Mid Century Modern Home Exterior Colors

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Mid Century Modern Home Exterior Colors – Mid-century modern architecture is designed to create appeal, and MCM exterior paint can take it to the next level. But where do you start? Well, you can always invert your color palette by finding MCM House color combinations that you love. Then, consult someone who knows their paint and you’re on your way to an impressive exterior.

“The key to success here is research — find images or examples of mid-century modern homes that really appeal to you and work backwards,” advises Sue Weden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. again”. Once you’ve done your research, I recommend using the Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap Visualizer to enhance your vision with specific additional shades and colors that will test the wet samples of your choice. Sue matched some of the paint colors to some of our favorite MCM homes.

Mid Century Modern Home Exterior Colors

Mid Century Modern Home Exterior Colors

Gray is on trend, but orange is classic MCM and adds humor. See more of this Fullerton home on Facebook Paint colors Bunglehouse Gray and Navel.

What’s The Perfect Mid Century House Color?

Portland rum comes in three colors that create great contrast, but it’s neutral enough to blend in to not overdo it. Get in shape with these three paints.

Mid Century Modern Home Exterior Colors

The 1961 Sacramento Home MCM exterior paint color is sexy yet playful, and bold trim colors create an edgy look for a secure grip. Get in shape with these paint colors. (Unfortunately, flags are not included.)

The home graces the cover of Atomic Ranch’s Spring 2020 issue and the white and light blue color combination is the perfect MCM snowflake on any home’s architectural cake! So even if your home doesn’t have coffered ceilings and textured walls, you can still get a bright white with navy blue exterior with these paint colors.

Mid Century Modern Home Exterior Colors

Mid Century Modern Renovation

For more MCM exterior paint color ideas, don’t miss How to Get Palm Springs Door Paint! And for loads of inspiration, tips and advice for MCM Exteriors, from outside attractions to landscaping, patios to swimming pools, don’t miss our new Exteriors issue! Grab your copy here.

Jolene Nolte is a writer and editor currently living in Vancouver, BC, where she loves the mountains, ocean, forests, and mixed-use architecture. I’m Keirin, principal owner and designer of Shift Modern Home, you love tiled wallpaper. Genes, Formula 1 racing and potatoes. Who am I with?

Mid Century Modern Home Exterior Colors

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Best Mid Century Modern Paint Colors

Summer is here and it’s the right time to update your home’s exterior with paint.

Mid Century Modern Home Exterior Colors

While some towns don’t have real mid-century gems, there are single-storey bungalows from the 50s and 60s as well as 70s Rada properties, with architectural The simple architecture matches the mid-century inspired updates.

Since color has a strong impact on your home’s curb appeal and is something you won’t change often, you should take the time to plan the right color choices to create a winning exterior. Mid-century inspiration for your home. that you dreamed about

Mid Century Modern Home Exterior Colors

Tartan Way, Oakland, Ca 94619

To start with a general idea of ​​whether you want a light room or a dark room – or a central color scheme. If you’re not sure, search Pinterest for inspiration (see my boards to get started) and visit a neighborhood with modern or mid-century features to see what you like.

Weather will play a role in this decision. One of my favorite places to vacation is Palm Springs CA because it is a great place for mid-century homes. Many houses are painted bright white, perfect against the sunny sky, cool blue swimming pool and lush green palm trees. I like the way it looks.

Mid Century Modern Home Exterior Colors

Unlike where I live in Calgary, Canada, bold white doesn’t have the same effect when it snows. Falling to the ground in the first six months of the year. In colder climates, consider using warm, muted colors like the Oregon home below to look good year-round.

Mid Century House Exterior Makeover • Pmq For Two

Your home will give you advice on which paint options are best. Look at permanent elements like brick, stone, accents, wood, locks, and roofing. If you don’t plan for these changes, they need to be considered part of the overall color scheme.

Mid Century Modern Home Exterior Colors

Using rocks or bricks, work with small letters to create beautiful colors. In the example below, the painted face extends the green portion of the stone, creating a softer exterior palette.

For red/brown tiles, you will be limited to soft or dark chocolate brown taps to do the job. Dark brown or brick gray allows you to experiment with blues, greens and neutrals. Of course, you can paint your floors, in which case think of it as trim or body color (see third point (below), this depends on the location of your house).

Mid Century Modern Home Exterior Colors

Black Mid Century Modern House Reveal — Swatts & Co Design Studio

Remember to treat your roof if it is visible as it is large in size and the same color will affect the exterior paint color you can choose.

Gray roofs, especially if they are red, are the most limiting when it comes to usage and just like tiles, you will want to stick to neutral colors. If your roof is too red I would avoid blues and greens as it will enhance the color but not in a good way! (Remember that your roof should not be the star of the show but just a supporting member!)

Mid Century Modern Home Exterior Colors

For roofs with blue or green tones, try to find similar colors to create a more cohesive scheme. Black and gray roofs offer the most flexibility in choosing body colors for your home.

Defining Lines — Mid Century Maurer

Your landscape design can also play an important role – if you have a beautiful red maple tree that you want to highlight, you’ll want to avoid a red room. A charcoal house or navy house is a great choice to show off its fall beauty.

Mid Century Modern Home Exterior Colors

Look at your neighbors too – you don’t want to blend in with them, but at the same time you don’t want to stand out as the only pink house on the block.

Since sunlight will dramatically change the color of your paint, you should try multiple options and I recommend trying it on all the exterior walls of your house by painting a 2′ x square. 2.’

Mid Century Modern Home Exterior Colors

Front Of Mid Century Modern Home With View Through Front Doors Into Courtyard Stock Photo

Walls in north-facing or shaded areas will be darker because they receive less sunlight, while south-facing walls will be darker because of the sun. Be prepared to choose lighter or darker colors to achieve your look.

Test your models in the morning, mid-day, and evening to see if you’re happy with how they appear. Come back to your home to see what they look like from afar, not just up close.

Mid Century Modern Home Exterior Colors

If you’re really comfortable, this is a great project to do yourself and get a great bang for your buck. However, be sure of your ability and time to do it because designing and repainting the entire house is a big job. When in doubt, secure the services of a professional artist.

Eichler Paint Colors, Eichler Stains, Mid Century Modern Home Paint Tips — Mid Century Modern Interior Designer

If you’re still feeling a little overwhelmed, I’ve rounded up the top five exterior color combinations inspired by half-century homes that you can use with confidence.

Mid Century Modern Home Exterior Colors

Be sure to send photos of your finished home – I’d love to see how you enhance your curb appeal with exterior paint!

If choosing an exterior paint color still seems daunting, help is just a few clicks away. My custom exterior color palette packages take all the guesswork out of your home, including colors, paint, accessories and lighting, giving you the confidence to create the stylish look you desire for your home. my house.

Mid Century Modern Home Exterior Colors

Curb Appeal Tips For Midcentury Modern Homes

Cairin was born and raised in England and currently lives in Calgary, Canada with her husband and two grown sons, and they maintain an interesting and humorous life.

We share 5 types of exterior paint that will help your home go from forgotten to the most beautiful.

Mid Century Modern Home Exterior Colors

Follow @ caireenkennedy on Instagram for our latest projects, tips, insights and behind-the-scenes action. DM and don’t forget to say hi! HomePortfolio Blog Resources The current interest in the mid-century modern (MCM) style is to emulate the look of a mid-century home built between the 1930s and 1960s.

The 17 Best Exterior House Colors Of 2022

Elongated geometric lines, futuristic shapes, bright shades of exotic colors and expansive windows created this new and popular style. Home builders incorporated these modern design ideas from famous architects including Walter Gropius, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Marcel Breuer and the father of American architecture: Frank Lloyd Wright, who trained many MCM architects.

Mid Century Modern Home Exterior Colors

Although MCM design has some similarities to American Farm House, the two styles have distinct architectural philosophies and should not be confused.

With some MCM influence, your home will hark back to the 1950s in the best way possible, with a classic yet modern feel.

Mid Century Modern Home Exterior Colors

What Is Midcentury Modern Architecture?

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