Mid Century Modern Ranch Renovation

Mid Century Modern Ranch Renovation – Mark Ashby Design in collaboration with Furman + Keil Architects gives a traditional ranch, circa 1954, a mid-century update in Austin, Texas. In 2001 the building was renovated, resulting in unevenness, poor circulation and unusual appearance.

The new owners challenged the architectural and design team to find the beauty of the mid-century, harmony and harmony. The result is a spacious house with natural light, the warmth of materials and modern spaces for everyday life and work.

Mid Century Modern Ranch Renovation

Mid Century Modern Ranch Renovation

Homeowners are looking for all the value and want to keep most of the special properties that give the house its design and functionality. The design team planned to retain much of the existing structure with a second story added directly above the existing parking garage.

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The new plan restores the circulation of the kitchen, making it a central space while improving the flow of the house. Consider creating separate groups for watching TV, music rooms and entertainment. A new bench has been added for year-round outdoor living.

Mid Century Modern Ranch Renovation

The dining room, kitchen and living room are connected, each room leads to another. “The design of this house evokes a light and relaxed mood, nothing is too staged,” said interior designer Michele Lorenz of Mark Ashby Design. Michele chose polished and polished Arabesco marble for the kitchen island and countertops.

Its custom built dining room wall promotes comfortable seating for large groups. The dining table was designed by Austin-based artisans, Mockingbird Domestic, in a fun, well-run race with soft edges. The wonderful music room has a vintage coffee table and swivel chairs from Round Top, Michele has created a sofa design in chairs in gorgeous retro gold velvet. The wall art in the living room is filled with the homeowner’s collection.

Mid Century Modern Ranch Renovation

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A wooden ceiling plane was used as a tool in the design; connect the ceiling in the front of the house which creates a more unified feeling and the higher ceiling with different materials in the back of the house which makes the connection of the body to the backyard, pool and views to the south.

Most of the houses are small in detail, but more detail is used to select important points. White oak and polished limestone walls define the core of the house, while steel and white oak lattices in the dining room, entrance and staircase emphasize movement and filter light into the heart of the house .

Mid Century Modern Ranch Renovation

What we love: This mid-century design in Austin, Texas offers its residents a welcoming home. Living spaces have become bright and spacious for everyday life and entertainment. Overall, we love the new design, from the beautiful outdoor space to the beautiful chef’s kitchen with beautiful materials and a large island for cooking and eating.

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Mid Century Modern Ranch Renovation

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Polished limestone walls and porches anchor the house to the site, while the existing wood allows light to flow throughout the day and provides privacy. It is important to capture and preserve the image of the house on Taylor Slough Creek, That gives the feeling of entering a natural wooded environment this property in Austin on west and central.

Mid Century Modern Ranch Renovation

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A Kindesign received this project from our submission page. If you have a project that you would like to submit, visit our Submit Your Projects page and be considered! A stunning mid-century modern ranch home renovated by H3K Design in Palm Springs, in the Sonoran Desert of Southern California. Lush manicured lawns with large rocks and stone walkways add curb appeal to this beautiful home. This home has been completely renovated to reflect clean lines and beautiful aesthetics. Watch below to see the change…

What we love: This mid-century ranch house has updated outdoor and indoor living spaces that create a welcoming atmosphere. Outside, the area is very beautiful and the garden has enough space for entertaining and relaxing by the pool. Inside, the elegant living space includes a spacious kitchen and luxurious bathroom that meets the needs of the people living in the house.

Mid Century Modern Ranch Renovation

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Mid Century Modern Ranch Renovation

The landscape has been restored to provide a beautiful border with stone and stone slabs as well as a rock formation of cactus plants in the foreground.

The architects created the idea of ​​a stream and created a narrow bubbling blue water in front of the building. At the entrance, bright red French doors are lit by Sputnik chandeliers. It took me six months to renovate a three-bedroom house at Millie’s Remodel, but it took longer to share with you. Today is the day, I invite you all the way! Are you ready for this amazing change?

Mid Century Modern Ranch Renovation

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I’m excited to take you on a tour of Millie’s Remodel home today! I know you’ve been patient and I can’t do enough for you. In fact, the building has been under construction for a year, but last year my life changed. However, I am happy to invite you to watch this house’s progress from an ugly house to a mid-century modern dream house!

To give you the experience, I have created a video review for you! If you want, you can read the pictures and learn more about all the work done on this house. I hope you will understand the journey and feel free to leave me on YouTube or here. If you are looking for a place for something at home, go to the bottom of this article.

Mid Century Modern Ranch Renovation

Did you like this video? Do you want to jump into the whole Millie’s Remodel? You can watch the full video in Millie’s Remodel playlist:

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Mid Century Modern Ranch Renovation

When I bought the house, that block was a bit of a sellout. Especially with the ugly carport, plants and leaning split rail fence.

The color scheme must go. Nothing screams ’90s like a house with brown vinyl siding and hunter green vinyl shutters. As a green hunter, I heard that he is coming back. Do you think it’s time to buy it again?

Mid Century Modern Ranch Renovation

Mid Century Modern Renovation

I knew I wanted to paint the whole house from the ground up and luckily I discovered Romabio Muronra paint, a mineral paint that allows the brick to breathe. This prevents bubbling and peeling paint, but more importantly, prevents the brick from failing. My exterior contractor removed the old vinyl siding before painting. We were both surprised to see the wood paneling underneath in such good condition. Adding aluminum or vinyl siding to wood often traps moisture and causes the wood to rot.

After agonizing over the color choice, I chose Romabio’s Sage Advice as the paint color for the house. I love the green color and how it is completely different from the neighboring houses.

Mid Century Modern Ranch Renovation

However, Millie still wanted a little more, so I decided to try my hand at the recording studio. These DIY modern shutters are very easy to make and I was able to finish and install them around the front window over the weekend.

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You may have noticed that I also painted the door. Sherwin Williams called it Loyal Blue. A modern address book, a modern mailbox and a modern bubble glass complete the landscape change of this home.

Mid Century Modern Ranch Renovation

All that is missing is the infrastructure of the foundation. We can’t have Millie looking a little bare at the waist!

My friends at STIHL sent me a KombiSystem to remove the front stones, work on the ground and plant new trees. To learn more about this amazing battery powered motor with lots of interchangeable lids, check out my garden bed box tutorial.

Mid Century Modern Ranch Renovation

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It looks better. The Japanese are successful during the year. But the birds are not very happy. Maybe I’ll replace them in the fall.

Even if only the end of the building can be seen

Mid Century Modern Ranch Renovation

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