Modern Design Ideas For Living Rooms

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Modern Design Ideas For Living Rooms – Are you ready for a home (or apartment) upgrade? Learn how to create a fun yet functional modern living room with these design ideas.

Here’s your mind game: When did modernity happen? In interior design, “modern” really happened in the past. Modern design refers to styles from the early to mid-20th century, and mid-century modern represents the end of the modern era.

Modern Design Ideas For Living Rooms

Modern Design Ideas For Living Rooms

So, now, we live in…what? … the future?! In the language of design, anything current is called “modern style”. (However, future mode is also a thing, so you can live in the future if you want.)

Living Room Design

If you want to design a modern space, you want a modern living room. But modern style borrows a lot from modern style – minimal design, neutral color palette and functional furniture.

Modern style is made for everyone, so its enduring appeal is no surprise. To get this look in your living room, use these modern living room design ideas.

Interior designers followed the lead of Scandinavian and German Bauhaus architects to create a modern look—bringing in minimalism and natural materials from Scandi designers, and efficient shapes, metals from Art, and borrowing simple color techniques from Bauhaus artists. Here are some living room decorating ideas that you can incorporate into your modern space.

You will not find a layered or sloping back of a modern sofa in a modern living room. Instead, modern furniture features clean, geometric lines. See square or round edges easily. When your eye follows a line of modern furniture, it should feel limitless – as if your eye could follow that shape forever. Think of the horizon as a continuous horizontal line or the endless shape of a circle.

Interior Design Ideas For Apartment Living Rooms

The living room’s white walls and furniture have become an example of stylish living rooms everywhere rooted in modern architecture. This style avoids the bright colors of traditional or Hollywood Regency home decor in favor of muted bedroom colors. Although modern living rooms of the early 20th century included many colors, they often chose navy pink, green, or earth.

One of the advantages of choosing a neutral paint color for your walls and large pieces of living room furniture is that it makes it easier to rearrange your space. You can add a pop of bright color with inexpensive room decor such as curtains, pillows, area rugs or table lamps.

19th century lighting fixtures – such as crystal chandeliers and mirrored furniture – were phased out in the early 20th century. Contemporary style takes us back to our roots with natural materials such as wood, stone, leather and rattan. To bring in more of the outdoors, make greenery the focal point of your modern living space.

Modern Design Ideas For Living Rooms

The simple square shape and tapered legs of this mid-century side table come from a basic idea: utility can be good. The purpose of the side table is to give you a place to store knick-knacks and keep your drinks down. Modern design does not try to hide this function behind beautiful scrolls and changing table legs. Adopt the principle that form follows function.

Living Room Wall Art

Minimalist design and modern design go hand in hand. This style of decoration includes a mismatched look. This leaves a lot of space between the furniture and doesn’t feel the need to fill every corner. You can still hang art on the walls and add a nice table behind the sofa – the idea here is to make space for what you like and not collect more than you need.

Creating a minimalist look may feel difficult in a small living room, but it can actually make a small space look bigger. Just choose thoughtful living room storage to make it easier to achieve your minimalist look.

Now that you understand the basic concepts of modern design, let’s apply modern living room ideas by looking at modern living room furniture. Each of these elements represents an important function of modern design. Adding them to your living room will help you restart your decorating process and ensure a modern look.

A mid-century modern sofa with a square back and tapered wooden legs is an example of the latest stages of the modern design era. The neutral blue color of this Churchill tufted pillow will go well with all your neutrals and the dark shade will hold up well in a home with small children or pets. Wooden legs will complement other natural materials in your modern living room and tie the look together.

Top 20 Living Room Design Ideas For A Cozy Gathering Space

With a simple color scheme, this caster sofa is everything a living room needs. It offers three neutral shades to build your color palette around – soft beige fabric, light wooden frame and black metal legs.

The design also compares the natural wood of Scandinavian design and the industrial steel of the Bauhaus style. Steel legs make it easy for you to add a rustic or industrial twist to your modern decor to make the space your own.

This funky yet elegant chair brings three more layers of character to your living space. The genuine leather seat adds buttery softness, compared to the sturdy steel legs, and woven cane support. Reed is green rattan, and its basket-weave structure creates visual depth.

Modern Design Ideas For Living Rooms

Using variety in your space is a great way to create visual interest in a room with neutral colors.

Best Modern Living Room Ideas

For a chair that doesn’t clash with your modern space, this reclining design allows you to relax in comfort and style. Neutral furniture allows you to add color with your inexpensive home decor accessories or use solid colors. In addition, a wooden frame can inform your choice of wood for the rest of the room – choose some dark wood furniture to create a decorative look by decorating with the same or different woods.

This Gano coffee table on hairpin legs gives you everything you need – a place to keep your books and a cup of coffee. The natural wood surface contrasts with the industrial steel legs, and the free space under the table will make your living space open.

Bring this Marlow nightstand into the living room with two drawers to serve as a side table with functional storage. The square design and tapered metal legs will match the look of the rest of your living room decor, while the multi-colored wood adds a cozy touch of rustic style. Different wood creates visual interest by adding lots of color to your otherwise neutral space.

This four-drawer sideboard is a sleek storage option that creates clean lines with the grid-like design of its black metal frame. The stunning natural sheesham wood grain brings out the outdoors and the cabinets allow you to hide things to keep your look concise.

Designer Tips To Make A Modern Space Feel Cozy

To keep things organized, don’t fill every single shelf. Try to put something small on some shelves and leave empty space around. This will not only draw attention to the object and make it seem special, but the negative space around it will promote an open, relaxed feeling.

Never underestimate the importance of light fixtures to complete the look of your modern living room. Lighting is not only important for practical reasons, it can also draw attention to an aspect of your design that you love.

Place this modern lamp next to your favorite chair to illuminate the area and provide task lighting when you want to study or work in your living room. The square frame and horn-type shade of this lamp will reflect the clean lines of your modern living room design while the black metal frame matches other decorative metal elements.

Modern Design Ideas For Living Rooms

We may not be time travelers, but we have an eye for eternal trends. If you look back to the era of modern design, you can improve your home. Many of the essentials of modern design are true to our contemporary selection – from clean lines to neutral colors to minimal styling.

Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas

These things make your space feel open and functional. To add a modern look to your living room, find a Coaster Furniture store near you and start selecting your favorite modern pieces. Learn how to design a modern living room – now with the best ideas, tips and tricks to capture the look and make it attractive. A place you will love.

With cool colors, clean lines and smooth surfaces, what’s not to love about a beautiful modern living room? A timeless style, modern decor takes a simple approach that ensures your space won’t feel out of place.

It is not difficult to create a modern and calm living room that invites you and your guests to sit, relax and enjoy a good conversation. We’ll help you find the perfect contemporary style for your home, with ideas, tips and tricks to capture the look and create a beautiful space you love.

Often confused with modern and mid-century design, modern styles feature an updated look in the final section.

Modern Living Room Ideas For A Trendy Interior

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