Living Room Furniture For Open Floor Plan

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Open floor plans add flexibility to any home. In a traditional closed plan, the rooms are separated by walls and doors. Each room has its own privacy pocket, making it easy to organize the different areas of the house. But in an open floor plan, the walls and doors come down, allowing rooms to be joined together. Your kitchen can double as a dining room and double as a living room. And this flexibility makes multitasking easier.

Living Room Furniture For Open Floor Plan

Living Room Furniture For Open Floor Plan

“Open-plan living allows for endless entertaining – pour a glass of wine, check that gravy is simmering on the stove and cook, all the while…chatting with family members or guests.” Deborah Costa, interior designer and founder of Design Alchemy, says. “Open concept floor plans enhance the heart of the home, combining the kitchen and entertaining areas into one.”

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By inviting you to multitask, open floor plans make your life easier. But decorating them can be a challenge. Without a wall to guide you, how should you place your furniture? And how on earth do you decide which rooms to include?

“When decorating an open floor plan, planning is the first and most important step,” says Gina Schumacher, lead designer at Insert Design. “Without using ‘room’ to describe, you need to create a cohesive arrangement that maximizes performance, balances the scale of the pieces, and celebrates the relationship between them.”

This may seem like a tall order. But the right motivation can make it much easier. So to help you manage and customize your open floor plan with ease, we asked six interior designers to share their best open floor design ideas.

When designing an open floor plan, it can be difficult to decide which rooms to combine. A popular choice? Combine your kitchen with your living room. “Kitchens are the center of the home,” said Costa. “Now people don’t differentiate themselves for cooking”. They want to keep up with what’s happening in the living space.

How To Style & Layout An Open Plan Living Dining Room Combo

Plus, a large reception area means a full kitchen. “A family room or living room open to the kitchen gives you the opportunity to spread out,” says Emily Davis, principal designer at Emily Davis Interiors.

Set the scene in your open concept home by opening your entryway. “Having an open door to the dining room and living room gives the home an immediate sense of flow,” says Davis.

Without walls, how can you define where one place ends and another begins? easy Spain and Ivy founding designer Kathryn Staples uses rugs to create different zones in a space,” she said.

Living Room Furniture For Open Floor Plan

And Christine Rainey, interior designer and founder of Design Alchemy, agrees: “A rug under a coffee table in a common room or under a table in a dining room works well to define special spaces.”

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The great thing about open floor plans is that you can customize them to fit your needs. So, if you work in the kitchen or dining room, bring a formal work station.

“Increasingly, we’re integrating computing spaces into open spaces outside the kitchen,” says Renee. “They’re places where adults can access their computers or kids can do homework without having to set up kitchen counters or dining room tables.”

Do you have a safe way to separate two spaces in your open plan? Pull the room divider. Find something large enough to serve as decoration, and if you want to keep the feeling of connecting the spaces, you can choose a room divider that is small enough or elegant enough to be seen.

A statement ceiling is not only a fun way to dress up your space, but it’s also great for separating spaces in your open plan. “Slanted ceilings can separate spaces a bit, without separating them into rooms,” says Staples.

How To Decorate And Create Spaces In An Open Floor Plan

By covering your dining room ceiling with wooden beams and leaving your kitchen bare, you can make the spaces feel separate, yet connected.

Upgrade your living room to become a game room, game room or other entertainment space. “We like to combine the family room with comfortable seating and enclosed storage for toys and games,” says Erin Korin, lead designer at Curated Nest.

If you want the room to feel private without completely closing it off, use storage furniture to get the job done. “Attached storage solutions such as sideboards and drawers can separate areas in an open plan,” says Korin.

Living Room Furniture For Open Floor Plan

Why do you only have one place to live? With an open floor plan, you can create a variety of living areas, giving house guests plenty of space to gather and mingle.

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“Avoid formal seating and move the conversation around the room,” says Costa. “Think of a lounge or hotel lobby and create different moments and opportunities to meet.”

Think of the space as a lounge or hotel lobby and create different moments and opportunities to meet.

Combining the kitchen with the living room is a popular choice, but combining your dining room with your living room is a great alternative.

“We like the flow of the living room and dining room together,” says Corinne. “We opened up the living room walls to the dining rooms because it allows for more traffic, where drinks lead to dinner.”

Open Floor Plan Design: 10 Pro Ideas For A Cohesive Look

In any open floor plan, stairs are your friend. Because? The different levels make it easy to divide your space into smaller sections, while allowing you to enjoy the flexibility of an interior without walls.

Want to capture the privacy of a closed floor plan, without walls? Take advantage of box openings such as doors and arches.

“Crate openings can do wonders for creating visual separation between spaces,” says Davis. “The large box allows for a sense of connection without opening up

Living Room Furniture For Open Floor Plan

When creating your open floor plan, remember that you are in control of which rooms are available in your home. So if you want a kitchen and a bar in your home, make room for both. “Our clients wanted to add a distinct beverage area to their open floor plan,” said Costa.

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If your bar isn’t your thing, make room for something that is. Add a wine room for wine lovers or a library nook in the family room for book lovers, suggests Staples.

Lighting can be a great way to create flow and separation in an open floor plan. The key is to change the lighting from side to side, keeping the setting consistent.

“Make sure the lighting you choose works together, but has its own identity,” says Corin. “This will allow for a good flow aesthetically while allowing each piece to have its moment.”

A great way to customize your open plan? It combines three rooms into one. “Our clients like to combine the common living, dining and kitchen areas for a smooth flow of daily life activities,” says Renee.

What You Should Consider Before Choosing An Open Floor Plan For Your Home

By keeping your kitchen, dining room, and living room in one place, you can celebrate the space seamlessly, without missing a beat.

If your staircase isn’t tucked into a corner, it’s probably well positioned to act as a border to your space. Take advantage of your stairs and treat them like a half wall. Use it to separate different spaces of your plant without completely separating it.

A designer-approved way to create separation in a shared kitchen and living room? Swipe to the showcase. “To break up a long row of sofas, we put sideboards behind the sofa,” says Korin. “This breaks the line of sight, adds interest and texture, and adds storage.”

Living Room Furniture For Open Floor Plan

No home is complete without a dining room, and if you don’t want to dedicate an entire room to your dining table, you can at least make room for it in your kitchen. “Entertaining is no longer a formal affair, so some people choose not to have a formal dining room in their home,” Staples said. “This makes for more communication when hosting and preparing company meals.”

Tips For Small House Open Concept Kitchen And Living Room

A great way to separate the different spaces of your open plan? Decorate your walls in different ways. “Visual separation can be done with different paint colors or different wall treatments,” says Staples.

Paint different areas different colors, line them with different materials, or cover one with wallpaper while leaving the other.

Reclining sofas don’t make sense in every home. But it’s a great way to encourage relaxation in an open-minded environment. With one couch facing the kitchen and another in the living room, you can create space for pre-dinner and post-dinner conversation, giving guests an easy way to settle in for the night.

If your kitchen is connected to another space, such as the dining room or living room, use your island to separate them.

Lighting Tips For Open Floor Plans

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