Living Room Ceramic Floor Tiles

Living Room Ceramic Floor Tiles – The greatest planning and creative expression of interior design for a balanced floor in the living room with color and shape.

The living room is the space of the house that is the best representation of the personality and style of the people who live there and, at the same time, the most used, where friends and guests are welcome for social events: therefore the choice of tiles for the living area is very important.

Living Room Ceramic Floor Tiles

Living Room Ceramic Floor Tiles

The atmosphere that characterizes the living space and, therefore, the house as a whole, is created through surfaces and furniture and, regardless of the style you are looking for, it is important to make a consistent and strategic choice of all the elements and decide what they are. from this. it should dictate the atmosphere of the room.

Ceramic Tiles To Nourish Everlasting Floors And Walls!–

Thanks to the extraordinary variety of porcelain tiles for the living room, the choice can be in the graphics and amazing colors, which take the main role in the area, for other more minimalist, linear options to develop floor and wall tiles as a basis. neutral to hold and lift the furniture items that complete the room.

Ceramics is the ideal choice for floor and wall tiling in a domestic environment not only because of its aesthetic qualities, but also, above all, because of its outstanding technical performance.

The stone really guarantees healthy air, because it does not contain toxic substances and does not emit VOCs (volatile organic compounds), it is fire-resistant and does not emit smoke in case of fire, it is non-allergenic, hygienic and easy to clean. with any type of detergent. It is also ideal to use the floor or wall heating system, as it is a very hot conductor.

Porcelain tiles can be used in the most diverse design options for living spaces, with original, captivating design surfaces or those inspired by natural materials, which offer a wide range of colors, graphics that are always different and sizes. The proposal includes a collection of porcelain tiles with a wood look, which combines the beauty and warmth of the natural essence with the practicality of stone, for marble – or stone – tiles, concrete – or metal, all available in a matte or polished finish, etc. on. wide range of colors and different sizes.

Porcelain And Ceramic Floor Tiles: Durable And Stylish Flooring

The variety of Refin surfaces gives you unlimited design options to personalize your living room to match your favorite furniture style and mood, all in line with the latest contemporary interior design trends.

Modern porcelain tiles are studied to suit the environment of the New Millennium, to live in accordance with advanced design trends, for avant-garde style homes.

The collection is the greatest expression of Refin’s identity as a company at the forefront of interior design trends.⚠️ Ordering Notes: Please let us know if you have special requirements, delivery dates or if this is an additional order to a previous order. with us. For additional orders, please enter the original order number below.

Living Room Ceramic Floor Tiles

Stylish, affordable and low maintenance – this is basically the Holy Grail of flooring materials, right? You want something that will look amazing every year with little effort, but sounds too good to be true. That’s where porcelain and ceramic tiles come in! Not only are there many different styles, sizes, colors and patterns available, but these floor tiles offer a variety of options to fit almost any budget.

Ceramic Tiles For Floors And Walls, Interior And Exterior

Ideal for both floors and wall surfaces, Athena Cielo Stone Look at the porcelain tiles that are a showpiece! They have all the look of marble slabs but at a fraction of the cost.

Walk into a tiled home and you’ll be amazed at how well this finish complements almost any design aesthetic! Whether you have a contemporary, traditional, modern or minimalist setting,

Follow for inspiration as we cover the basics, including the benefits of ceramic and porcelain floors, the best and most effective places to use them, why they’re such a popular flooring choice, and care and maintenance.

Before you start shopping for your own tiles, it’s helpful to understand the process involved in making ceramics. This way you can evaluate aspects of performance and make sure you’re making informed choices from the start.

Living Room Tiles

Ceramic tiles are made from and clay, along with other natural products such as feldspar – which is then ground into a fine powder. Water is then added to mix the ingredients and the mixture is worked into a square. At this stage, the formed product is known as a “green tile”.

It is baked in an oven at a very high temperature to give the body tensile strength. After that, the product is dried to remove the last traces of moisture before it is prepared, painted and glazed before being baked in an oven at around 2500℉.

The glaze, a liquid glass or hard coating on the teeth, melts onto the top layer of the ceramic tile during the firing process – giving it a non-porous, opaque, stain-resistant and easy-to-use surface. Available in matte and gloss finishes, glazed ceramic floor tiles are ideal for damp and wet areas of the home such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.

Living Room Ceramic Floor Tiles

If the ceramic tile is left unglazed, it will go through the coating process and go straight into the oven to be fired. Unglazed tiles add a natural earth tone look with a dull – and more porous – surface. For stain and waterproof unglazed tiles, we recommend applying a clear sealer after installation.

Sutherland Grey Ecotec Rectified Matt Hard Body Ceramic Floor Tile

Porcelain and ceramics have the same foundation – both are made from clay that is fired to create a dense and durable material. While handmade clay tiles have been an architectural staple throughout human history, porcelain came as a perfector of advanced techniques and technology.

While porcelain and ceramic materials are made of clay, porcelain is made of a denser mixture. This composition makes them less permeable and allows them to fire at higher temperatures – resulting in a very strong non-porous material. This process makes porcelain an ideal material even for high-traffic floors in commercial environments or for outdoor tiles in areas with extreme temperature fluctuations, including freezing or high heat.

While ceramic tiles tend to have colored glazes or artisan finishes, porcelain is the chameleon of the world of building materials. It can be finished with marble, wood, concrete or other surfaces – but without weakness.

Ceramic or porcelain floor tiles are an excellent choice for providing a long-lasting finish with exceptional versatility and ease of use. Read the reasons why this practical material continues to play an important role in the world of design.

Stunning Living Room Designs With Simpolo Ceramic Tiles

This ancient yet thoroughly modern material has a hard surface that makes maintenance incredibly simple. Thanks to their strength and finish, ceramic tiles are very durable, making them ideal for busy homes and even businesses. Whatever life throws at you, superior performance means peace of mind for the next 20 years or longer if properly installed and maintained.

The non-porous surface prevents the accumulation of dust, dirt, pet dander, pollen and other allergens in the home. As a result, these floor tiles are easy to clean and can reduce airborne allergens – making them an excellent choice for homeowners with allergy problems.

Since all these tiles are made of an inorganic and inert composition, they resist the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria for a clean and hygienic floor. Even better, there’s no need to use harsh cleaning chemicals – it can be removed with water!

Living Room Ceramic Floor Tiles

Bold, bold flooring provides an interior finish with a unique look! This geometric floor design not only makes an exciting visual style statement, but brings a new dimension, especially when paired with the same wallpaper.

Best Living Room Tile Ideas & Designs

It’s not just their wearable and easy-to-maintain qualities that make ceramic tiles a popular flooring solution. Thanks to today’s advances in HD Inkjet printing, it’s become more fun than “plain white boxes”. The tile beautifully mimics the warmest looks of wood and stone – and creative pattern designs expand into new boundaries with different colors and textures to seamlessly complement all types of aesthetics.

As we become more and more aware of the importance of sustainable construction and materials around us, the longevity of porcelain and ceramic floors makes them an excellent choice for anyone who wants eco-friendly products. The natural minerals and clay used to make clay tiles give them a strong advantage of being easy to use in everyday life over PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and plastic-based flooring materials.

One of the reasons ceramic tiles are such a popular choice for flooring is how easy and low they are to keep clean. Because dirt and grime remain on the surface, a quick wipe or wipe with just water can easily clean porcelain tiles. The occasional use of a specially formulated grout cleaner will help keep the grout lines looking fresh if they become dirtier than expected.

Sospiro Ocean Tile provides style and functionality, creating the perfect finish for both interior and exterior applications.

Wald Multicoloured Matt Wood Effect Vitrified Ceramic Floor Tile

The extra protective layer provided by the glaze makes water and spills no match for this thick and impermeable material. Even with the application of sealant every four years, ceramic tile will encounter problems with moisture and is very resistant.

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