Modern Partition For Living Room

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Modern Partition For Living Room – The truth is that open floor plans are a design trend that is catching on around the world. However, in India we still like to book spaces based on their functionality. So while we have adopted open plan layouts in theory, in practice we still need to separate spaces in ways that are less obvious than walls. A lobby distribution plan like the one below can help us do this.

#Homes has living room partitions made of different materials. So if you need inspiration, check out these designs as we’ve broken them down into materials and uses.

Modern Partition For Living Room

Modern Partition For Living Room

How to use it: Ideally, this living room divider helps you cut a foyer without one. According to the principles of custom, every house should have a lobby. Even then there will be an entrance to the house. So pair this modern metal partition with a hanging sink and bold wall paint to liven up your home.

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How to use: This is basically a functional division program. MDF beams make the cells porous, keeping the design open. Cube shelves in the compartment can be used to display or store books. This type of living room partition works best with other wooden elements.

How to use: If you want to choose a traditional design in your living room, there is nothing more elegant than carved solid wood partitions. These types of dividers are works of art in themselves. Although they make an elegant statement and are often very expensive. So, if you don’t want to stretch your budget, you may want to opt for transparent partitions instead of solid partitions.

How to use: This is another example of functional design that fits perfectly into a compact space. The lower part of the compartment is a storage unit (in this case a shoe cabinet) and the upper part is dense with a wooden finish. Since the partition is transparent, it does not take up space. In addition, the storage space in the base unit is very useful for people living in small apartments

How to use it: Combination room dividers like these are incredibly useful. The unit consists of a metal frame on a plywood base with a closed storage space. Plywood shelves can be displayed in the frame. This booth design can be used to separate a sitting area from a foyer or dining space.

Room Partitions Hanging Room Divider Panel Modern Hanging Screen Partition For Decorating Bedding, Dining, Study And Sitting Living Room, Hotel 011 ((11.5inch X 11.5 Inch) X 10 Panels)

How to use: This is one of the best living rooms for maximalists. Brightly colored and intricately designed cells work when you have rich colors, textures and design elements. Such parts are usually made of metal and painted in Duco paint.

How to use it: Open floor plans are the “in” thing these days, but if you don’t want to go all out, try a modern closet like this one. The partition is a continuation of the TV cabinet and also has shelves; Perfect for compactness and functionality.

How to use: If you feel like your home is missing some drama, choose one of our stained glass living room dividers. They are bright and bold and make their point their own. Also, glass partitions are definitely cheaper than wooden partitions.

Modern Partition For Living Room

How to use: If you like artistic style, you should choose this creative type of living room dividers. It is a clear glass panel with acrylic paint on it. Not only is it an economical option, but it’s also great for creating some light and shadow effects in your living room.

No More Walls

How to use: Is there a living room big enough? You can definitely try this slightly heavier cabinet type. The design consists of a wooden grid covered with glass panels. It allows transparency and perfectly separates the room. To facilitate access, a door-like opening had to be created in the center.

You can also get such beautiful hall partition designs for your home. All you have to do is book a consultation.

If you enjoyed reading these room divider ideas, you may also want to explore amazing clear room dividers for any room. Submit your comments and suggestions – editor @

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Modern Partition For Living Room

This custom home was carefully designed for an active young family in the heart of wine country. The house was designed to meet the client’s desire for indoor/outdoor living, integrating into its surroundings and utilizing the panoramic view and outdoor recreation spaces. The interior of the three bedroom, 2.5 bathroom is divided into three distinct areas: a common living area; two bedroom suite; and a separate master suite that includes an art studio. The structure is relaxed and laid-back yet incredibly original, making an impact through a surprising choice of materials, including raw stone, monolithic concrete floors, glass walls, Honduran mahogany veneer and a central copper-clad fireplace. The house presents the best of modern design and becomes an integral part of its spectacular surroundings.

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“Revival” means a revamping of old ideas, not our interest in Acts Mundi. So when we renovated a 1940s Greek Revival brownstone, we were thinking about subversion. The iconic exterior remains unchanged, as does the house’s 19-foot width. However, the pure white space is the backdrop for artworks by Warhol, Basquiat and Hering, as well as interesting furniture from the modern design continuum – Dali and Gaudi, Patrick Carpenter and striking works by Rhone Frau, Armani and Versace. The envelope references iconic figures and genres of the 20th century: Jeanne Prova-style blinds in the kitchen, an industrial-chic bronze staircase and a first-floor screen made of cast glass designed by Gio Ponti in the 1950s for the Fifth Avenue Alitalia showroom (combined with a mercury mirror) that cannot resist our ordinary wisdom, Greek allusions appear in the fireplace in the dining room, reimagining the classics in a contemporary way, while the lampshades subtly recall the draperies of the Greek statues. Size: 2,550 sq. ft. Design Team: John Beckman and Richard Rosenblum Photography: Adriana Boffi, Andrew Garren and Annie Schlecter © Axis Mundi Design LLC

Tom Stringer of Tom Stringer Design Partners designed a beautiful living room for DreamHome 2014, with furniture from Baker Knapps & Tubbs, Benjamin Moore, CAI Designs, Dessin Fournir Companies, Donghia, Inc., Edelman Leather, Holly Hunt, John Rosselli and Accessories Associates, LALIQUE , Mike Bell, Inc. and Westwater Patterson, Remains Lighting, Richard Norton Gallery, LLC, Samuel & Sons Passementerie, Schumacher/Patterson, Flynn & Martin and Watson Smith Carpet – Carpet – Hard Surface.

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