Modern Farmhouse Exterior Paint Colors 2021

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Modern Farmhouse Exterior Paint Colors 2021 – I am so excited to share my first post detailing our new home in Oklahoma City! In this post, I’ll share all the paint colors we used and all the hardware choices we made in our modern farmhouse.

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Modern Farmhouse Exterior Paint Colors 2021

Modern Farmhouse Exterior Paint Colors 2021

I always refer to our house as a modern farmhouse because my aesthetic is more modern than farmhouse. If you’d like to follow me decorating and furnishing our home, follow my dedicated Instagram account for our home @modernokc

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I love clean lines, and although I went through my shabby chic phase about 10 years ago, I’m now drawn to mid-century modern and minimalism. This brings me to the first and boldest color we used in our new home: black tricorne.

Modern Farmhouse Exterior Paint Colors 2021

Tricorn Black by Sherry Williams is true black. The entire exterior of our house was painted black with brick and siding. We love how the use of color transforms a farmhouse exterior into a thoroughly modern farmhouse. The color is very bold and so are we

We used black paint throughout the house. All the doors on the main floor are black and the accent wall in the master bedroom. We went ahead with the brick fireplace and painted it black to echo the look of the house.

Modern Farmhouse Exterior Paint Colors 2021

How To Choose The Right Exterior Paint Colors

I painted some of our cabinets black, built in cabinets in the laundry room and the kids bathroom upstairs. The mud room is also a black closet as you enter from the garage.

I love how the brass hardware sets off the black doors and cabinets. I will connect all of our equipment later in this post.

Modern Farmhouse Exterior Paint Colors 2021

In our last house I painted all the walls white about 3 years ago and loved it. I know I’m not the only one loving white walls right now, but there’s a reason they’re so popular. It is very clean! (As long as your kids don’t leave fingerprints) So I chose Pure White by Sheeran Williams and love the crisp white!

Exterior House Colors 2021

I used to always paint my walls dark, but after a year I got bored with bright blues, yellows, or greens. Painting neutral walls really helps me change the look of a room without resorting to a paint job!

Modern Farmhouse Exterior Paint Colors 2021

So basically every wall in our house is pure white and decorated except for a few isolated walls. The black door below and the gray door above go perfectly with the white.

For the kitchen, we decided to make all the upper cabinets and drawers white and all the lower ones painted. I love the combination of wood, silver and brass. I thought about painting the shelves under the island, but couldn’t think of a color I needed more than this weathered oak!

Modern Farmhouse Exterior Paint Colors 2021

Our Modern Farmhouse Exterior Paint Refresh And The White Paint We Chose

I wanted a very light stain for most of the cabinets in our house. The manufacturer came up with this stain by reducing the oak by 50% and it’s amazing. All of my cabinets are maple, if you are looking for a stain you need to think about what wood you are starting with.

I decided to stain all the bathrooms in the house. We did brass hardware in my master bath and kitchen and painted black upstairs. I like both hardware options compared to wood.

Modern Farmhouse Exterior Paint Colors 2021

Another key color I used throughout the house was Acceptable Gray by Sherry Williams. I love this gray! It’s a very warm gray with a warm gold undertone that almost reads like grey. It looks great in my office with the copper hardware, I love it.

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I painted the walls and cabinets of my home office a solid gray, as well as all the upper doors and walls of the two bedrooms. This warm gray is such a neutral and I’ve paired it with black and brown in my decor and I love it! I am so happy with all of our modern farmhouse paint!

Modern Farmhouse Exterior Paint Colors 2021

Choosing the equipment was more difficult than I could have imagined! Decision fatigue is real and I’m so glad we came up with this after what felt like a thousand pulls and chops.

A real stunner among all the hardware options is this brass hex doorknob. Isn’t that amazing?! Get it on Amazon

Modern Farmhouse Exterior Paint Colors 2021

Elegant Concrete Pavers For Your Modern Farmhouse

I love the round black mirrors in my master bath. Very cute and from Amazon.

If you have any questions, ask in the comments or find me on Instagram (@) or Facebook

Modern Farmhouse Exterior Paint Colors 2021

If you are interested in our builder, we have built homes in Crabtree, a suburb of Oklahoma City. I 100x recommend building with them. After speaking with others who have built homes, I am very glad I chose them. I have complete control over all of these choices, such as hardware and paint color, lighting and fixtures. I can choose from any website on the internet and I work closely with their designers to make my choices. It was a wonderful process! The entire team I worked with at Crabtree’s was awesome, give them a call if you are building in OKC! 🙂

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Check back later next week as I post all of our lighting and plumbing resources. I am having so much fun sharing this home that I love so much. 🙂

Modern Farmhouse Exterior Paint Colors 2021

Where did you get the shelves on the black sides of the range hood. Thanks for the amazon hardware links, love them!

Hi Angela, beautiful home…thanks for sharing these photos..quick question…what did they use on the floor? LVP (luxury vinyl plank)? If so can you share the color and brand… Thanks again

Modern Farmhouse Exterior Paint Colors 2021

Farmhouse Architectural Styles

The enemy! I don’t usually comment, but you have a “beautiful house!!! No wonder you love it… I don’t blame you. I posted some stories on Instagram the other day about our house inside and out. Shared! One of the most asked questions – what color paint. Moving on to our color choice. I didn’t do much research when it arrived. Luckily it’s a model home. The interior was the color and I I fell in love when I saw it, it’s true white like white white white, it doesn’t actually have yellow, blue or green in it, it’s a true crisp white.

This is Shirin Williams Pure White (7005). After choosing this color for our interior and knowing we wanted a farmhouse look, I was excited to hear that this was the exterior color recommended by our builder. They also used Sheeran Williams Treecorn Black for the garage and front doors.

Modern Farmhouse Exterior Paint Colors 2021

I have a serious crush on this black man too. We are thinking of using it on the black boat in our house so stay tuned! Studio McGee also offers Tricorn Black and I love their style.

Painting Our Homes Exterior With Behr® Color Trends 2021 Palette

These photos were taken at sunset, so the sides of the siding and clapboards are slightly orange. It really is such a great white! Shirin Williams pure white has very little color. Color information is R – 237, G – 236 and B – 230.

Modern Farmhouse Exterior Paint Colors 2021

The hex value is #edece6 and the LRV is 84. Pure white can pick up the surrounding colors, which is great! So it almost changes with your decoration.

What is an LRV you may ask? LRV stands for Light Reflectance Value, which measures the amount of visible and useful light reflected by the paint on the surface.

Modern Farmhouse Exterior Paint Colors 2021

Trendy Contemporary Farmhouse Exterior Styles

A scale of 0 to 100, where 0 is black and 100 is pure white (reflects all light).

LRV helps you choose a color and know how light or dark a color will look. Again, pure white is 84, which is very high.

Modern Farmhouse Exterior Paint Colors 2021

We painted the entire interior pure white, trim and doors. Since we used a different shade, it works fine.

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This is a really good interior paint color if you want true white. Pure white is best for trim, cabinets, and countertops.

Modern Farmhouse Exterior Paint Colors 2021

Another white that we love and used in our previous home is Shireen Williams Snow Color. This is another beautiful, crisp white. We used it as a background for the floral decals on the wall in Madison’s old room.

I love the wood beams on our front porch and can’t wait to decorate them for fall and the holidays!

Modern Farmhouse Exterior Paint Colors 2021

Our Homes Exterior Paint Plan

I can’t believe we have a white door next to us. Our white house needs more black pop! It’s the perfect color for a statement door. I’ve seen it used in a closet and it looks really good there too.

In the future, we want to add shutters and window boxes

Modern Farmhouse Exterior Paint Colors 2021

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