Light Blue Grey Paint Colors For Living Room

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Light Blue Grey Paint Colors For Living Room – Blue-grey is difficult to use. The wrong shade of paint can look like blue, gray or mint. I am working on my kids bedroom and they love blue for their walls.

Finding a good blue-gray color is important. I want the color to be neutral and give our kids the color they want in their bedroom.

Light Blue Grey Paint Colors For Living Room

Light Blue Grey Paint Colors For Living Room

I narrowed down our favorite colors using my air deck and Sherwin-Williams swatches, got great ideas from friends on Instagram, and researched colors online to see how the colors would look in the rooms. Scroll down for photos of my top 5 gray and blue ideas and 4 more ideas you can see.

Blue And Grey Living Room Ideas: 10 Ways To Use This Versatile Pairing |

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Candy Rock is a light gray blue in the white and pastel family. It’s a soft, refreshing color and would be great in a nursery or bathroom.

Misty is a neutral home and my favorite choice for children’s rooms. The color feels like light blue with gray tones and is a shade lighter than Samovar Silver.

If you want to go a little darker, Krypton is a great blue-grey. Krypton belongs to the neutral family and is a shade darker than the North Star. It leans more toward cool grays than warm grays.

These Are The 7 Most Popular Living Room Colors Of 2022

This sample shows up online as a light gray color, but the walls have a nice blue tone. This color is suitable for a large room or bedroom. It is included in the Pottery Barn Spring/Summer 2018 collection.

The top is light and fresh and more blue than the sample gray. This color will be suitable for the kitchen or bedroom. Above is the Kids Fall/Summer 2018 collection.

Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams and Farrow & Ball for paint. It’s a fun way to experiment with paint colors and the material is flexible so you can wrap around the corners. I have ordered from Samplize before for clients and we found it

Light Blue Grey Paint Colors For Living Room

I hope this article has helped you in your home decorating process and you can narrow down the right blue gray color for your living room, bedroom, nursery or bathroom. The appearance of your new wall color will change depending on the amount of natural or artificial light that enters the room each day. If you are looking for a neutral background for your home, light blue can be a great choice.

Gray Paint Ideas

I have been struggling with what to paint our kitchen for a long time, and one day it occurred to me. The monochromatic look is all the rage right now (painting the walls and trim in the same color), so I decided to find a color that matched our cabinets.

Our cabinets are finished in this color, but I have a color to match. You can see more about it here.

Our kitchen cabinets are beautiful blues and greens that change with the light. The wedding band has a little more blue and green (yellow) than my closets, but they go great together.

The color also works well in our kitchen sink and compliments the deep navy in our living room.

Blue Gray Paint Colors To Inspire Your Next Reno

I painted our walls matte and our trim the same color but semi-gloss.

I love adding deep muted colors to our home, but I love contrasting them with bright colors to brighten up our home.

What do you think of this week’s color? Comment below and share your favorite colors. I’m always looking for color suggestions!

Light Blue Grey Paint Colors For Living Room

Are you new to my blog? Go HERE for my home tour and shop HERE for the items I use in our home. Learn about the most popular blue gray colors to choose from now! Add a calm, cool and collected look to any area of ​​your home with your favorite blue-green color.

Best Gray Paint Colors 2023, According To Interior Designers

Interior designers loved the famous blue-gray colors, and now you can try them in your own home! This is a collection and review of the 13 best shades of blue from your favorite color brands.

Choosing the right color can be difficult. And it has a huge impact on the room, and it is very expensive to get it wrong!

You’d think I’d be a real pro after years of writing about photography and color analysis here on the blog until I’m blue in the face! But I believe you, we have more

That’s why I’ve created a comprehensive series of painting tips and tutorials to make your decision easier. Learn from our mistakes to avoid going down that painful path!

Best Blue Paint Colors 2023

We recently brought you an amazing roundup of our favorite warm whites, grays, romantic bedroom colors, the perfect LRV app, and our favorite neutrals that we’ve used over the years. This is a colorful app for everyone!

Today we tackle my favorite blue-grey! We picked up a few favorites while building our little garage by the lake, and I thought it would be fun to compare and contrast them in this collection.

Don’t miss the Table of Contents feature in this post for easy navigation or switching from color to color! You can simplify your selection and go straight to the section for all the details of each color.

Light Blue Grey Paint Colors For Living Room

What’s the key to choosing the right color for your home? Examples! Color patterns can change your life for the better!

Fresh Blue Green Paint Colors For Interior Wall

In general, I don’t recommend painting directly on the wall to pick a color (I prefer to paint on Sampize or foam board instead). However, in this case we cover plasterboard with beads, so the brush lines will not be important in the long run.

Blue-grey colors are especially beautiful and comfortable in the bathroom and bedroom. Regardless of your personal decorating style, there are many ways to use these colors for a new look in your home!

In our lake cottage, we used a fresh, nautical-inspired palette that speaks to the style of Coastal Modern Home Decor. I hope to use more of these beautiful teal colors in the future and will definitely be back to share with you here!

First, my favorite tips and tricks for choosing paint colors and answers to frequently asked questions.

Living Room Paint Color Trends

Generally, a warm blue will have a purple hue instead of green. Many of these blue-grey colors have a green background, which makes them cool and comfortable.

In fact! In fact, these colors work so well together that it’s easy to create a home color palette entirely of blues and grays.

In most cases, yes. Soft blue-grey tones can be a great neutral in your home – they work with many accent colors, from warm to cool.

Light Blue Grey Paint Colors For Living Room

Benjamin Moore Best Blue Gray Paint Colors Too many to list here! We got into the top 13 as a great start. Benjamin Moore Silver Gray

Living Room Paint Ideas To Transform Your Space With Colour

Benjamin Moore Silver Gray is another popular blue gray paint color. This gray is a soft, pastel blue shade – perfect for many areas of your home!

Silver gray is a striking yet muted color to achieve the perfect balance. It’s full of charm and has just the right amount of gray in the background.

Boothbay Gray is the most “grey” of the colors we chose – it’s second from the right in the photo above. I absolutely love this beautiful color and hope to use it elsewhere soon!

Santorini (aka Nantucket Fog AC-22) is the most vibrant gray-blue of the colors we’ve collected on the wall above. You can see it

Blue Living Room Ideas

Pros: It is a rich, cool neutral color that can be beautifully contrasted with your favorite white and others.

Water’s Edge is one of the deepest blues on my list and is very popular. It’s only 30 LRVs – much darker than Santorini. The many shades of green make it a chameleon color that changes in different lighting conditions. As you can see, it’s amazing on the door and as an accent color!

Pros: It’s a unique color that looks slightly green, blue or gray at different times of the day.

Light Blue Grey Paint Colors For Living Room

Cons: It’s very dark – not as dark as Hale Navy, but you’ll want lots of natural light where you use this color!

The Most Popular Living Room Colours Of 2023

This nice blue gray reads more blue than the others on this list. It’s a soft, silver color with a lot of gray! Silver Mist 1619 has an LRV 62.

Pros: This is an ideal mid-range blue-gray color, as many designers want to reach 60 characters for LRV.

Cons: Try a swatch of this color

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