Master Bedroom And Nursery Combined Ideas

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Master Bedroom And Nursery Combined Ideas – A place in your home where you can welcome your child! However, the size of this space can vary greatly, and while some babies leave the hospital and go into their own nursery, many families have to get creative when creating a niche in the bedroom, their own bed. They are often urban families like Becky and Mike who live in a 1-bedroom apartment in San Francisco. As discussed in BabyCenter’s 4-part DIY Dream Nursery series, their design dilemma was turning their bedroom into a shared space with their baby due in September.

Kindergarten project to the rescue! This is exactly the kind of design challenge we love to tackle, and after seeing the previous images, we were confident we could help this couple come up with a solid nursery plan for their bedroom.

Master Bedroom And Nursery Combined Ideas

Master Bedroom And Nursery Combined Ideas

Where do I start? The first step for this couple was to remove all clothing and clutter so that there was nothing in the room but the bed. By removing everything but the essentials, you can decide how to make the most efficient use of the space and see what fits in the room and what doesn’t. After decluttering, we gave Becky and Mike ten tips on how to make the most of a small space, and we hope you find them useful and don’t miss their video story. Grab a tissue because this is truly an emotional ride.

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The couple did an amazing job implementing our advice. It’s a complete space transformation – and proof that you can have the perfect nursery, no matter how small! Many new parents have very little living space. Some have only one-room houses or 2 or 3-room houses, but other children already sleep in these rooms. Where do you put a newborn if there is no free space?

In the case of my daughter and son-in-law, they have a two-room apartment, but my son already lives in the second bedroom. Not quite ready to move into a new home or kick Jordan (my son), they decided to get creative and set up a little nursery in their bedroom; and I think you have done a great job!

Ashley and Jason designed the space by dividing the middle of the room with a curtain. Hooks were screwed into the ceiling and a pole was hung to hold the curtain. Not only practical, but also very beautiful and romantic!

The children’s side is large enough for a crib, wardrobe, bedside table and chair.

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Ashley and Jason keep the bed on the side of the room and the small dresser at the end of the bed. They made the space romantic with beautiful bed linen, a nice lamp, a nice picture and a lot of materials surrounding the bed.

Let’s go through all the details of the children’s side of the room. There is a bedside table right next to the curtains and the cot. Basically two cages stacked on top of each other with an old scarf on top. A lamp and small things lie on top.

On the floor, at the bottom of the bedside table, is a glittering shoe.

Master Bedroom And Nursery Combined Ideas

The manger is made of beautiful polished gold. Ashley found these pretty pink rose sheets to go with the crib. The comb is from Wayfair.

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Above the bed, Ashley hung Alethea’s best dress. She used old vintage hangers that were lying in my closet for a long time. I don’t know where I got them; maybe my husband’s mother?

On the wall above the bed, Ashley hung three individual pieces of art she found at Hobby Lobby.

On the floor at the end of the crib sits a teddy bear and a basket of small stuffed toys and some shiny claws.

Next to the crib is an old booth that holds Alethea’s pretty clothes, as well as drawers and shelves. Would you believe it was an old kitchen unit? Ashley removed the shelves from the top, hung a pole, and painted the entire piece white and gold.

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Ashley wanted to use real baby blocks as decor in the nursery, but they didn’t like the base colors, so she repainted them to match the colors of the room!

In the tight space on the first shelf under the clothes, Ashley placed Alethea’s baby shoes and a box of hair bows.

Another shelf is much deeper and is used for decoration and storage. Ashley covered the shoebox with gold wrapping paper to hold a few of Alethea’s smaller items. She added 12 x 12 sheets of scrapbook paper to the back wall to add interest. The left side of the box is mostly decorative, but also serves a practical purpose of storing Ashley’s other jewelry in the jewelry box and cup. Finally, do you see the tag I made for Alethea on top of the jewelry box? You can get a better look at this brand in this post.

Master Bedroom And Nursery Combined Ideas

I loved Ashley’s idea of ​​putting extra jewelry in the cup. I have a lot of jewelry and no matter how many jewelry storage containers I buy, I never have enough room to fit it. I may have to copy this idea!

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Underneath the decorative shelf are two drawers that hold all of Alethe’s clothes, pajamas, and anything else that doesn’t need hanging.

There are two shelves at the bottom of the booth and Ashley added additional decorative boxes to hold more baby clothes!

Completing the nursery side of the room is a vintage chair on which Ashley has placed an old stuffed animal from her childhood along with two family baby quilts and a needlepoint.

I love this card that Ashley got. It is made from real fabric, a wire hanger and a piece of dental floss as a clothes line. Isn’t he just the cutest? I would never want to sew such small ones! Oh!

Caitlin’s Joint Nursery/office Update

The bedroom/nursery combination worked really well for Ashley and Jason. Babies are so small that they don’t need as much space as we think. One of the things I told Ashley when she was trying to figure out how to get Alethea into her nursery was, “The nursery is more for the mom than the baby. it… I love it.” A mother who wants a beautiful nursery.” And Ashley certainly found that advice to be true because Alethea doesn’t even spend time in her nursery. Always wanting to be caught or angry. 🙂

I hope this gives you some ideas if you or someone you know is expecting a new baby and maybe you don’t have a baby-only room available. With a little imagination, you too can create a beautiful space! Don’t have free space to create the perfect children’s room? Me neither! My older kids all have their own rooms and we really had to keep the guest room since our family lives out of town. My daughters will share a room one day, but that’s at least two years away, so I decided to create a nursery in our guest room. Here are some of the things I learned while creating a nursery niche.

Plan the main purpose of the room. Although it’s a guest room, it’s 98% Charlotte’s nursery. We have guests maybe once a month. I kept trying to work around the current layout to make it comfortable for the guests, but then it dawned on me

Master Bedroom And Nursery Combined Ideas

. Normally I wouldn’t put the guest bed against the wall, but this plan worked best for our hole. Is there a hole in the bedroom? Well, that changes things!

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We also decided to wait until we knew the gender (Best surprise. Ever.) so we knew we wanted to keep things neutral and then add a little decoration for a girl or boy. We settled on a neutral boho rainbow design and couldn’t love it more!

Choose furniture that fits the room. In my case, my guest room is good, but it also has a double bed. I knew the best solution would be a small crib and dresser since they both have a small footprint. I added a utility cart to store diapers and baby supplies like diaper liners, tablecloths, etc.

3. Keep the design consistent, but don’t be afraid to add nursery decor to the opening. In this case, I added a woven wall hanging and a rattan side table to match the boho rainbow motif in the hole.

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Helpful Design Tips When Sharing A Room With Baby

4. Choose items that can be transferred outside the nursery. This is good advice in general, but especially if you know it

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