Modern Side Table Designs For Living Room

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Modern Side Table Designs For Living Room – Sometimes it is difficult to find what is missing in the design of the room to complete its decoration. There are always important pieces that we add and then others to complete the complete look. Side tables are one of the last, so today we present to you a selection of classic side tables that will be ready to decorate your home.

The side table is the wonder of the room. It can complete the look of your living room next to the bed, or in the living room with a sofa next to it, and your office next to a comfortable chair. To read by the light of a table lamp. . The options are endless when it comes to design, style and color, perfect to complement any look in your home.

Modern Side Table Designs For Living Room

Modern Side Table Designs For Living Room

We’ll start with a simple design made of dark wood, which contrasts perfectly with the light color palette of your room. It screams Scandinavian inspiration and we couldn’t be happier with the results of this design. With two places to put your things, you can complement it with small table lamps like this one

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With an elegant and modern design, we have the Constantine side table from Essential House. The minimalist style and clean lines show why less is more. The shiny metal gives it a strong golden color that can make this accessory a must-have. Beautiful and stylish, you won’t regret adding this to your home decor.

Another large and modern item made entirely of wood. Whether it’s summer or winter, your room will always be comfortable with natural and artificial elements, so a wooden table can’t go wrong. You can combine it with sand tones or even solid and strong colors. It is your choice. It looks good in any situation and helps to organize the room well.

What about marble and polished metal side tables? The Vinicius side table is elegant and modern with its hourglass shape and the contrast between the elements. It’s perfect next to a comfy chair and a floor lamp so you can read late at night and enjoy your new furniture.

We offer this option for casual and elegant side tables. With a small basket at the end of the table, you can store books, magazines or even a remote control there, and on top of the table you can place your favorite table lamp or a small wooden pot. The contrast between the wood and the basket is what makes this side table unique and different. Mix it with different colors and get a new perfect look for your room.

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Looking for a blank canvas to work on? A white wooden side table is the best choice for you. You can match it with any kind of wallpaper, furniture and color palette to get what you need for your room. It is flexible with different color variations, providing a simple and modern design. Add a side chair like the Collins chair pictured and have fun adding your own touches to complete this look.

Do you have a beautiful gold and black living room that needs a beautiful piece to complete the look? Craig’s side table is what you are looking for. Polished brass and mid-century inspired, this side table adds more than just luxury to your home. It is a work in its own right that brings a nostalgic feeling to the past that we cannot explain. You have to see for yourself.

And finally, another modern item that is completely made of metal and gives us a brown color that looks good with a blue or green tone. If you match it with beige or other earthy tones, it will emphasize the look of your home and give it a freshness that you can’t go wrong with.

Modern Side Table Designs For Living Room

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