Modern Leather Living Room Sets

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Modern Leather Living Room Sets – The Chaviano collection presents a stylish, low-profile model with breathable faux leather on the buttons. Strong chrome handle and solid wooden frame. Chrome legs with matching quilted ottoman brackets.

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Modern Leather Living Room Sets

Modern Leather Living Room Sets

The Chaviano Contemporary White Leather Living Room Set features a stylish low profile with breathable faux leather buttons. Strong chrome handle and solid wooden frame. Chrome legs with matching quilted ottoman brackets.

Modern Stainless Steel White Leather Sofa And Chair Set

The modern Chaviano Living Room in white leather is a great addition to any living room! Read on

We have so many sofas, loveseats and chairs to choose from that it can be a little intimidating at times. Use our style box to choose the style you want. You can also choose your style and browse rustic wood living room sets like our Cooper Top Grain Leather Sofa by Primitive Industrial Wood and Metal Set or Mid-Century Elegant Set. We also have more modern styles such as the modern gray Hemet lounge set. Our mid-century styles will give your home a classy feel.

All our sofas, loveseats and chairs are made from solid wood and upholstered in fabric or leather. We have different types of leather like artificial leather, PVC, bonded leather and grain leather. Our most popular upholstery fabrics include chenille, linen, polyfibre, velvet, microsuede and microvelvet. A great example of a quality leather sofa set is our Clifford Brown Leather Living Room Set. Consider which fabric suits your lifestyle. So always keep this in mind if you have pets. You can relax in your new couch knowing you got the best price at Coaster or Acme Living Room!

As you browse our range of sofas, you’ll notice that we have almost every color you can think of! Finding the sofa you want can be difficult. For comfortable homes, you should choose restrained, neutral colors. For a modern home, light gray or bright white is most popular. We offer rich colors like red, royal blue and turquoise. A great contemporary collection we have in stock is the Dixie Living Room in Metallic Silver! Always remember to pay attention to your surroundings when decorating and try to match colors with carpets, curtains and walls. The default colors and layout are shown in the main image above. This is an opportunity to make a name for yourself. The color swatch has a selection of the most popular types of leather to create your perfect interior. If you want to customize your sofa in a different color to match the unique personality of your room, enter the desired pattern.

Modern Living Room Furniture

This three piece sofa set will brighten up your living room or family room! One, two and three-seaters give you space to entertain your friends and family while also allowing you to relax and unwind. The process used to create the beautiful and unique surface of this grained leather is called Active Effect. Oil has been incorporated into the hide surface so that the paint will crack when stretched during the upholstery process. It is durable and great for leather accents or full upholstery. The look and shine effect created by its use can be attractive in your home.

Natural properties and distinct variations of grains ensure individuality and enhance each color. Like a fingerprint, these natural features give the coat character and are not considered defects or imperfections. Their bright shapes and colors add an elegant look to any home, office, boardroom or lobby where you can sit, wait, discuss, store and discuss.

You can use a leather conditioner to protect and care for your leather; Always test in a hidden location first. Use only products designed for the skin.

Modern Leather Living Room Sets

Want to protect your new investment? Cleaning is essential to maintain the strength, durability and appearance of leather. In addition to this premium leather sofa set, we offer a professional pH balanced leather set that is safe for this upholstery. Contains a 16 oz skin cleanser to prevent premature aging and a conditioner to prevent skin cracking and maintain firmness. This set of microfiber cleaning cloths is made in the United States by a leading manufacturer in the leather care industry and shipped right after your bed.

Paris Contemporary Black Leather Living Room Furniture

Offer has no cash value. Included in this sofa set. Adjusting the pH for our skin.

Because we have multiple locations in the United States, your order may be shipped from a warehouse in a different state than your shipping address. Thus, Prime Classic Design Inc. Offer 5-10% additional discount to all customers. Sales tax is charged only when the furniture is shipped outside the United States. International orders are subject to taxes and duties in the country to which the goods are shipped.

Usually, all orders are shipped within 2-3 business days after checkout and take 1-3 weeks to reach us. If the product is listed as “Special Order” or “Special Order” in the item description, delivery time may take 8-9 or even 16 weeks. If the product you are trying to purchase is in stock, you should receive it within a week or two unless expedited shipping is specified. Prime Classic Design Inc. However, it offers a wide range of items, many of which have extended delivery times and limited stock. We try to ensure that the delivery times shown on each product page are accurate and up to date. If you would like to place an order but want to check inventory and/or delivery times, please call us toll-free at 1-800-691-8191.

Almost all of our products can be shipped anywhere in the world. We can ship by sea and by air, both have their own advantages. If you live overseas and would like to place an order, please email us with a quote or call us toll-free at 1-800-691-8191.

Ivy Bronx Keystone 3

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No, we do not have a showroom or store. This furniture is located in various warehouses throughout the United States, from the East Coast to the West Coast. Since we have several thousand items on our site, it is almost impossible to sell even a reasonable amount of this furniture in the showroom. An online business model is a great way to offer you a wide range at much cheaper prices than actual furniture stores. The Bentley is a unique living room sofa that is mid-century and contemporary, with clean lines and expertly stretched cushions. hands folded.

Modern Leather Living Room Sets

The Bentley is a one-of-a-kind living room sofa that bridges the gap between mid-century and contemporary, with clean lines and custom hand-woven cushions.

Leather Sofas To Add Effortless Refinement To Any Home

Now a classic from Locus Habitat. The clean 60s aesthetic is shaped with a deep cut so you can sit still and upright but sleep comfortably. Good for making a good impression.

Leather is often considered the ultimate symbol of class and luxury. Due to its twin qualities of strength and durability, the material is used to make various products and appliances, especially furniture. But not all skins are created equal. What is genuine leather, how does tanned leather behave and age? Find them only in Locus Habitat. The only place in Singapore where you can find a complete library of genuine tanned and buffalo hides.

Legs: Made of solid birch and fitted with antique brass casters (optional). The design of the heels and rivets varies according to the color of the leather.

Cushions: Cushions with high quality padding are made from poly fiber wrapped around a multi-layer high density foam core. Feather-filled seat cushions are available as an option, with feathers and down wrapped around a foam core. The entire back of the pillow is upholstered with fabric that allows the skin to breathe. Cushion configuration varies with frame size.

Amir Modern Leather Sofa Set

Upholstery Considerations: Amount of dye per fabric and leather will vary; Pieces purchased at different times do not match exactly. Premium white glove supplies.

Care: Brush to remove dust, wipe with a dry microfiber cloth, or vacuum with an upholstery attachment. Turn the pillow for even wear. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading and drying. Ask our skin care consultants.

Leather is often considered the ultimate symbol of class and luxury. Due to its twin qualities of strength and durability, the material is used to make various products and appliances, especially furniture. But not all skins are created equal.

Modern Leather Living Room Sets

Locus Habitat is a tasteful maker, connoisseur of leather and curator of artisanal products that add character and life to your space.

Ways To Decorate With Leather Furniture

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