Modern Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas

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Modern Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas – The love for the campus aesthetic shows no signs of abating. And it’s not just the doors of ships and barns. The new, updated atmosphere has elements that make the space cool and inviting. Don’t we all want to spend time in a light and airy living room with comfortable sofas, electronic accessories and beautiful textures? Yes? Well, we tapped a few designers to share their tips and tricks for creating the modern home of our dreams.

“Stick to the simple sophistication of natural elements like exposed wood beams and stone accents that create a clean, free modern farmhouse interior,” says Nina Magon of Contour Interior Design. “Introduce accessories that are organic, irregular or slightly imperfect to add personality and charm.”

Modern Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas

Modern Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas

“Honor the architectural elements of the urban space and add clean, simple furniture,” says Nashville designer Chad James. “Color blocking with fabric and more rustic elements is also an easy way to create a distinctive modern farmhouse look. A velvet midcentury chair creates a cozy nook next to a rustic fireplace in this Newport Beach home.

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“Choose with a minimum focus. This will offset the rustic qualities of the ceiling, which can be overwhelming,” says San Francisco designer Heather Hilliard. A modern mantle blends seamlessly with the white walls of this New York apartment.

“I tend to use the ceiling as a way to transmit light through the space,” says New York designer Phillip Thomas. “A glossy finish helps achieve this goal and reflects warmth. In this farm project, I painted the ceiling with a glossy cornflower paint.”

“You need a mix of plaid, leather, antiques, loose, flowing prints, and some hard lines,” says Charleston designer Mitchell Hill. “Contemporary light fixtures in a room with restored beamed ceilings and an oversized abstract canvas convey an inviting eclectic spirit.

“A good trick is to rip out a dark floor and refinish it with light oak,” says Hilliard. “It instantly makes the space more modern.”

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“If I use stone outside, I bring that stone inside,” says Alabama architect Jeffrey Dungan. “It’s especially effective on a fireplace wall, where you’ll still want to brick it. A lot of times we whitewash it or even paint it the color of the room to make it more sophisticated and clean.”

“For an updated, modern farmhouse aesthetic, combine rustic elements with sophisticated decor, as well as antiques from different eras,” says Hilliard. “Keep or install exposed beams and wood paneling if you can, but opt ​​for other contemporary solutions. This will compensate for heavy beams that can overwhelm the overall look if precautions aren’t taken.”

“Incorporate woven elements like baskets, wicker and sisal rugs,” says Jessica Davis of Atelier Davis. “Layer with uncomfortable textures like soft leather, weathered wood, and vintage textiles.”

Modern Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas

“One of my favorite things to do is to paint all the doors and window frames black,” says New York designer Michelle Gerson. “It gives the look of old iron windows.” This Connecticut home uses steel frames for the window panes.

Farmhouse Style 101: Everything You Need To Know

“It’s important to minimize organic wood elements and texture in general,” says Nashville designer Robin Rains. “Choosing multiple textures gives the space a new twist without distracting the eye.”

“I really like using very wide floorboards, like 12-inch boards mixed with 10-inch boards,” says Dungan. “It makes it feel less formal and like it’s been around a long time.”

“I think the point of a modern farmhouse is to keep it light and airy and use the right textures,” says Davis. “So I use white paint on the walls. Shiplap is good, but not necessary, and use it sparingly if you’re going to use it.” Gray upholstery and decorative dark wood accents contrast this living room with white walls.

“If you have rustic floors, you only need one more piece of wood in the room,” says Hill. “Then you can have a piece of glass, a metal etager and fabric. All white upholstery and white walls are a blank canvas for an eclectic mix of accessories in this Hamptons farmhouse.

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Really Cool Halloween Decorating Ideas 34 Elegant Ways To Decorate Your Tree With Ribbon 5 Antiques To Collect Now 80 Eye-Catching Kitchen Tile Shade Ideas Contemporary living combines a homely and rustic feel with sleek, clean lines. Get the look with soft color schemes, attractive accents and accessories, and versatile furniture. The best part? You don’t need to completely renovate your room to achieve this aesthetic, and you can incorporate things you already have. Check out some cool, modern living room design ideas that you can apply to your home.

Modern Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas

Part of the modern farmhouse interior style is to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. You can achieve this by adding splashes of color to an otherwise neutral palette. The warm reds and oranges in the textiles work well with the natural red tones of the wood in this space.

Farmhouse Decorating Ideas For 2023

Create a source of natural light in the living room with a light and airy palette. Opt for powder blue furniture with gray accents against crisp white walls to open up the space. Then add some farmhouse touches with dark metal birdcage chandeliers.

Modernize the traditional urban aesthetic by adding warm colors to the space. Paint the walls light neutral and choose a rich brown sofa as an accent. Then decorate the light furniture with rust-colored cushions. The contrast between the light walls and the deep colors of the sofa and stone fireplace creates a perfect combination of charming rustic and modern design.

Another trendy and cool color scheme is to choose neutral colors throughout the room. Soft colors, such as this muted beige, provide clean lines and accentuate the feel of a room, such as restrained vintage tables or a shiplap fireplace accent wall.

Sprinkle in a variety of accents and living room decorations to give your modern farmhouse style your own personal twist.

Modern Farmhouse Design On A Budget

Exposed beams add drama and depth to a room and can highlight the natural architectural features of a home. Twist the beams for rustic warmth and pair with a shabby chic coffee table and chandelier to complete the look.

If your front door leads directly into the living room, one farmhouse design idea is to create a focal point by painting the door an unexpected color. This soft sky blue color complements the stark white walls and brings the view outside.

Attract the book lover in your life by creating a dedicated reading area with cozy wooden shelves. A comfortable quilted chair surrounded by fresh greenery is the perfect place to curl up and read your favorite book.

Modern Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas

When creating a rural living space, sliding doors can be both decorative and functional, without taking up valuable space. Close the room when you’re looking for an intimate setting, or keep it open for easy space changes. You can also paint the door a contrasting color to give it a wow factor.

Ways To Achieve A Farmhouse Living Room

Contemporary farmhouse decor incorporates natural elements with a modern twist. Sprinkle in earthy textures like pampas grass and wooden furniture to complement the room’s clean lines.

Luminaires play an important role in reducing the appearance of the modern city. This black chandelier-inspired chandelier makes a statement as it balances the room’s vaulted ceiling and stone walls.

Woven baskets can help organize the living room so that all your things have a specific place. The warmth of the baskets complements the sleek white cabinetry and provides a chic storage solution that encourages you to keep your space neat and organized.

Part of the modern townhouse style is to create a cozy and friendly environment. Place home decor items that are important to you throughout the space to make them conversation pieces. Electronic gadgets, worldly souvenirs and antiques scattered around the room allow you to show your personality.

Modern Farmhouse Style: Everything You Need To Know About Modern Farmhouse Decor

Mix modern farmhouse style with industrial elements for a trendy update. Light, dark floors and wood and metal accents pay homage to the farmhouse’s modern look. And the carpet, black art, and modern table lamp work well in a modern industrial shop. Meanwhile, the trunk, which doubles as a coffee table and storage box, bridges the gap between the two design styles by being functional and comfortable.

Reclaimed wood is another element of modern farmhouse style. Use a chunky piece as a mantle and contrast it with trendy herringbone tiles inside the fireplace.

A comfortable sofa is one of them

Modern Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas

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