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One of the most interesting aspects of fountain pens in recent years has been the growing popularity of flexible nibs. What makes them appealing is that you can write with different pressures to change the width of the stroke from fine to wide, giving your writing plenty of expression and variety. But did you know that flexural tumors have been around for decades? How come there’s a certain way to write with them for them to work properly?

Modern Flex Nib Fountain Pen

Modern Flex Nib Fountain Pen

As a seller of flexible fountain pens in recent years, we have been asked many urgent questions about how they work and how to use them. By compiling the knowledge of our team of members over the past few years, researching online and talking to manufacturers in the industry, we have made this video to explain everything you need to know to learn the basics of using a flexible pen. . We hope you enjoy!

Flex It! A First Look At The Aurora Vintage Style Flex Nib — The Gentleman Stationer

A fountain pen with a flexible (flexible) tip allows you to write with variations in line width depending on the pressure you apply while writing.

Modern Flex Nib Fountain Pen

Vintage flex wires (especially those from the 1920s and 40s) are great, so why not go old-fashioned? A comparison table can be found at the bottom of this page. Please read the following notes before using this table as a reference:

This table aims to provide objective values ​​between different parameters of modern 12-string flex ropes. However, the evaluation of certain parameters such as softness and smoothness is based on personal writing experience and is evaluated by comparison. I (@ink.flexibilities) will do my best to provide unbiased results using these settings.

Modern Flex Nib Fountain Pen

Some Modern Flex Nibs!

A total score of 10 points for smoothness, snapback, softness and ink flow. The higher the score of a parameter, the better the performance of the flexible tip on this parameter.

However, the highest point of all the built-in parameters does not indicate the best inflection point. Indeed, the same parameter has different weights depending on the person. Whether flexible wire is right for you or not depends entirely on your needs: which parameters are most important to you. The note in this table is for reference only.

Modern Flex Nib Fountain Pen

Due to the difference in softness, the maximum amount of flex does not determine how easily the flex wire can be bent during normal typing.

Review: Aurora 88 (fine Flex Nib)

Minimum and maximum deflection is estimated using rod width models printed on Maruman Mnemosyne N181 paper. This article is, in my opinion, the best on the market for exposing tax variability. The inks used in the review provide an average ink flow from the Sailor Studio, Manyo or Yuramaku ranges. Line width may vary by up to 0.2mm if different inks or papers are used.

Modern Flex Nib Fountain Pen

If you’re new to flex, don’t try to go that far. Allow for a maximum flex of at least 0.3mm in writing for the safety of your pen.

The price of some pens or fountain units may vary due to different prices in different regions. From the cheap steel fountain pens sold by Noodlers to the pricey offerings of the new Wall-Eversharp, many pen companies have tried to replicate vintage-style flexible nibs, but no one has quite succeeded. So far (maybe). The new 70th Anniversary Aurora 88 features a specially designed 14k flex nib that’s as close to recreating true “vintage-style flex” as I’ve experienced in a modern pen. Even though flexible wires aren’t really my thing, I can still say a good thing when I see one.

Modern Flex Nib Fountain Pen

Fountain Pen Review: Monteverde Monza

Kenro Industries, Aurora’s US distributor, actively promoted the new 70th Anniversary pen by hosting Flexit events in cities across the country, including the Baltimore Washington International pen that I attended. (Search the Instagram hashtag #flexitbwi.) Kenro had several new flexible pens on display at their table for attendees to try out, and they let me take them home to review (along with a bottle of their long-awaited Aurora blue-black ink). So what’s the verdict?

I love this pen and this nib. And this is from someone who can’t write with flexible thread to save his life. No, I’m serious, check out my sample hilarious writing video. But if you regularly write in cursive or like handwriting, you should check out Arora’s latest work. The 14-karat nib is smooth, making it lighter and more variable than many steel-bladed “flexible” pens – not to mention a smoother writing experience – but not as smooth as you might think. that you will spring. advice. It’s similar to the Omas “Extra-Flexible” shoelaces released a few years ago, but they got very wet, were very soft when I tested them, and heard reports of them coming out easily and not sticking GOOD. Daily use. The Aurora’s nib is very strong and works well like a regular stylus, drawing a fine/medium line when writing with light pressure and minimal wire flex. It’s a bit damp to use on office paper, but the Rhodia graph paper handled it just fine.

Modern Flex Nib Fountain Pen

The Aurora 88 nib is equipped with a black stone feed so that the ink flow coincides with the nib. The 88 has a nice large ink window that lets you see when you need a refill.

Ledos Renaissance Premium Acrylic Jade Green Marbled Body Chrome Trims Flex Nib Fountain Pen

I don’t know enough about vintage flex pens to intelligently comment on how they compare to the much softer “wet noodle” flex pens made by Waterman in the 1920s and 1930s. If that’s your expectation with an Aurora Flex nib, you might be disappointed, but I note that Dan Smith of The Nibsmith mentioned that the nib can be milled to maximize line variation, and I recommend you contact him. For more information.

Modern Flex Nib Fountain Pen

The Aurora 88 is a classic fountain pen. The version I have is made with dark green glitter resin with a gold border.

The 88 is Aurora’s longtime flagship pen and one of those pieces that has been on my bucket list for years but never made it to my pen box for some reason. While I probably won’t be interested in flexible laces, there are some stunningly beautiful 88 models, from this year’s upcoming limited edition Nebulosa in satin black with rose gold to last year’s limited edition Sole . I like the size of the 88, it has a high capacity clip loading system and is very comfortable to type on. You will soon see one on the blog!

Modern Flex Nib Fountain Pen

Regalia Writing Labs Crossflex Nib: A Review — The Pen Addict

I wouldn’t take the Aurora 88 70th Anniversary with the new flexible wire, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t! Distribution is extremely limited, with only 188 pieces of each color distributed worldwide. The pen retails for $650 and is available in limited quantities from Aurora stockists such as Anderson Pens, Vanness Pens, Pen Chalet, and Nibsmith. If this is a pen you like, I will act quickly once I have the color you want.

Disclaimer: As I mentioned, Kenro Industries lent me this pen for review purposes. Other than the Aurora Blue-Black ink bottle, I have not been compensated for this review. This article contains affiliate links. Catherine: I love the boxy aesthetic of Optima. I thought it was a very dull (or classic?) pen, but a very unique gray-purple-blue color.

Modern Flex Nib Fountain Pen

Pamela: The Aurora Flex 88 has a beautiful blue-gray finish which is partially complemented by yellow gold detailing. I’m curious if it will be rhodium plated as the material has a very cool tone. As for the shape, the pen is a simple cigar shape, which shows how awesome this pen is with all the excitement of a “modern flex” pen. The clip has a unique fluid design that I don’t like, but it does have a clean aesthetic. My favorite part of the pen is the ink window. Always a plus for me.

Everyday Writing With A Modern Flex Pen — The Gentleman Stationer

Franz: The Aurora 88 is a visually pleasing pen with a timeless design. Now, that might sound boring to some people…cough…Catherine…cough… ;-P But the rounded ends look elegant to me. The long, narrow body makes it a comfortable pen in my hand, posted or not.

Modern Flex Nib Fountain Pen

Reinforcing the pen’s timeless appeal, the Aurora 88 design dates back to 1947. Although the original 88 model was slightly slimmer, it featured a sliding cap and drawstring hood. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of the vintage Aurora 88, but an image search for “vintage Aurora 88” will yield relevant photos of it. However, in the 1980s,

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