Lipstick For Dark Skin Tone

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Lipstick For Dark Skin Tone – I am in love with lipstick. Also, I’m rarely seen wearing just lip gloss (or, worse, lip balm). I want a rich, long-lasting full color lipstick on my lips all the time. My obsession has made me the official lipstick guru among friends/family/colleagues, which means I inevitably get asked this question all the time:

With so many options, I totally understand how you can get lost in the sauce (even I get confused sometimes!). So I tapped two experts on the subject – celebrity makeup artists Ashunti Sheriff and AJ Crimson – to compile this list of the 15 best lipsticks for dark skin.

Lipstick For Dark Skin Tone

Lipstick For Dark Skin Tone

Before you write off this bold purple completely, know that it’s incredibly flattering and surprisingly easy to wear. “Its rich magenta and blue undertones make it the perfect lipstick for dark complexions,” says Sheriff.

Best Mac Matte Lipstick Shades Fair Skin/indian/dark

The range of shades in this line of liquid lipsticks is incredible, says Sheriff. (I mean, what else would you expect from Rih?) Her dark skin tone from the line is this soft mocha shade. It’s a warm, rich color that really lasts and comes with a precision that makes it easy to apply.

Picture this: It’s Friday night and you’re brave. You’re thinking of trying a new lipstick, but you don’t know where to start. Try this matte liquid lipstick. Sheriff says the turquoise lipstick shade is long lasting, lightweight and a fierce color choice for dark skin tones.

Don’t worry this soft pastel shade won’t look ashy on your lips – and it costs less than your Spotify subscription. “It’s a matte lipstick that won’t dry you out and has great color payoff,” says Sheriff.

If your skin has yellow undertones, you’ll want to switch to this lipstick for darker skin tones. Not only does this peach shade complement your skin tone perfectly, but the cream formula works like a liquid for a soft, matte finish. Translation: It is light and colour.

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Shades with warm undertones that usually flatter deeper skin tones, says Crimson. The sheriff agrees – which is why this warm brown is one of her dark lipsticks. The creamy formula ensures long-lasting, smudge-free coverage (yes, even if you’re eating a greasy slice of pizza for lunch).

This liquid lipstick from cruelty-free vegan makeup brand Lime Crime is one of Sheriff’s favorite lipsticks for dark skin. The color is a warm brown – a cute option for a nude lip – and will last you from your morning meeting to your date with Bumble.

For a subtle pop of color on your lips, try this warm terracotta shade for dark skin tones. The oils in the formula keep your lips cool and hydrated (just like lip balm does), so your pout won’t be dry or chapped. And the pointed print contours and plumps the lips, which is a huge bonus.

Lipstick For Dark Skin Tone

People are obsessed with makeup artist Pat McGrath’s lipstick collection — especially this matte pink shade for dark skin tones. The formula is buildable, so you can go from a lip stain to full lips. Although the texture is matte, it feels so light and smooth on the lips that you’ll literally forget you’re wearing lipstick.

Best Lipstick Shades For Girls With Dark Skin Tone

If you want to feel like a high aft, you need this red liquid lipstick in your life. It’s a waterproof lipstick that lasts for hours (seriously, I didn’t even have to reapply once all day) and it looks amazing in photos. Best of all, it’s universally flattering (all my friends swear by it), making it a must-have for dark complexions.

Whenever I need a break from my red lipstick and want an easy makeup-free look, I reach for this lipstick for dark skin tones. It has a slight pink tint to it, but overall this lipstick gives off some serious “your lips but better” vibes.

Don’t like heavy, matte finishes? Then this creamy satin lipstick is for you. The deep brick red color is easy to build up and gives you a soft, natural finish that doesn’t float.

Sheriff loves this hot pink lipstick because it complements a variety of deep skin tones, has incredible color payoff, and is super hydrating. It’s infused with wild mango butter, making dry lips a thing of the past.

How To Choose The Perfect Lipstick Shade For Indian Skin Tones?

Okay, so this lipstick isn’t technically a dark skin tone lipstick, but it works just as well as one (one

The editor loves it so much that she wrote a whole post about it). Wear it under lipstick or wear it alone – either way, it gives you long-lasting, rich color that won’t leave your lips feeling dry.

If you haven’t found the perfect nude lipstick for your skin tone, try this warm mahogany nude lipstick for dark skin tones. According to Sheriff, it complements a range of dark skin tones thanks to its warm, reddish colour.

Lipstick For Dark Skin Tone

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Lipstick Shades For Medium Skin Tones

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What We’re Buying On Ulta’s 72 Hour Sale 👀 Halloween Makeup Ideas You Need To Venture Into The World Of Magnetic Eyes *Really* Does Everything You Need To Know About Tinting Your Eyebrows Lips Can for dark skin be very bold and exciting. If your skin is very tan, cafe? au lait, mocha, chocolate or any other lovely shade, and you’re looking for lipsticks that suit you, I’ve got you! The upcoming spring and summer seasons offer many new lipsticks for dark skin. The shadows are absolutely beautiful. Some of them are classic, some are neutral and perfect for everyday wear, and some are bright and bold. Check out these amazing lipsticks for darker skin and see what you think!

Red lipstick for dark skin is extremely popular at the moment as you can see. Red lips are bold, sexy and sophisticated. However, if you don’t want to go all the way with bright red, that’s fine! Something a little darker and more dramatic like this shade will complement your look and since it’s a little more muted, you can easily wear it during the day.

Amazing Cosmetics Lipstick in Scarlett is a beautiful shade for dark skin tones. It’s a deep, dramatic red that’s perfect for making a bold statement. The color is subtle enough to wear throughout the day, but still stands out enough to be noticed. The formula is creamy and long lasting so it doesn’t smudge or fade easily. It also has a nourishing formula enriched with vitamins and antioxidants, which makes it extremely moisturising. The lipstick is also free of parabens, sulphates and phthalates so it is safe for your skin. It’s easy to apply and won’t leave your lips feeling dry or chapped. With this lipstick, you can create an elegant look that lasts all day.

Luscious Lipstick Shades For Dark Skin Women Pinkvilla, 53% Off

Shades of orange and tangerine are great lipsticks for darker complexions. Both are extremely popular this spring and summer, appearing in jewelry, clothing, shoes, and everything in between. If you want to bring out your skin tone and make the most of the hottest color trend, this lipstick is great.

If you’re looking for a subtle, really subtle color that will highlight your other features, warm up your skin and allow you to focus on the eye, for example, a nude, neutral or natural color is perfect. Matte lipstick is a great idea, but you can also go for glossy. With this, if you want a little extra shine, apply a clear gloss on your lips after application.

There are actually three different shades of this lipstick for dark skin, depending on your tone. Blazing Red is a very vibrant red with orange undertones. Favori Red is a very sweet cherry red, just as hot as it sounds. Ara Red is another option from Dior, this warmer version. These shades are bolder than the darker Amazing Cosmetics shade.

Lipstick For Dark Skin Tone

No, I’m not repeating myself or losing my job. While berry lip colors for dark skin are definitely in, this product is actually made with raspberry extract as well as pomegranate extract. It promises to keep your lips smooth and soft! Berry is a versatile shade on darker skin tones, so you can wear it day or night. Look for something like this with a red undertone, to make your skin stand out.

Best Mac Brown Lipstick Shades From Nude To Dark Skin

Pink lipstick is also great for darker skin tones. Feel free to enlighten them; there are so many variations, you can go for nude pink, candy pink or gorgeous pink. This one is on the lighter side of the spectrum with a subtle shimmer, which is sure to make your lips look even more lush.

If you want a really dramatic lipstick for darker skin, go for purple! From grape to purple to plum, all sorts of different shades suit warmer skin tones. You can be brave

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