Long Living Room Decorating Ideas

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The classic video game Tetris easily comes to mind whenever you are faced with the difficult task of arranging furniture in a tight space. A sofa can look perfect against a certain wall, but when a coffee table is placed in front of it, it can suddenly feel cramped – and guests need a side chair, but its small size seems to be the size between the plant and the sofas. . So what can you do to capture this Tetris in real life and create a spacious room without a lot of space?

Long Living Room Decorating Ideas

Long Living Room Decorating Ideas

“In tight spaces, you often have to organize your floor plan,” says Alessandra Wood, Ph.D., vice president of styling at Modsy. “Maybe you can’t fit a side table next to the sofa, or maybe you can fit one armchair instead of two.”

Best Sunken Living Room Design Ideas For Your Home

Planning is the main arrangement of furniture in narrow living rooms, bedrooms and other places. If you’re working in a small space, it’s important to pay more attention to which pieces stay or move. Wood knows how difficult it can be to create an unusual space, so he offers tips on how to tackle a difficult space. “Don’t overwork your figure,” she says, and that should be your mantra when you go to work. Wood dives deeper and offers ideas for designing style in a comprehensive format.

Read her tips for designing furniture in a tight space and keep these tips in mind to win the game against tricky square footage.

“If you’re looking for design ideas related to lighting for tight spaces, sconces are the way to go,” says Wood. “These babies will light up your home without taking up valuable floor space or counter space. What’s even better? Many accessories can be mounted on the wall, so you don’t have to worry about all the wires. Some even bypass, so more positions in your lights.

As your mother used to say, ‘keep your feet off the couch,’ one of the best design ideas is to keep furniture off the floor.” The tree continues. “Why? Because nothing will make a small room smaller than a large sofa that has fallen directly to the floor. Instead, try using furniture high above the floor to make your small space look bigger. choice. This is also why the mid-century modern style is so popular in urban areas where houses are very small.”

Essential Tips For Designing A Modern Living Room

“Sometimes it’s better to skip the rectangular rug and go for an unusual option,” says Wood. “In fact, a rug that is obviously too big or too small will only draw attention to the size and shape of your room. Instead, try a rug with an unusual shape, such as cowhide or even round cloth. This will create a sense of flow and fill the size of the floor. space without taking into account the narrow shape of the room.’

“When you can’t create more space, you can always use apartment design ideas that make it look like you have more space,” adds Wood. “The oldest trick in the interior designer’s book? See-through furniture! Choosing pieces made of glass or acrylic is a great way to trick the eye into thinking your space is bigger than it is. So skip the big wooden coffee table in favor of glass or acrylic.This will make your room open and airy, making it look bigger. !

“Creating movement around the room is an important part of making your room comfortable and healthy,” says Wood. This may mean using less equipment.”

Long Living Room Decorating Ideas

“Just because your space is tight doesn’t mean you have to put furniture against the wall,” says Wood. “Play with pulling pieces out – maybe shelves behind the bed or a console table with lights and accessories.” Choose small accessories that won’t take up too much space when removed from the wall, and use decorative accents behind the sofa (such as tall plants or floor lamps) to draw attention to the extra space.

Living Room Decorating Ideas, Photos & Inspiration

Keeping furniture off the walls is an important feng shui thing, and even if you’re working with limited space, the extra space around each piece will make your design feel airy and open.

Create defined spaces in a long, narrow room instead of trying to create one space for conversation: “If you have a narrow but long room, creating ‘defined spaces’ like the Great Living Room and Reading Room will help you break up the space. ” says Woods. Use a sunroom or small sectional to break up the space and break up the cramped feeling.”

Instead of using a regular coffee table, play with small nesting tables or sofas. “It provides a place to put your feet up or have a drink without taking up valuable space,” continues Wood. Bonus: the nesting tables can be removed when you’re not entertaining guests, giving you extra floor space when you don’t need them.

“In a narrow room, get a storage bed. If the room is too small for cables, you can get an elevator,” he adds. “In the living room, choose a media cabinet that can hide your accessories and provide additional storage space. In tight spaces, you should have places to store excess items so that they don’t feel exposed and cramped.” Unlike traditional coffee tables, many sofas can also serve as storage space for valuables without being exposed (don’t forget the top tray for drinks and decorations). We’re all obsessed with bigger rooms and more space, but frankly, too much can be a problem. While bigger sounds better, it’s often difficult to fill an entire space in a way that looks cohesive and doesn’t feel awkward.

Best Living Room Design Ideas For 2023

Luckily, we’ve got 10 great living room examples (and tips on how to match them) to help you navigate the big space. Take notes and get ready to rearrange your furniture.

In large spaces and especially in the open concept, there is a lack of separation of rooms. Creating contrast between spaces makes everything look intentional. A large area rug creates parameters and visually encloses an area, preventing the design from spilling over into other areas of your home.

While small spaces can feel overwhelmed with decorations, a large space can work well with thoughtful design. This beautiful living room has a red tufted sofa, printed rug, chandelier lights and decorative coffee tables. Do the same with similar tones and shades, such as a red sofa, coral, cushions and pink lamps.

Long Living Room Decorating Ideas

There is no reason to create a large living room if dark corners tend to fade into the background. Be clever with lighting so that your big design ideas are well lit from all angles. This living room features stylish pendant and gallery lights on the wall to ensure that every part of the room gets the attention it deserves.

Large Living Room Ideas That Make Great Use Of Space

Even if a large L-shaped sofa fits in a large living room, it is better to replace it with two small sofas. The design feels more sophisticated and fills the room in a way that encourages entertainment.

They stand in front of a coffee table between them and two side chairs for as many (if not more) seats as the section.

Construction can take up a lot of space, but if you have the space, it’s a good time to add your own design. A modern entertainment center like this one, featuring wood and marble elements, hides all traces of electronic cables and offers plenty of space to store and display your favorite pieces.

If one seat doesn’t fill you with enough space, add another. In this vintage-inspired living room, two separate seating areas have been created with their own sofas, chairs, coffee tables and rugs to complete this large space.

Living Room Interior Designs For Your Home

If you have a lot of space in your living room, play with the weight and add things that will make your room look longer. A long couch with an extended sofa and things like a tall fireplace accentuate your already spacious living room.

A great living room and entertainment go hand in hand. Knowing that your large space will quickly fill up with friends and family, we recommend having additional seating available for guests.

Ottoman chairs under the console table and comfortable cushions on the built-in window bench will make guests feel at home, even if sofa space is limited.

Long Living Room Decorating Ideas

Prints may take up little space, but luckily for you and your larger lifestyle

How To Decorate A Large Wall In Your Living Room

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