Most Popular Behr Neutral Colors

Most Popular Behr Neutral Colors – I’ve been trying to get this blog post together for you all for a very long time and I keep forgetting. We painted our entire house in neutral colors and I get asked a lot what the best modern neutral paint colors are. So to give you a good overview of where the colors I chose to use are next to each other and where in the house, check out this blog post about the paint colors in our house!

Okay, when I say best – these are the best I’ve used. I try to make paint decisions a little quickly and it often pays off. Also, in this post I’ll talk a little bit about painting rooms to give you my favorite tricks (tip – buying a spray paint gun will be the best choice you ever made).

Most Popular Behr Neutral Colors

Most Popular Behr Neutral Colors

When we moved into our house, I decided to paint basically everything Behr – Irish Mist because we painted our last house the same color and loved it. It’s technically gray, but as you can see from the swatch, it’s barely gray. In our house, the dining room and main floor off the office, upstairs hallways, master bedroom and children’s bathroom are painted this color. Check out the photos below to see how it looks in different areas.

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OK, I think this is a Valspar paint color, but I fill it with Behr paint for convenience at Home Depot. The previous owners painted some things this color when we moved in, so I went with it and loved it. Du Jour has been used in the home in a variety of ways, one of which is decoration. Most of our floors have now been changed to Du Jour (doors and such). I painted the built-ins as well as the Du Jour fireplace. The dining room, office (and residents’ offices) are also in Du Jour. Great white not too simple!

Most Popular Behr Neutral Colors

So there is no Delphin Fin in this house, but I used it a lot in our last house and it was clearly my idea when I painted the boys room a few years ago. Even when I couldn’t find the color of their room, I thought it was this color. It’s on the same color card as irish mist, so it’s a nice compliment.

This was actually the color we used in the men’s common room. It’s not dark gray by any means and I love it for a bedroom color.

Most Popular Behr Neutral Colors

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The last one is Snowfall – I chose this before I painted the living room or office and I thought about using the Du Jour color, which I previously only used on surfaces other than the walls. I really like it and it’s also a great white which is not understated. This is the color we are painting our master bathroom.

Ok and now for some paint tips before you head to the store to pick up your neutral paint! My first tip is: Buy a paint sprayer. If you plan to paint many rooms over time, it will save you a lot of money on supplies. We painted this outdoor swing with our spray paint over the weekend. We use it personally and it’s great. Saves both paint and time. We usually just brush the walls and then spray the rest of the room!

Most Popular Behr Neutral Colors

If you’re painting anything other than walls, small foam rollers like this will give you the best coverage.

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We are also always asked for gloss for our walls. I probably have an unpopular idea, but I use a simple one. I love the look of flat paint and it’s the easiest to touch up, plus I think you can clean it up very easily with a magic eraser!!

Most Popular Behr Neutral Colors

Let me know if you have any other questions or need any other suggestions. I didn’t include Avé’s bedroom color because it’s a super light pink – still great, let me know if you need a suggestion in this space! I also didn’t include our basement color because it’s not my favorite (too beige for my usual color) but I can still bring it to you! This post contains affiliate links. This means I can earn a small commission if you make a purchase at no extra cost. Read my explanation here.

I have received several requests for Behr white exterior paint recommendations. After searching the internet for image samples, I can see why! It’s no surprise that my original post on Behr white paint (for interiors) remains my most popular content. For this post, I’ve compiled pictures of real homes painted with these beautiful Behr exterior paint colors. I also added some suggestions.

Most Popular Behr Neutral Colors

Best Interior Paint Colors For Selling Your House

While researching this post, I discovered that several popular Behr white paint colors are available as peel-off samples. How cool! They cost $2 each and come in three white colors:

White paint is deceptive because undertones affect the way light affects color. Bright white can look quite plain, especially on the exterior of your home. That’s why I prefer the softer white on the outside, but that’s just my opinion. As always, it’s important to test paint colors in your own home. Look at the colors at different times of the day as the light changes. You might be surprised which color you like best.

Most Popular Behr Neutral Colors

Other factors to consider are the style of your home and the floor colors you are considering. If you live in an adobe-style home in the Southwest, you’ll probably like warmer whites. However, New England Cape Cod looks great in a vibrant, cool white that plays well with blues, reds, and grays.

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Let’s start with Behr’s brightest neutral whites in the pack: Ultra Pure White, Polar Bear, Silky White and White.

Most Popular Behr Neutral Colors

I never thought I would find such a beautiful example of Ultra Pure White on an exterior, just because it is such a bright white (my favorite trim color). Since this is a small house, with some vibrant accent colors, this house looks great in ultra clean white.

In the bright Florida sun, the white polar bear looks great in this one-story home with bright landscaping and cool black accents.

Most Popular Behr Neutral Colors

Behr Back To Nature Paint Color

If you read my favorite Behr white paint colors here, you’ll see that the interior color of our entire house is Silky White. It’s a very neutral white and I feel like it has a slightly warm undertone in our house. Silky White looks great as an exterior color in this historic cottage.

Behr also makes a very neutral color, aptly named White. Sometimes it’s called White 52, but that’s just an ID code because it’s not a pretty color name. It looks great in this beautiful home.

Most Popular Behr Neutral Colors

Here are some warmer whites that could look great in your home: White Cottage, Swiss Brown, Spun Cotton and Original White. So far I have only been able to find images for Little White House and Swiss Coffee.

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Swiss Coffee is one of my favorite Behr whites. Check out this beautiful house with its contrasting black doors, shutters and numbers.

Most Popular Behr Neutral Colors

Finally, I found some exterior examples of these cool white Behr colors: Off White and Soft Focus. I also recommend Weathered White and Painter’s White as possible cool whites.

Here is another Mediterranean house, this time painted Off White by Behr. This color looks gorgeous with sage green trim and a red tile roof.

Most Popular Behr Neutral Colors

Behr’s 2021 Color Of The Year Is Canyon Dusk

Do you have a white house? Please send me a photo and add your paint colors. Bonus points for Behr White! If you read this and get inspired, I hope you’ll send me photos when you paint your house in the future.

To recap, these are Behr’s white exterior paint colors, which I’ve rounded out with some real home examples. I hope you find a potential winner!

Most Popular Behr Neutral Colors

Hello! I’m Erin, a blogger from Colorado and lover of all things DIY. I aim to inspire creative people to approach home renovation with confidence and style. Read more here

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Most Popular Behr Neutral Colors

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Most Popular Behr Neutral Colors

The Best Behr White Paint Colours & Tips For Choosing One

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