Mid Century Modern Sliding Closet Doors

Mid Century Modern Sliding Closet Doors – Everyone chanted, “Hi, Jennifer Nesbitt, welcome to Renters Anonymous.” OK, dramatic, I know. But I’ve been renting for as long as I can remember and can’t seem to get out of it. As many of you know, every new home comes with restrictions. But I’m here to tell you, we tenants will no longer be looked down upon. We will take back our space and make it difficult. We’ll offer the pristine rentals on the block…or a unit in the complex – whatever suits your needs.

I thought I could do something. I considered upgrading the door handles to make the repair easier, but that wasn’t enough. not me. It really didn’t fit and I decided to do a complete overhaul. Ahead is a closet door makeover.

Mid Century Modern Sliding Closet Doors

Mid Century Modern Sliding Closet Doors

As I was brainstorming designs, I found myself drawn to the mid-century modern look, like many of my recent design interests. I love the look of smooth wood contrasting with bright paint and beautiful light fixtures. I also like the simple design. When it comes to mid-century modern, less is more. Chic on a budget, this is a great fit.

Mid Century Modern House Design Archives

Another thing I have to organize is my time. I don’t have many of these, so I needed a design that I could create in my spare time during the week. Sand, paint, paint – no, there’s no time for that. But I am beautiful and must express my creativity before it can be unleashed! what to do? Closet doors need to be remodeled ASAP. Not to mention I’m looking to complete the various interior design projects I have. Hence my home design project implementation plan. I must say this has helped me fill my space faster than ever before.

Mid Century Modern Sliding Closet Doors

Okay, back on track. Contact paper. Yes, you heard it right. I was able to completely remodel the cabinet doors using just contact paper and some new handles. This is honestly the best, cheapest, most effective option out there and I’m happy to pass it on to you hard-working, crazy busy guys out there.

First, remove the door handle. Then measure the door and determine where one piece of contact paper ends and the other piece of contact paper begins. Depending on your door, the dimensions may be different than mine. Each cabinet door measures 78 inches x 11.75 inches. You want the handles to be underneath the wood on the black surface, so measure the black contact paper and cut it into 4 pieces of 3′ x 11.75′.

Mid Century Modern Sliding Closet Doors

Folding Closet Doors

Then measure and cut the Con-Tact walnut paper into 4 42.5-inch by 11.75-inch pieces. The walnut paper will be layered first, so it will be slightly longer than the black paper so that the black paper can overlap.

Start applying the walnut paper by peeling off a small portion of the backing. This will help prevent the paper from sticking during application. Align the top of the paper with the top of the door and glue a small section of the open paper to the door. Then very slowly peel the backing away from the paper. This is where a light hand comes in handy. See what I did there 🙂 If you have an inverted wood splinter on your door like mine, you shouldn’t be pressing the paper against that area. We wanted to create the illusion of a flat door.

Mid Century Modern Sliding Closet Doors

The paper will automatically stick to the flat area when you pull down on the backing, but just in case, apply a little pressure. When you pull it down, the paper should reach just above the pen hole.

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Do this for the remaining 3 gates. Then apply the black contact paper the same way you applied the walnut paper, but starting from the bottom so that everything is evenly lined up. Do this for the other 3 doors as well.

Mid Century Modern Sliding Closet Doors

Finally, install the door handle. In many cases, the handle screws are the same size, but check this when purchasing.

That’s it! I added the perfect hat to complete my updated wardrobe. Feel free to do the same thing with your own coat or hat!

Mid Century Modern Sliding Closet Doors

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Mid Century Modern Sliding Closet Doors

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Midcentury Modern Closet Door Makeover

Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. You must obtain user consent before implementing these cookies on your website. One of the (many) unfortunate things that happened to our house before we owned it was that every closet was altered in some (bad) way. What I mean by remodel is: a closet (the hallway visible from the entrance) with no doors, no shelves, and no storage rods. The bedroom closets were transformed into these weird triangular closets that (attempted to) be two closets in one, each with swing doors. (Yeah…still trying to figure it out.) We used to have a huge, bulky walk-in closet that was built out of our master bedroom and took up space in the family room. This closet has a beautiful arched entrance.

Mid Century Modern Sliding Closet Doors

But I digress! …We ended up “restoring” a triangular closet in the guest room, starting by knocking out the false corner wall between the two closets. Then, when we got a “normal” size closet, we realized we needed closet doors. We really like the look of the closet doors in the original Eichler home, which are shoji (gold trim)-like paneling made from straw boards.

It seemed a little crazy to build them from scratch, so we started by posting a post on Craigslist in hopes that someone would get rid of their original cabinet doors. Ideas that looked great turned out to be failures because they simply didn’t fit our model (they came from a different area of ​​Eichler) and the doors were a little old (and moldy), so they ended up being eliminated. In the trash can. Ouch.

Mid Century Modern Sliding Closet Doors

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For the hall closet, I wanted a specific area that fit the entire home. The kids seemed to enjoy hanging their backpacks on the same hook every day at school, so I decided to try to get the habit started at home. We only have two kids, but each kid has like 2.5 backpacks! The hook system seems to be working (we have two rows) and then we made some wood shelves to store craft and school supplies.

Every day we look from the kitchen to the corner where the wardrobe is. What was once a chaotic place now has a place where everyone can hang their hats (and packages) and we can close the door and look zen.

Mid Century Modern Sliding Closet Doors

After all the doors were completed we decided to oil the door frames to keep them looking natural. We added grass wallpaper to the masonry panels for an “old school” look and added cross-decoration details similar to the originals. John installed a standard sliding door track that can be purchased at a big box store. We were delighted to have a door that fit the original style of the house and fit perfectly into the opening.

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John was determined to build them, and luckily we have a lot of hard-working Eichler friends who took on the project themselves, so we could learn from them! We used Carolina’s post as a guide when creating the Masonite frame. This post consists of photos from two different door making sessions.

Mid Century Modern Sliding Closet Doors

The Kregs Pocket Screwdriver makes things super easy. Pocket screw joints are not a great woodworking technique, but for my time and ability, they fit the bill.

The first time I made room for fiberboard, I also built the door with no extra steps.

Mid Century Modern Sliding Closet Doors

Reliabilt Euro 48 In X 80 In Silver Flush Prefinished Mdf Sliding Door Hardware Included In The Closet Doors Department At Lowes.com

Douglas Fir from Lowes – FYI, they don’t exactly match the original specs of the Eichler wood doors, but the closest specs I could find

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