Most Popular Accent Wall Colors

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Most Popular Accent Wall Colors – Alex is Martha Stewart’s Senior Home Editor, with over 10 years of experience creating digital home and lifestyle content. From cleaning and organizing to home style and design.

Consider this a design opportunity if you have an unusually shaped or blank wall. All you need is the right paint color. High walls can add elegance to your space.

Most Popular Accent Wall Colors

Most Popular Accent Wall Colors

And if you don’t want to be bold, that’s okay, the accent wall can be in the same general color family as the rest of the room. We think of accent walls as statement walls. But it does not conflict with other walls. It’s always yours,” says Erica Woffel, Behr’s vice president of color and creative services.For a modern, monochromatic look, consider choosing shades that are just one to two shades lighter or darker.

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Thinking of an accent wall in your home? We asked experts about their favorite colors that add a little personality to a room.

Most Popular Accent Wall Colors

Go for earthy tones with dark olive green to accent your walls. “Deep olive green is a dramatic yet elegant color that can create a visual focal point in any room while on trend in 2024,” says Charlotte Granville, home improvement expert at, who says the shade makes a great wall color inspired by nature. and gives a sense of peace.”

Love bright colors but don’t want to flood the entire room? Paint one wall a bright shade. “Bold colors really allow homeowners to express their personality,” says Granville. Colors like orange or pink can breathe life into an interior design without overwhelming the area. without dominating the entire design of the room.

Most Popular Accent Wall Colors

Paint Color Trends Designers Can’t Stop Talking About

You may not think of taupe as an accent wall color. But listen to us. Although it seems simple. But it goes well with the cool white paint on the rest of the wall. Granville says this makes the space inviting and put together.

The soft, pale pink used here by Farrow and Ball Middleton is beautiful when used as an accent wall. And the top choice is for the comfort zone,” said Abhi Madan, co-founder and creative director of Amara.

Most Popular Accent Wall Colors

If you’re looking for a paint color that makes a statement on an accent wall, Welfel says look no further than neutrals and bright shades of yellow. A warm yellow, like Behr’s charismatic PPU6-14, instantly enlivens a space without being too bright, he says, “It works well in certain areas of the house that get a lot of natural light.”

Accent Wall Color Ideas

Blue is a fool-proof way to enhance the ambiance of a space, “Naval SW 6244 is a deep, moody navy that’s a great choice for experimenting with on a ceiling or other accent wall,” says Sue Whedon, Director’s Writer. Color Marketing Sherwin-Williams said.

Most Popular Accent Wall Colors

She says blue makes a particularly good bedroom wall idea. “From creating a cozy sanctuary in your bedroom to adding some interest in [the guest room], you can never go wrong with this timeless color,” he says.

According to Annie Sloan, creator of Chalk Paint, subtle jewel tones can make a huge impact on an accent wall. Beautiful, rich hues like Napoleon blue or Amsterdam green emerge. But they’re not flashy or attention-grabbing, she says “these shades have a quiet, abstract and emotional quality.” But there is strength and courage.”

Most Popular Accent Wall Colors

Color Passion: 30 Bold Painted Accent Walls

Depending on the tone of the rest of the space, gray can be a great all-purpose accent color, says Andre Kazimirski, CEO of North Shore Improv Painters. And can convey elegance and luxury.” I think gray is a color that works well with other colors. So, gray accent walls have many different tones. They work really well together.

If you think pastels only look good in the dressing room, Whedon tells you to think again. Playful pastels like Sherwin-Williams’ Elation SW 6827. Add a little purple, but not too much. It’s ideal for living spaces with long or tall walls to add personality, she says.

Most Popular Accent Wall Colors

Dreaming of an accent wall idea that looks both modern and classic at the same time? Whedon recommends beautiful shades of silvery-green, such as Pewter Green SW 6208 by Sherwin-Williams. Use built-ins or other architectural features such as wood paneling or wall panels. To highlight her unique features, she said.

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To help bring a soothing tone to the space, Welfel recommends painting an accent wall a bold, earthy gray-green shade, like Behr’s Northern Wood.

Most Popular Accent Wall Colors

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Most Popular Accent Wall Colors

How To Choose The Perfect Accent Wall

Desert-inspired designs are becoming popular in design even though the tones are neutral. But you shouldn’t shy away from bringing in different colors. Come and accent wall in your home is a great way to introduce a pop of color without going over the top. Adding an accent wall is a great way to add color or highlight decorative treasures hanging on your wall. Just choose the right color for your space. Now you are ready to paint.

Scroll through to see the best colors for accent walls. Including important design inspiration for your home.

Most Popular Accent Wall Colors

If you are looking for a color that catches your eye. Look no further than black bedrooms for inspiration. All accents appear on a black wall. And because painting the entire room will obscure this dark colored area. It takes a wall to make a big impact.

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Another great option is to brighten your white space with yellow. By making the room completely separate from the first room. This room is balanced by bright yellow walls. Neutral tone furniture and light yellow throughout

Most Popular Accent Wall Colors

Navy is a classic and timeless color choice. Perfect for those who want a luxurious look. But they still want balance in their area. The room still feels soft and natural. And the accent wall makes the white couch feel warm and cozy.

Hesitating between having a plain cream colored wall? Keep yours with adding color, right? The couple loved this cozy spot by Suna a la Mode. The walls are graphic and attractive. But the soft mint green and other artful accents make this area a peaceful retreat.

Most Popular Accent Wall Colors

The Most Popular Living Room Colours For 2024

Want to create an accent wall with multiple colors? Painter’s tape is your best friend. Tap your design. Wait until the paint is completely dry. And pull the tape to reveal your masterpiece.

This is a popular bedroom for people who want color on the walls but are hesitant to paint the entire room. Blush pink walls highlight the bed. They make a beautiful backdrop for framed plant prints and vintage metal bed frames.

Most Popular Accent Wall Colors

Light blue walls make a big impact in this colorful room. And it still helps the black and bright decor stand out on its own. The blue color on the wall is highlighted by the dark blue color in the room. It proves that accent walls don’t always have to be the star of the show.

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Soft enough to catch the eye but bold enough to stand out. This touch creates a perfect gray color.

Most Popular Accent Wall Colors

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