Exterior

Exterior Paint Colors

Before you investigate further, here is a list of tried and true exterior blue paints. Each option comes in paint colors available from different brands to help you get started. Whether you need a bright shade to brighten up the ocean or sky, or a darker shade to cool your home in the winter, you should find a shade to suit your look from the options below.

Even if dark colors are more common in buildings than light colors, it does not mean that the former are not yet over. This hue will give you a sense of calm before entering your home. Needless to say, it’s perfect for everything from villas to guesthouses, and looks even better when paired with white accessories like windows and shutters.

Light Blue Grey House Exterior

This distinctive color looks great in any home, beach or otherwise. It’s a good idea to keep the color scheme of your room in mind, as it perfectly complements the light and dark of your home’s exterior. Additionally, deep saturation actually pulls heat away from the sun, so it can also help reduce your energy bills during the winter months.

Exterior Color Schemes For Every Architectural Style

Turquoise is one of the best exterior paint colors if you want to think outside the box. This blue-green hue will instantly give your home an island paradise feel, even if it’s very landlocked. Also, the effect is so large that it can make the house appear smaller than it actually is.

Light Blue Grey House Exterior

This dreamy shade of blue is perfect for homes in areas where clouds dominate the sun. If you can’t see the real sky, why not look in the mirror at home? This pastel exterior paint color made its name in San Francisco’s unique Queen Anne architecture, but it’s also perfect for Mediterranean-style homes and modern homes.

Slate blue is perfect for both indoors and outdoors. Bold and neutral at the same time, it’s perfect for those who want a simple pop of color without making a fuss. Whether you’re using it to boost your home’s curb appeal or renovating old furniture, you can hardly go wrong with blue paint ideas. Specifically, this shade is one of the best paint colors for colonial homes.

Light Blue Grey House Exterior

Little Blue Houses And A Big Change

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