Modern Farmhouse Lamps For Living Room

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Free Shipping At Urban Ambiance, we understand that plans can change when it comes to home renovations. So if you feel like returning an item… no problem! We will help you with prepaid return letters and no return charges.

Modern Farmhouse Lamps For Living Room

Modern Farmhouse Lamps For Living Room

We’ll cover your shipping costs! If your device has not been installed and is not being used, regardless of the reason for the return, simply send a message to returns@ and we will respond with a printed PDF label. This not only ensures that the device is returned to the correct location, but also covers all shipping costs. Drop it off with UPS and you’re done!

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Once the package arrives at our warehouse and is found to be intact, in good condition and received within the 90 day return period, we will issue a FULL refund. For items received outside of the 90 day period, we will issue a credit for the full amount you paid for the game. There are no withdrawal fees or frills. It is easy.

We understand that many of our customers buy replacements in advance so we are happy to offer a 90 day return period from delivery. So relax… You have time. If you need to return your order after 90 days, we will process the return and issue a store credit.

Giving back to our communities is part of our culture. It’s in our DNA. At Urban Ambiance, we recognize that the success of our businesses depends on the success of the communities we serve. Therefore, we are committed to giving to those who need it most. Through our partnership with Habitat for Humanity, we donate a portion of our profits to help them in their work to build new homes for those in need.

From the beginning at Urban Ambiance, we set out to create a successful business with a sustainable approach. Despite the challenges (and concerns), we stick to our simple approach: 1) identifying and sourcing quality, well-designed products 2) continuing to innovate and improving our online shopping experience 3) demonstrating our commitment to building strong and sustainable communities.

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Obviously, we can’t do it alone. We are looking for community members who have a passion for good design, quality products, and are committed to helping their neighbors move in this direction. When shopping at Urban Ambiance for the first time (and I hope to return!), it’s important to understand that you’re becoming part of a community. Together we can change the companies that have been following the status quo and help the families that need it most.