Most Popular Bedroom Wall Colors

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An affordable makeover project you can complete in just a weekend. Whether you want a cozy tiered bedroom, a neutral rustic bedroom or a fresh and airy spa-like white bedroom, the first step is choosing the right paint color. We know there’s a lot of choice and it can be overwhelming: do you choose cheerful sage green or moody moss green, soothing sky blue or friendly navy blue, and how many shades of white are there? We’ve made the process simple by sharing these 40+ tried-and-true bedroom colors.

Most Popular Bedroom Wall Colors

Most Popular Bedroom Wall Colors

Once you’ve chosen your color, go ahead and tackle the rest of the room. Here are 100 beautiful bedroom decor ideas to get you dreaming. Don’t forget all the bedroom essentials, like a cute and comfortable bedroom chair that’s easy to read in the afternoon, the best sheets, a fun curtain idea to tie it all together, and the best houseplants for the bedroom to purify the air and keep you to give you a good feeling. Night’s sleep.

The Best 15 Neutral Paint Colors For 2023

You can never go wrong with blue in the bedroom, so why not make it blue on blue for a big win? Choose two shades from the same color chart and you are guaranteed complementary shades. For a classic look, use a darker color of upholstery for a framed look. Some paint stores will give you different saturations of the same hue to mix your chosen color with white.

Most Popular Bedroom Wall Colors

The same soft pink – yes, pink – casts a warm glow on the walls, doors and furnishings of this soothing guest room. “It’s like being surrounded by a Delta sunset,” says singer-songwriter Holly Williams. Varying the finish – eggshell on the walls, semi-gloss on the trim – ensures it doesn’t feel too flat.

In the ‘captain’s room’, homeowner Stephanie Watts painted the walls and ceiling the same dark color for a real cocoon effect.

Most Popular Bedroom Wall Colors

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In a bedroom with exposed beams and natural woodwork, try a soft silvery green for a soothing look. Color complements warm tones rather than strong contrasts such as white walls.

If you want to keep the color neutral but make it more elevated and special, try a plaster finish like this elegant bedroom in the home of Tennessee musician Chris Tomlin.

Most Popular Bedroom Wall Colors

Don’t forget the roof! In this South Carolina home designed with historical concepts, designer Heather Chadwick Hillegass painted the bedroom ceiling (called the “fifth wall”) a beautiful sky blue. “I was inspired by the Southern tradition of painting porch ceilings ‘ghost blue’ [said to ward off evil spirits],” says Heather. “Because the roof is made of wood, I decided to treat it as an outdoor space.” Tip: Choose a slightly more saturated blue than you want so it doesn’t fade in daylight.

The 9 Most Relaxing Bedroom Paint Colors

With warm wood beams and a brick wall, homeowner Amy Whyte painted her attic a rich cocoa brown color and then added more browns and deep blues.

Most Popular Bedroom Wall Colors

To create a cocoon effect in the master bedroom, homeowner Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge of Beekman 1802 painted the picture gallery frames and interior wallpaper the same shade of green as the walls and woodwork. Original pine floors and white linens offset the bold colors.

A soft, neutral bedroom offers a peaceful place to sleep. Choose warm, off-white tones for the bedroom walls for a touch of ‘there, but not there’ color. The soft shade comes into its own with a dark cream edge and a mix of natural materials, including striped linen and moss green velvet cushions.

Most Popular Bedroom Wall Colors

Calm Bedroom Paint Colors That Will Soothe You To Sleep

“I wanted to keep my son’s space relatively light, but for my own sanity, I couldn’t have all-white walls in the son’s bedroom,” says homeowner Annie McCreary. Solution: dark on the bottom (more traffic) and airy white on the top. Annie left the natural gray color of the concrete surface. Sealant helps protect against leaks.

Warm wooden beds stand out against the rich moss green, giving this room a sophisticated lodge look. The sharp ivory ensures that the covers do not feel too heavy.

Most Popular Bedroom Wall Colors

Victoria and Marcus Ford painted the walls in their master bedroom in Dutch Tile Blue from Sherwin-Williams for a natural nod to the New England coast. The color also fits beautifully with the other nautical elements throughout the home. Dedicated craftsmanship and furnishings give the space a cohesive, welcoming feel.

The Best Bedroom Colour Ideas

Get the Look: Wall Paint Color: Dutch Tile Blue by Sherwin-Williams Related: Check out this beautiful bedroom makeover, plus the attached bathroom.

Most Popular Bedroom Wall Colors

Bring this atmosphere to life with a mix of natural wood, soft linens and delicate gray wall paint. To bring the same peace and tranquility to your own resting place, look for an ethereal white-gray mix that brings natural light into your room.

A dark wall color creates a cozy cocoon in the bedroom, but avoid the dark dungeon by combining anthracite or black with a good dose of white. Here, white painted floors, dimmed lights and white and linen-colored bedding provide a welcome contrast to the warm black and brown environment of the bedrooms.

Most Popular Bedroom Wall Colors

The Best Living Room Paint Colors Of 2023, According To Designers

From chambray curtains and periwinkle rugs to blueberry check headboards and cornflower pillows, a big blue wash creates the perfect bedroom. “Bright colors improve your mood, so choosing these for the bedroom is a surefire way to wake up energized,” says Easycare color expert Cynthia Cornell. “Try a light shade of blue to bring peace and tranquility.”

A beach house or lake cabin is a place to kick back and have fun, so choose a color palette that reflects that feeling. Seafoam green and school bus yellow May

Most Popular Bedroom Wall Colors

Over the top, but this combination really works in this bedroom because the ‘cool’ wall color takes up the edge of the ‘warm’ bed frame. Choosing a duvet or comforter with both shades bridges the gap.

How To Choose The Right Paint Colors For Your Bedroom

Singer-songwriter – and serial innovator – Holly Williams wraps her bedroom in soothing aqua blue. Painting the ceiling in glossy white will visually “raise” the low ceiling of a small bedroom – a common problem in old farmhouses.

Most Popular Bedroom Wall Colors

Nothing says a modern farmhouse more than a white shiplap. Whether you’re updating existing shiplap planks in an older home or painting newly installed unfinished pine planks, achieve a fresh and timeless look with bright white in a matte or eggshell finish.

With yellow undertones, this creamy polish is the perfect neutral color for a warm – but not too dark – and warm feeling. During her family retreat in South Carolina, designer Melissa Ervin chose beautiful colors to brighten up the bedroom’s original wood planks. To continue with a calm and relaxing palette, skip the bright white and instead opt for wood tones, tone-on-tone neutrals, and dark accent colors like navy blue or forest green.

Most Popular Bedroom Wall Colors

Bedroom Paint Colors

Use color to create a cozy bedside table in a large bedroom. Matt Albiani, the second owner of Met Gallery, moved into the cozy (only 11 by 16 feet!) detached art studio envisioning a captain’s bench, but it took a while for his partner Ron Brandt to “see” it. “I needed a few glasses of wine,” says Ron

Tape on the floor, and then the penny dropped! After the bed was built, indigo cloth was hung and indigo-inspired wallpaper was applied to the walls and ceiling. Get the look: Blue Wall color Color: New York State of Mind by Benjamin Moore Ceiling background: Granada by Serena and Lily

Most Popular Bedroom Wall Colors

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Most Popular Bedroom Wall Colors

10 Basement Colors Home Depot How to Fix the Only Blemish on Painting in Country Life? How many colors can you add to the paint? Can you guess Country Living’s 5 biggest color trends of 2019 for Home Depot? A bedroom should be designed for rest and relaxation, and choosing the right paint color can help with that. For a calm and peaceful bedroom, the best interior designers rely on an elegant choice of paint colors and design ideas. Check out their favorite color choices below and be inspired to transform your own bedroom into the travel haven of your dreams.

“I love this color for the bedroom. It can look fresh and clean with white and gray or green accents. I usually pair it with rich chocolate brown accents when I want a moody look.” —Liz Cann, Liz Cann & Company.

Most Popular Bedroom Wall Colors

Five Best Bedroom Wall Paint Colours For Serene Nights And Happy Days

“One of my favorite bedroom colors is ‘Nosage’ by Benjamin Moore. This color sets a soft and dreamy tone in the bedroom. It feels cheerful yet calm, ideal for a space where clients are looking for comfort and relaxation. ” ” -Gideon Mendelsohn, Mendelsohn Group

‘It’s so warm and refined. I will do that too

Most Popular Bedroom Wall Colors

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